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Week 6 Completed!!

Very excited to have completed Week 6 in 6 weeks!!! I never thought I could run. Previous attempts have ended in knee pain/shin splints etc and I decided I must just not have the right body for it...

Anyway I've been lurking on the forum all this time, reading everyone else's posts, gaining loads of support and advice so I thought I'd say hello and thanks to everyone who was brave enough to post right from the start :o))

I did my first two sessions after dark wearing black (teehee) but am now out and proud in daylight even though I run at snail's pace and have been overtaken by dog walkers!! I think this programme is fab and the forum has really helped me too :o)

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Brilliant, well done, now you are past week 6 it is just a matter of building up. Just relax and enjoy and remember to take it easy! :-)


Thanks! :o))


Well done you! There seems to be an observation period where we read posts on the forum before starting to post ourselves - it was the case for me too. I started running in an old saggy pair of track-suit bottoms and a black t-shirt, now I've got an in-ya-face lurid pink running top, lycra shorts and vile yellow and pink trainers. Why? I want to be visible if I fall into the ditch :-)


Haha brilliant!!


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