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Is there a space on the IC?

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After Sunday's run (which I really enjoyed, a new route that took in a local 'park' and wood), my ankles are agony. My achilles I believe. I'm hoping it's because I didn't wear my magic orange shoes (wore the old faithfuls that aren't really running shoes and don't offer the correct support) because I was expecting it to be muddy. 4 weeks away from my first bling earning 10k race/run too. Not a happy bunny. I'll see what a week's rest does, then may have to pay for a physio :( Bugger.

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oh no, that is a double bugger 5K :( sorry to hear that , this is a magic iC it expands the more we sit on it :D

Hopefully it isn't serious and will heal with rest etc

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks Rob, fingers crossed.

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Oh no!! Not good. Sit yourself down, there's always room for one more on the IC.

Try some ibuprofen gel (but not at the same time as taking ibuprofen tablets) It may reduce any swelling and take the pain away. Really bad timing for you :( :(

Hope you feel better soon

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks AM, will take your advice re Ibuprofen Gel. Timing couldn't be worse. Lots of people have sponsored me for the 10k. Hoping it's just strains and nothing more.

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That's bad news 5K! Hope it's short term and you can back on track for the 10K.

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to old_git

Cheers O_G, fingers crossed.

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On no. That's not good. Hope you're ok and your visit to the IC is short.

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Thanks TL, here's hoping.

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Oh, no! I hope it's a very temporary injury and you're back to your usual self quickly. I panicked over painful knees the other week and they were fine after a few days, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's the same for you.

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to Hidden

Bless you GL, thanks. I'm convincing myself it was caused by wearing the old shoes and that rest will sort it. Fingers crossed!

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Hidden in reply to 5kOrBust

Hopefully that's right and it won't take long, and then you also have a great excuse to buy a second pair of quality shoes so you can keep the orange ones pristine ;)

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Oh no ! What a blow for you xxx

Hopefully, its just a tiny blip and a coupla days rest will sort it , fingers crossed for you , Steve xxx

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you Poppy, I have everything crossed at the moment, S xxx

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Fingers crossed for you 5kOB.

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Thanks Dunder.

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Oh that's not good. I really hope it's a short term IC vacancy that you need. All the best for a speedy recovery x :-)

Double bugger! Bet you'll be right as rain in a couple of days. This IC has special powers :) rest up and don't do too much walking around if poss. Keep them feet safe. Ice packs worked on my ankle but not sure about Achilles., ice, compression, elevate :) and maybe some vino!

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Hope a couple of days languishing on the IC and having copious cups of tea and hobnobs will see you right as rain. Finger crossed!

Ouch that sounds painful Steve. Poor you. I guess the old RICE is the best option. Now might be a good time to throw out the old shoes.

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Hi 5k, sorry to hear that. Search for Achilles stretching exercises on net they do help, fingers crossed you're not on ic for long.

Bugger indeed steve :( Hope you get it all sorted with a bit of rest X

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