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Another week in the bag!

I really didn't want to go out this evening. I had a few things I needed to get sorted, I was tired, it was blowing a gale along with horizontal rain & my running partner couldn't join me


My evening meal was ready for me when I got in as well - how could I say 'no Dear I have to run and can't eat that delicious meal'! 90 minutes later the rain had stopped and the sun was shining :)

Motivated myself to get suited and booted and off I went. It was a cold one so I took my headband. After all my traumas with headphones falling out I had found a pair that stayed in place, or so I thought - unfortunately the new headphones weren't compatible with the headband and kept coming out! Argh! Oh well - now I have headphones for use with headband and those without it.

I felt marginally better this evening - less sluggish although still doing a pavement shuffle. I definitely felt faster at the beginning of the run & even sped up before Laura suggests at the end. My final time proved it and I nearly covered 4km. I don't think that's too bad considering I spent half the run running into a headwind (the route meant I didn't benefit from the tail wind).

I'm quite pleased with my time etc but I'm most pleased with the motivation to get out and keep going!

Here comes week 8 - can't believe I've completed 21 runs :D

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Amazing you are doing so well, and I had to laugh at the husband thing, it's so hard isn't it. Mine has realised that my sanity rests on my running so it's not worth trying anything that might stop that!

Well done and you are so nearly there!

High five



Thanks! Husband support is variable - from very helpful to less than helpful. Have started to get nods of appreciation from my teenage son recently and it normally takes a lot to impress him!


Great determination Helen, and you've done and dusted another week! I did my first W8 run yesterday ... I hope (like me) you will find that having consolidated these last couple of weeks that it will be only pleasant journeys to the end of the programme. Wishing you luck for the last few ;)

Cheers, Linda x


Thanks Linda - hoping these runs get more pleasant - it would be nice to be able to forget about the running itself and just daydream while I'm running. :)


You are nearly at the end! Well done you x x


Thanks x


Well done! I started week 8 this morning. I hadn't though about the number of runs I had actually done until you mentioned it. Yay us!


You've only 5 more runs to go! Not long until we can claim a green badge! :D


Well done Helen. I should have been joining you in finishing week seven today but my knee has been a bit sore and my neck is very sore, so I'm giving them a bit of a rest. I may go out tomorrow depending on how I feel. I don't want to make my knee too much worse and threaten my future running career. I want that badge! seems amazing that it could only be seven runs away for me and six for you. Good luck with week eight.


Hope your knee feels better soon. :)


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