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Week 5 completed, but perched on the edge of the IC...

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So I did run 3 on Thursday. My ankles were sore after (but not during) run 2 so I took an extra day's rest. They hurt again for about the first two mins of run 3, and I thought I might have to stop, but then the pain went. The run went fine, ran at my normal pace and didn't struggle for breath, so I was really happy. I drove home from the gym (had intended to go to the supermarket after the run but had left my purse at home). I got out of the car and in the five minutes I had been seated, my ankles had seized up and were really painful so I could only shuffle round the house and stairs were a nightmare.

What a come down!

They have improved quite a bit with the help of ice packs and moving seems to help too, though stairs are still hard.

I'm pretty sure that given the speed of my recovery it is nothing much, hence only being perched on the IC! I strongly suspect that it is my trainers which the Internet tell me are a cross-trainer - they come up quite high on the ankle and I bought them for Zumba to have more ankle support, but I wonder if they restrict my movement too much, I have another pair which I just wear casually, but are apparently running shoes (I bought them because they are funky and pink!), which don't come up as far. I'm going to wait until I'm pain free, do more stretching and ankle wiggling before and after running and try the other trainers - I might just do 8 minutes or so to see if I get pain. I might think about gait analysis too before picking a new pair.

Am hoping to be back on the trail soon, but clearly a time to be sensible. I can always keep my fitness level up with low impact Aqua until I get this sorted. My gym has been affected by flooding so I don't think I could have gone this weekend anyway.

Will report in soon!

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Oh my ditch those shoes and use the running shoes. Definitely sounds like a trainer problem .

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Nailectric in reply to Genesys1

Yes, both ankles are the same, so I think so too. They are much better this morning so hopefully I can give the other shoes a try in a couple of days.

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Not good to have a niggling injury but just to put my mind at res, what is the IC?

I guess you may be right about the footwear but you might want to try out the funky pink'uns with a short, faster than normal walk and compare the comfort and movement with the cross trainers immediately after.

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UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to stewieUK

IC is the injury couch Stewie - the unhappy resting place of those who have come to grief for whatever reason. You have done well to get through to graduation without discovering what those doom laden initials mean!

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stewieUKGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thought it might be - thanks for confirming!

Don't know if it was luck or just innate fitness/body consciousness after 30 plus years of rugby playing and refereeing that kept me injury free during the programme. All I do know is that in the last 10+ years post heart attack I lost a lot of fitness and gained a hell of a lot of weight. I needed something to aim at this year and completing the C25K and losing over 23kg in weight have done wonders to get me over a rough period in my life.

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Simonc25kGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Was wondering myself what IC was, hopefully it's not a place I will be visiting 🤒

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Nailectric in reply to stewieUK

Thanks Stewie. I know the funky pink ones are OK on a brisk walk, as I wear them quite a lot at work when I have to whizz between buildings for meetings. I walked into Reyjkavik from the port in them on holiday which was 50 minutes brisk yomp and they were fine. I think if I had realised they were actually a serious running shoe before, I would have gone with them in the first place!

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I think gait analysis is an excellent idea - even your running shoes may not suit your particular running style.

Hope it improves soon.

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Like Ully says, PLEASE get a gait analysis and proper running shoes that support the way you run! I have just spent eight weeks injured with ankle tendon problems because I completed the programme in rubbish cheap shoes. I wouldn't wish the IC on anyone, it's truly awful. Since I have been wearing my proper shoes all of the niggles and aches I had before have been nonexistent! Rest up until it feels properly ok and springy again but a gait analysis could make all the difference.

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melly4012Graduate in reply to melly4012

P.S. Forgot to say very well done for completing W5R3!! :)

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Nailectric in reply to melly4012

Thanks so much, Melly. Yes, I am going to be very careful not to run in shoes that will make things worse. I have a friend at work who lives quite near me and runs regularly so I am going to ask her if she can recommend a good shop which will help me without trying to rip me off!

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UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Nailectric

A good running shop will do the gait analysis for free. They will offer you shoes which tend to be pricey but you could ask to see any ladt years models or leave it and try to source any you like on the internet.

It usually worth the money though to avoid injury.

Couldn't agree more. I'm hoping that is what my friend can suggest - she's been running for ages and is running shoe-obsessed so I think she will probably be able to send me straight to a sensible shop!

I'm really pleased to say that I think I am over the worst of the soreness. I have been up and downstairs quite a bit today and can now do so fairly normally without having to get both feet on the same stair before continuing. Will give it a couple more days to be sure, but hopefully I should be OK to do gait analysis soon and get going again. Yay!

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