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Week 6 Completed - But been naughty

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So week 6 is done!! Happy days

Decided to run the local park run course this morning at 6:30.. to see how far I could get, seeing as I was doing a 25 min run.

Felt okay at the end of the 25min run and wasn’t that far from the end of the course so decided to keep going and see if I could do the 5k.

I know it is breaking from the program but just wanted to see if I could do it...

Never thought I would be able to run for 3 miles straight. !! Think the timings are okay too.

Great way to start the weekend !!

Hope everyone has a happy weekend 👍

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Well done on finishing Week 6.. this is your journey, so your choice of how to run... maybe check out Realfoodieclub 's post though...:)


I think our main concern, is the possible hidden issues.. folk may feel fine, but it is not always the case:) Some newbies do also, feel under pressure to push too hard too soon:)

Anyway, onto the lovely longer runs of Week 7 now.. where the joy of relaxing and letting those newly found legs carry you, lie ahead.

Don't forget to up your rest day exercise too, to keep the rest of your body in tune with the legs !

Have a great weekend!

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32 mins instead of 25mins. An increase of 28%. In week 6.

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Well done..................yes, of course there is a but.........a training plan is designed to maximize progress and minimise injury. You may feel great but (there's another one) injury comes from the body being pushed beyond what it is conditioned or designed to do. It takes many months of regular running for your body to adapt and develop and while you may get away with it you are increasing your injury risk.

If we don't point this out on this forum, then our roles as mentors, trying to guide people safely through the process, are rendered meaningless.

Most of us have exceeded the plan at times and got away with it, but injury comes without warning and we would rather you didn't post your deviations from the plan on the forum. As Millsie-J points out, you have increased your duration by considerably more than the 10% recommendation that most experienced runners comply with.

Enjoy your running, but ( number 3) take care.

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You think the timings are great??????? They're flipping fantastic, seriously, you're a smooth swift runner and it doesn't hurt to push a little farther sometimes, well done lovely, that's fab. 🏃‍♂️👍So chuffed for you, I aim to get to your pace, I'm still on slow 15 km lol 😂

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swisstony4Graduate in reply to quirkybee

Thanks Quirkybee, didn’t realise I was going to get told off so much for posting .. will have to censor my posts in future.

I did enjoy the run though.. will be back on plan on Monday !

Think the pace came from being really cold this morning and trying to keep ahead of the dogs being walked and wanting to run with me !!

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to swisstony4

Surely you can see my point of view?

As someone just getting back after injury, I can tell you that not being able to run is very frustrating.

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quirkybeeGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I can see your point of view and agree!

Although, we all push a little more on occasions, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Ideally, we should just stick to the plan, moreso after injury, after all, that's what the "plan" is meant for.

I've never had an injury since I commenced running, but for me I'd have to take it easy, try not to exceed anything.

Take it easy though swisstony4 you're doing so well to date, hope you're feeling good. You tried it and that's what any of us would do, I would for sure. Fab guys like IannodaTruffe Oldfloss

and @Jan-now-runs only give good advice and they know what they're talking abouty 😊🤗

There were Well done's in the replies Tony...*But* plenty of Buts...

The program is designed to get you running safely for 30mins and too much too soon is a real issue... Stick to the plan, Parkrun will still be there when you are ready.😊xx

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Gosh that is a fast time. I’m still plucking up the courage to try a park run.I quite like running alone without the pressure of going too fast. Enjoy week 7 😀

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The program is designed for 'everybody' and as such is formulated in a way that will bring the least risk of injuries to 'everybody'.

So, if you think you are able to run for longer than the program judges - that is your choice. But, please remember that 'other; runners may not be able to do what you can do - so try not to encourage them, let them complete the C25K as it is laid out.

I met a C25K, who is now on week 7 and she has ran two Parkruns non-stop, and faster than I can. She seems to be able to do that, but ............ I wouldn't tell other C25K runners to emulate her.

swisstony4 profile image

No where in my post did I suggest that anybody emulate what I had done, there was no encouragement to follow suit, everyone is different and there is no one size fits all, there are mixed abilities in all walks of life and the program tries it’s best to be everything to everyone.

Everyone needs to make decisions for themselves according to their abilities to suggest that I have been encouraging people from one post is ludicrous!

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