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well, run 2 of the week and has it gotten any easier?

all day yesterday I kept receiving really good advice from my fellow c25kers on here. Big thanks to you all.

I kept hydrated, i nibbled on nuts and a banana mid afternoon.

home time came and so did the rain. And the wind.

still, I put on my new long sleeved running top (one with funky thumb holes in the sleeve :-) and out I went.

passed a cat crossing the road who nearly lost one of its lives. nearly turned back at that. proper lost me stride.

anyway, carried on passed people coming home from work with bags full of goodies from the supermarket. (spied someone carriying well known brand of gingercake and i did wonder whether I could swap my secret sweetie for a slice......)

the running started and goodness me it was a struggle. my calves felt like they were stiff as cardboard. the rain was coming down so much i thought my freckles would wash off! and the wind? well, it was unfortunately going against me which was a real shame. proper had to battle against it going up this incline. But it cooled me down because I got soooo warm doing this run. (memo to self - dont need to wear so many layers, you soon warm up)

but I did it !!! every run right up to the point when Laura said to go in to a walk!! yippee!! another round of 5 mins done :-)

this morning, i am aching all over. every muscle. and Im now trying to think whether it was any easier. Was it? I think so. I dont remember having to swear at myself so much to complete the last run :-)

so, bring on final run of this week. I want it over and done with.

keep running every one out there and thanks again for your continued support.

ali :-) x

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Well done Ali. Amazing what a little stubborn determination can achieve :-) x


Well done. I used to think people who ran in the rain were nuts. But now that I can run (at a snails pace) I actually prefer to run in the rain, though without the wind. Do you stretch after your run as i find this helps prevent a lot of muscle soreness.


Yay - well done Ali :) I'm another mad person who doesn't mind rainy running - although I confess I'm wuss enough to prefer the rain to start once I'm already outside and on my way, otherwise I'm likely to go to the gym instead!

I definitely second the suggestion to stretch after running - I normally do, and tend to notice it on the odd occasion that I forget! ;)

Keep going though - you can do this :D


Well look at you Ali! :-) The run must of went better if you actually wondered and thought so, considering you had the challenge of the elements also. Count wind as a mixed blessing: resistance training. :-) I start with a few light layers that I can peel and run. Most often, even in snow, I have my gloves off and sleeves pulled up in the first 10 minutes! AWESOME RUN! :-) Gayle


Great run report, Ali. Bet they'd have been surprised to find a slice of cake missing and a secret sweetie instead!

Now, despite all your internet research and advice from 'experts' (pah!) - I'd venture a guess that you could maybe run a bit slower and be a bit less achey? If you're happy with your aches, and concrete, that's fine, but by doing superslow running, I've hardly had any aches all the way through to week 9. Ok, according to your lovely expert friend, I'm not even going fast enough for it to be called jogging (blooming nerve!), but my body is getting used to the actions, and I am at last beginning to get marginally faster, and I haven't done in my joints and muscles in the process.

But hey, I'm not an expert, so what do I know? (He he!) :D

(My expert of choice is John Bingham, aka 'The Penguin'


Hey, well done for getting out there in such weather! I have to confess, I put all my running gear on this morning, looked out of the window and saw stair-rods so took it all off again and had another cup of coffee :( I wish I'd had some of that gingercake to go with it.

I hope your aches go away. Do you do any stretches?


oooohhhh, anniemurph!!! stair rods??? nasty. hope you get out soon.

I am endeavouring to do a few more stretches imbetween runs and also before / after. I thought that my longer 10 minute cool down walk would help but obviously my body needs a bit more attention and work!!!

ali :-)


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