It's been comfy on the IC but getting bored now. The answer? SHOES!

It's been comfy on the IC but getting bored now. The answer? SHOES!

Thought I'd post an update as a few have asked and I don't want to hijack the replies of anyone else's posts.

Ankle tendons are improving. About 2 weeks ago the end-of-the-day-ache had pretty much disappeared and then last weekend I did my normal 5k round trip walking to and from the football (where I have a season ticket - hooray for the football season starting again). Had to keep up with my brother who is a speed demon and had no adverse effects which means I'm on the way to proper recovery! :) I'm going to leave it one more week and then do a mini test run (perhaps a podcast from one of the early weeks) and see how it feels a couple of days later. If all is good I'll begin to ease back in with short, gentle runs every two or three days.

In order to a) make sure I still felt like a runner while I wasn't actually running and b) to ensure I don't lose motivation I have been going into every running shop I can find and trying on all their shoes looking for my perfect pair. My reasoning is that if I buy some new shoes I'll be protected from further injuries and I'll have no chance of not beginning running again when I'm ready. Finding shoes that I liked the feel of and were amazingly comfy for my foot type and gait wasn't too hard but I am not someone who likes all these garish, clashing colours (apparently there is no such thing anymore as a plain, white, running shoe!) so am rather fussy as to what I will wear! All of the ladies shoes I liked best looked like a unicorn had spewed a rainbow onto my feet so I then spent hours online trying to find plainer versions of my favourite styles! The next problem is because I can't make decisions for the life of me (and because I began to find myself reading articles explaining why runners need more than one pair) I ended up spending a small fortune on two pairs!! Meet my Brooks Glycerins and my Hoka OneOne Cliftons. Although not as plain as they could be, I love them both for different reasons and can't wait to decide from run to run which shoes I will wear that day.

Five months ago I didn't own a pair on trainers and would only contemplate spending that kind of money on some beautiful heels which would make me at least 3 inches taller. Please all cross your fingers for me that in a week I can report that my test run was incident free!! :)


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  • Glad you are getting better I am on the couch at the moment with a niggle behind my knee which is probably due to the trainers I have at the moment so will have to get that sorted found a sweatshop dealer so going to have a look in there

  • Thanks, I hope your injury is short lived. Definitely worth it to get some proper shoes! Don't forget to post the obligatory photo when you find 'the pair' (or two if you're like me).

  • So do I going to see what it's like on Friday might try a week 6 run and see how it goes

  • Loving the new shoes. They look like they will be really comfyπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ’¨

  • Super comfy - the Brooks feel like slippers and the Hokas are SO light but still so supportive! Can't wait to get out in them!

  • Like your thinking - like you I have never spent more than a fiver for a pair of trainers and only considered serious heels worth any real money πŸ˜€ However I have to confess I do like a bit of colour - in heels and trainers - but I ended up with a very dull burgundy red! Will have to find some funky laces πŸ˜€ Hope your first run goes well.

  • I love crazy colours on other people but I like to be coordinated and I had no idea how I'd find running gear to go with some of those wild colours! Funky laces sound good as a splash of colour. Fingers crossed you'll all be hearing from me in a week or so! :)

  • So pleased you're nearly back to 100% Melly. I bet you're itching to get back at it and... Oooooooh shooooooooes! They look incredibly comfy. I have absolutely no idea what I'm taking about when it comes to running shoes but have just impressed myself by recognising the name HokaπŸ˜‚ Hope it all goes brilliantly as you ease back into things :)

  • Thanks, McFitty! I've always been excited about shoes but never running shoes before now! I'm desperate to get going again, will just need to remind myself to take it sloooow and easy to start with!

  • They look great! I've got some hokas on order at the mo that should be arriving this week! Feel spongy and lovely 😊have fun😊

  • I love them, so light and so squishy!! Can't wait to try them out properly!

  • Oh they look fab Melly !

    Good Luck for the test drive, hope its not too long before youre back out there again :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops! Fingers crossed it won't be long now. Had more than enough rest, the legs are getting a little twitchy!

  • I dreamt about running when I was on the IC, I mustve ran miles in my sleep ! :-) xxx

  • Lovely shoes, hope you have many happy running hours in them. Good luck with the return to the fray :-)

  • Thank you, let's hope so! :)

  • You must be going stir crazy. Hopefully not long before you are flying in these trainers.

  • I'll take trundling in the trainers, to be honest! It's been 4 and a half weeks and have bought more running gear than I can fit on my running gear shelf in that time. I need to get back to it soon or I'll be broke!

  • Dunno if you have ever seen 'The 10th Kingdom' but that photo would sure be appreciated by some of the characters in it ;)

  • I haven't! Do they run?!

  • Not running but they sure love shoes ☺

  • Just like me! Could never resist a lovely pair of new shoes but trainers are a first! :)

  • I think the only similarity between you and these particular characters is a love of shoes.πŸ˜‚ These guys make their appearance a little into the first episode πŸ™‚

  • I like your style - why settle for one pair when two would be so much better...?!!!

  • Those are gorgeous! Sadly, plain white shoes DO exist, one of my pairs is plain white, so boring!

    I'm sorry, I've missed your injury posts- have you had achilles problems? If so, I had that a wile ago, and after some weeks off, I restarted C25K and did one run from each week until I got to week 5. It worked for me, when did Laura ever let us down? Hope it works for you too, enjoy your shoes!

  • It was my peroneal tendon just beneath my ankle bone - can come with tight calves but the sports physio said it was mainly down to the rubbish shoes I had been wearing. So irritating that it could have been avoided had a got a gait analysis a week earlier! I think my test run will be week one and will build up gradually after I start running again. Fingers crossed! :)

  • Good luck with the test run! I really like the colour of those shoes!

  • What team do you have a ST for Melly???, Brighton & Hove Albion STH myself. So pleased that the proper football season has started again, #UptheAlbion

  • Pompey! Yes, me too, that off season felt looooooong (especially with no running and the dismal England performances). Did my undergrad at Sussex Uni so watched the new stadium being built! Look forward to playing you again one day! #PlayUpPompey

  • I've been to Fratton Park a few times following the boys, maybe see you in a cup match this season.

  • Lovely shoes and how great to have a choice! Can't quite justify 2 pairs yet, but next year?!?πŸ˜„Hope you get to run in them really soon.

  • Lovely shoes! Have you used them yet?

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