Hmmm - should I be on the IC?

Just a quick post for advice really, because you lovely lot generally know what you are talking about :)

Since yesterday's run (W6R2) and after mentioning in my last post that it had been more tiring than usual, I'm worried I may have strained something. Since a bit after I returned, I have pain on the inside of my left knee, such that it's a little uncomfortable walking. I normally get a little pain after a run, and so far it's gone away pretty quickly, and I've put it down to micro-tears or something, and I've been fine for my next run. This feels a little bit worse than I'm used to. Perfectly bearable, but I don't know if I should be running on it yet.

My next run is scheduled for Weds - what do you guys think I should do? Take a few days off and see if it settles down, much as I don't want to, having come so far?

Advice appreciated!




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  • Sorry to hear your knee is twingeing, Neil, and hope it doesn't prove anything more serious. Others here will know better than me, but I certainly feel that the runs take a bigger toll on our bodies as we get to weeks 6 and 7, so an extra day's rest maybe is what's needed. Stay positive!πŸ™‚

  • Thanks SJS, think I'll do that, apart from a very short test run!!

  • The general mantra is ache is okay and pain no way.. But if you have twinges from time to time a break for a couple of days isn't going to hurt your running and fitness schedule that much.

    See how it is tomorrow? Take it from there... and you will be fine.

    If it is still painful Wednesday - that sounds like a medical view would be necessary.

    Try the RICE method as a precaution, although not entirely sure how you can elevate a leg subtly whilst at work!

  • Thanks for your wise advice Jan. Just wondering what the boss will say if he comes in and my feet are up on the desk!! Rest-assured I shall report back :-)

  • Sorry to hear this, Neil. How frustrating! Sounds like you could have pulled a little something? Easily done.

    I have no real solid advice to add (sorry), but I think that waiting until the pain has really abated is the best idea all round. It's what I would do. You definitely don't want to make it worse.

    Just see how it feels come Wednesday – who knows, it could be completely better / healed by then. Just rest it as much as you can – and icing couldn't hurt. Your fitness / progress will not decrease if you take a little extra rest.

    Take care,

    Sadie x

  • Thanks doctor Sadie :) In all seriousness though, I think I am going to try a short test run tomorrow to see what happens, and if I get any trouble, stop immediately. You are very wise!

    I had to giggle though, I read that at first as if putting icing on my knee would somehow make it better. Was that royal icing? Just the sort you make with water and icing sugar? Does colour matter?

    Yup. Daft as a brush, that's me :P

  • I would heartedly recommend butter cream icing rather that Royal, tbh. Better results. Plus tastes better. πŸ˜‚

    Okay, but do take it gently. I think I mentioned yesterday, I have a fear of my knees protesting this new activity, and had a wee twinge myself yesterday. Not pain, but you know, a "twinge". Planning to run tomorrow myself, but am going to back the flip up if the twinge morphs into any pain.

    So, if you have any pain at all: BACK THE FLIP UP. Promise me.

    Sadie x

  • How did we get from running to a fully involved discussion about buttercream? I'm with you on that completely btw!

    Anyway I've just returned from my church small group and one of our lot happens to be a physio. Apparently she reckons more stretching is the answer, and that it didn't sound too serious, and probably a consequence of the runs getting harder.

    And I couldn't work out what you meant... are you actually saying that if it starts to hurt I should run backwards??? Struggling to see how that makes things better tbh... :P

    In all seriousness, thanks for your concern, it means a lot. Too many people in my life think running is a joke, and the other ones are the sort that would do 20 miles before breakfast!! So I do need you and everyone else on here for that matter!

    I promise I'll look after myself. I promise!

  • Oh well that was a stroke of luck, having a physio on hand to chat to! I am definitely feeling more twinges and dull aches since starting the longer runs, and tbh it makes me a little anxious. I have started to get so mindful about "form" when running now, and stretching diligently when I get home.

    BACK THE FLIP UP = stop running, rest, add extra rest day. But yesh, could see how that could be confusing. πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜

  • PS look for Rignold's post today - he put up a link for an article on why we should run slow. It is brillo.

  • Hi Sadie, yes I saw that thanks, it is indeed good.

    I've just been out for a test walk at lunchtime, and my knee does feel a lot better actually, and I suspect by tomorrow it will be fine. I'm not going to risk it though, and if I get any issues I will heed your advice to back the flip up!

    You take care, have a good day!


  • Oh, I am pleased that it seems to be abating. Good call having that test walk! I had a random sharp pain in the side of my calf when running this morning, but it subsided during the warm-down walk, and after my shower I used some magnesium oil spray to help my poor old muscles recover. Now feels absolutely fine.

    I think these longer runs are taking their toll a bit! I am having a two day break before my next run, and going to slow it down a bit more, as i have noticed my speed increasing a wee bit as I am getting fitter (please note I have not been trying to go faster!)

    Also, we must not underestimate the power of good stretching after. I have always stretched, but may take a bit more time over it from now on.

    Hope your run attempt goes well tomorrow! I did R2 of W7 this morning, and although it was tough, I made it!

  • If it is uncomfortable to walk on, then its going to be painful to run on. General advice being: don't run with pain. Take an extra day or two. If it doesn't get better in a few days then seek medical advice.

    Frustrating as it is, its better to take a few days now, then ignore it and be out for a few months later.

  • Thank you - yes, I think I've picked up the general idea here, don't risk further injury. Thanks for your help!

  • If you can walk on it unimpeded after a good warmup then run. if not dont

  • Fair enough! Thanks for the tip, yes, I think that's what I'm going to do :)

  • Take Rignold 's advice... :)

  • Thank you Oldfloss, I will, and of course I shall be taking it slow and steady :P

  • I have had back niggles throughout my running journey (weak stomach muscles, says the physiotherapist, gleefully giving me exercises to do to strengthen it...). My rule of thumb has been a bit like Rignold's suggestion -- I walk fast (OK) then run cautiously (OK), then forget it. Some days it has been really bad -- difficult to walk until the warm up. Some days I've felt I really needed extra rest.

    May I suggest you look up knee strengthening exercises and try to add them into your programme.

  • Sorry to hear you've had back problems, and also have a masochistic physio, though I think they all are a bit :P

    Yeah - I'm thinking caution is probably advisable here, so I think I'm going to delay any serious running just until this passes, and it's a fair bit better already. I may go on a short test run, short as in 2 minutes, to see how it feels.

    My issue is I'm quite stubborn, so I will try to run through pain rather than give into it! Maybe more daft than stubborn then!! I will look up some knee strengthening exercises too. I suspect the issue here is that

    I've slightly pulled a muscle or something. My mum is a retired GP, I should probably seek some advice I guess!!

  • Don’t run through pain...if it is talking to you you need to listen!! Don’t be stubborn or could risk being in the IC for a stint!!

  • Yes, yes I know lol :-) I will be good and listen to my body! I just didn't want to give up so early on in my running career...

  • You’re not giving up...just being sensible! 😜

  • Yes I know you're right! The good news though, it's feeling much better this morning, so I think it's on the mend. Not planning to try and run till tomorrow, so we shall see!

  • Keep us posted. I

  • Sorry to be ignorant but keep seeing IC, what is it?

  • Ah yes - sorry, that really confused me at first, IC is Injury Couch.

  • Sorry to hear that. I started having trouble with my knees around W4. I'd bought new trainers with a gait analysis, slowed down, started doing knee exercises, proper structured stretching after exercise, joined the gym to do strengthening exercises. Nothing worked, the knee pain just got worse. After W5R3 I thought I was going to have to go back to W4, after a break, and just keep doing that until my knees got stronger, but I started looking into technique, discovered I was heel striking, and my lovely new trainers were encouraging it with deep heel cushioning and a thick, stiff sole. So, I thought I'd try running in some beach shoes I found in the coupboard to mimic a barefoot running style. I used them through W6 and I found I naturally landed on my forefoot. By the end of the week, and a 25 min run, my knees were fine. I went shopping again to buy minimalist trainers, and haven't had a problem since, not even the little pain after each run that I was used to. I realise this doesn't answer your question, but I've got lots of sympathy to offer! πŸ˜†

    In the mean time M.I.C.E (gentle Movement, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is what I've heard recommended. I really do hope your knee fixes quickly. Lots of people have offered you proper, helpful advice! ☺

  • Thanks so much Sandy, that's really helpful. Glad you recovered from it! I'm going to go for a test run tomorrow morning as I'm off work, if I get through the run, great, the first sign of pain, I'm stopping :)

  • Wise words...will will be Mekong sure you do not misbehave!! 😜

  • Is that not a river, Polly? πŸ˜€

  • Does sound familiar ...blooming auto correct 🀣🀣

  • One of the best autocorrects I have seen in a while! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • You guys are awesome! πŸ˜‚

  • Or even making 🀣🀣🀣🀣

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