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Running in the Rain

Today I completed my W3D2 run in the pouring rain and it was wonderful! I was the only crazy person on my running path and I enjoyed the complete solitude.

As the water was running down my face and I was struggling through the last three minute run, I felt such a sense of awe that I was actually doing this and taking it so seriously.

Not too long ago I would have used the rain as an immediate excuse to skip a workout but not today, today I did it anyway and it felt great! Only thing I could have done without was dodging all the worms that came out onto the path because of the rain but it was all good. :)


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Hi Sherri

I had that crazy rain moment on my last run too! It's great isn't it? You think "I must be a serious runner to be out in this" :-)


It's a great feeling, running in the rain, well done for not letting it put you off!! I remember my first time and I felt like a real runner cos nobody but a real runner would do this surely?!

Enjoy finishing W3 :)



Face it lady ... You are AWESOME! And an all-weather runner too ... no further comment necessary - well done :D

Linda ;)


I run in town and also did a W3 run in the drizzle this week - just be very careful of any metal covers/strips on the pavements as they are slippery - loved my run and think it was the best yet! Onto Week 4 tomorrow...


I love running in the rain, and completely understand what your saying. Running though puddles is also great :-)


And the slugs! I run along a muddy river bank avoiding all the black slugs. My Dad would have squashed them ALL! I enjoy running in the rain too, nice and cool.


Running in the rain is great fun and as for running through puddy muddles, well that just knocks years off your age (in my case at least 50!)


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