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Never planned to run in the raim

Dressed yesterday with a run in mind and set off to complete my work activities before arriving at the park.

Big black clouds, heavy rain and gale force winds. Sitting in the nice warm car putting my socks and shoes on. Shall I, shan't I debate going on in my head. Never wanted to run in the rain, let alone the rest of the horrible weather we had yesterday.

But out I get to get a lash of rain in my face but undeterred I start. It was tough. Nearly ended up in the loch as the wind buffeted me. Sun came out and the rain stopped. After rounding the top of the loch and heading down towards the 2.5k mark the wind was pushing me along and so decided to continue and complete the complete loop instead of turning back to just do the 5k. There was plenty of gale gusts, plenty of rain, the path was muddy,nathe sun came out, it snowed but I did finish my 6k in 42 mins.

At times I thought I could fly and running with the wind behind you is a great feeling, reward for the slogg when running into it.

I loved my run yesterday I may have been able to go further......maybe next time.

I am going to need some tech though to start timing and seeing how far I am going...any reasonably priced recommendations....please.

I feel great 😄

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If you have a snazzy phone you could download runkeeper, which is free and brilliant.


I use endomondo, just use the app on my phone. I like the breakdowns of information, announcing laptimes as you're running etc. But if you get a Garmin then I think the GPS is more accurate.

Your run sounded epic, really enjoyable to read :)


Well done on getting out there.

I have a Garmin Vivo fit the base model but it logs what I need. I also back that up with Strava on my phone which is free and gives me some more info. Both of which you can connect with friends (virtual or real :)) so it gives you a real incentive seeing what everyone else is doing. :)


Hi Shiane,

That sounds like a lovely route, even in bad weather.

I have an old Garmin 310xt, not the cheapest, smallest or prettiest, but I can't get on with phone apps (typical Old_Git!).

I like the large display and can read the time, pace and distance without my glasses on. It is on my wrist, not in my pocket or back pack.

Go on, treat yourself, you know you're worth it! :-)


Thanks all. I suppose I need to understand what I need to know or want to know.

So I want to know my distance. I want to know overall time and km intervals.

I would be better withnsomething strapped to my wrist I think. I have a tendency to fling things out of my hands. Have to wear glives to keep my fingers attached .... Ok I mean my rings but you get the picture. .....

Run run as fast as you can....




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