Week 8, run 3, past a threshold?

I'm so pleased to definitely be running now. I do still jog, really rather slowly, for about the first half of the run. I basically wait until I feel it all come together - the breathing, the comfortable rhythm of my body moving along, my muscles sort of tighten up, and then I feel like I can go a bit faster. The increase is quite significant, as it definitely feels like running. My elbows are a bit higher, I run with my shoulders as well as my legs and hips, and I really feel like I'm covering ground. If I could make that intitial jog part a bit shorter, then I would easily cover a lot more distance, but I need it still to sort of get my body 'into gear'. I know I'm not going to make 5k by w9r3, in fact I've decided I'm aiming for 4k. But I feel I'll definitely have past a threshold between breathless jogging and a real feeling of ground-covering running (also breathless!) :)


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  • Fabulous! Sounds like it's going perfectly, and now into week 9!!

  • Thanks GLudwig :) hope all going as well with you too

  • well done. The goal is in sight. I think that is a good plan. I always seem to start too fast and need to slow down. I might try your way tonight. :) Good Luck for Week 9 :):):)

  • Thanks! I found I was getting more and more exhausted, fighting off stitches and really wheezing the other way round. It's weird to make yourself run so slow as you're setting out, but somehow it's making things work better overall. I'd def recommend it.

  • Not long to go now. You are definitely a runner.

    I always ind that it takes me a few minutes to get into sync too. Once I've got the first k out of the way I can start to settle down into my pace. Until then it's rather a feeling of "what is my pace?"

  • Thanks AdamB. I've been wondering whether I'm still warming up, and maybe whether I need to warm up a bit more than just through the 5min brisk walk before I start running. But it does also seem to be about rhythm/pace. Once you settle down into your pace, do you find you stay at that same pace all the way through? I find I need to sort of ease up one gear at a time throughout the first 10-15 mins.

  • Once I'm settled in, I feel as if my pace can be consistent (looking at my Garmin it isn't, but that's because I slow down on the hills). I can get into my "Fame pace" (to misquote Irene Cara "I can RUN for ever") and run for an hour and a half (~16K). The pace for my last flat K will be within 15 seconds of my second or third one. On the flat bits my pace doesn't vary much over the length of the run once I've settled in. It's a plodding pace - 6:15 to 6:30 per K on the flat, but I know I can keep it up.

  • 16k/1.5hrs is a pretty impressive amount of running! My average pace is more like 8min/k, starting at 9.5min/k, getting up to 7min/k by the end. I'm basically still building up my fitness so I think this is a healthy rate to be running at, at this point. I love the idea of having a "Fame pace" - something else to aim for :)

  • Don't rule out getting to 5k next week, Ruth, though equally don't risk injury by striving too hard. My W8R3 was 4.26 km, but on my first run of W9 my legs still had running in them, so I carried on to 5k. That was Monday. I followed that on Weds and today with 4.1 and 4.5K. I really wouldn't have believed I had that in me a week or two ago. I find my fitness improves with each run, though of course there's a limit to that!

  • I noticed you've made some great and unexpected leaps, and I don't doubt my own ability to do that. But despite improving my technique all my 28 min runs have been around the 3.5k mark, and also I'm pacing myself in a way that means I don't have enough left in me to keep going at the end at all. I hope to get to around 4k in 30 min by end of next week, and then start trying to find a pace for getting towards 5k in the weeks after, through running a bit longer still (around 35-40min I think). I'm happy because it means I'll still have a concrete goal to aim for.

  • Good luck with it, Ruth. I'll be watching!

  • Thanks, and good luck to you with your post-graduation scheduling :)

  • I graduated in October last year and I'm still running about 3.5k in 25 mins (my favourite time/distance). I just don't seem to be able to go any faster without either feeling whacked out or straining something. BUT I'm very happy with my 3x per week running. Sometimes if the mood takes me I go a bit further, sometimes I do run/walks and my running bits are quite a bit faster in short bursts.

    I foolishly got a bit jealous of people who were clearly doing much better than me on this forum (particularly those who had graduated after me!), and I just ended up feeling like a failure and then getting injured, then having another MS relapse (and I'm not sure if it was self inflicted or not). By all means try and extend yourself, but don't think just because some people can run a 6 min/k or whatever that you have to - compete against yourself and only do what you are comfortable with.

    I'm not saying don't push yourself to improve, I just mean don't hurt yourself trying to emulate your heroes on this site (and I have many of them)!

  • I agree with this 100% . I am exactly the same Useit , now Ive learnt to listen to my body and do what I feel comfortable with. Sometimes I might go further than I planned , but its not the be all and end all .

    I know Im never going to do a 6minK and it doesn't bother me in the slightest now . Im just happy to be getting out and running at my own pace and my own speed ! :-) xxx

  • It took me a while to come to terms with this Ms Popster. I now know my limits. I suspect there may be people who would consider this defeatist or complacent, but I know my own body and what it is capable of (at the moment - you never know ... as I run for more and more years maybe that will change). However, this time last year I couldn't even run to the end of my road (about 30m!) and now I happily jog round the village for half an hour 3x per week. My head feels better, my legs feel well used (aka quite often achy), but my heart is bursting with pride that I actually, for once in my life, ignored all the people telling me I was nuts and did something wonderful FOR ME!

    I started off thinking if MS was going eventually to take my legs from under me I would make the most of them while they are still working, and I am certainly doing that now. Long may it last!

  • Hear Hear ! I don't think its being defeatist . I too am so happy just to get out there and run , if I do manage to achieve a faster than usual km or extra distance , yes I am chuffed to bits with that !

    Horses for courses , all part of lifes rich tapestry and all that ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks useitorloseit and poppypug, you both made me smile. I've noticed a friendly encouraging undercurrent on this site that roots for people who get to 30 min but not necessarily 5k. I'm happy to be in that bunch too. I'm also curious if I can push myself further, while being wary of pushing myself in a way that could make me injure myself or become over-exhausted. Personally I think I'd need rocket boosters to get to 6min/k, and am amazed I'm doing as well as I am at the moment. I'm happy with my 4k goal for next Fri, hoping to achieve that, along with knowing I can run for 30 min :)

  • I got up to running 7.5k, but I'll never be fast!!! My best is 7.07k/min average. I'm happy with that. 4k sounds like a very good goal :)

  • Sounds like it's all coming together nicely. Hang on in there - a week to go!

  • Thanks - good luck for the last few runs too - I see you just did w8r2 - nice one!

  • Don't worry about the initial slower period, I think many of us have that. I completed C25K in November, and now run 10km on weekdays and 14km at the weekend. I still feel like I'm struggling a bit for the first 5 minutes.

    I always feel like I'm alternating between tired legs, and breathlessness. I think that is because I usually push myself has hard as I can and the limiting factor will either be muscle tiredness or aerobic capacity. As the aerobic capacity improves, I push my legs to go faster and my legs get tired. After a few days my legs will be stronger, but my aerobic capacity can't keep up, so I'm out of breath.

    I actually quite like the days when my legs feel tired, because it forces me to run more slowly, and so I'm not out of breath, it becomes a leisurely enjoyable run.

    I'm pleased to say that it does get easier, in as much as your stamina improves and so you feel less fatigued later in the run.

    Happy Running :)

  • I'm really working on the breathing, as breathlessness is my main limiting factor. I worry about injuries etc, but touch wood all been okay so far, my body seems to be fairly happy with running, just my poor lungs that object. I do keep forgetting to do my inhaler before I run, and as a result get wheezy if I push myself too hard too quickly. I've actually put my inhaler in one of my running shoes to make sure I don't forget it next time! I look forward to breathing not being my limiting factor at some point soon... By the way congrats on getting from 5k to 10/14km - way to go!

  • At the gym I cover 4k just about - in 30 minutes - I have covered 5k in 35 minutes but thats really pushing myself. 37 minutes outdoors - hope this helps

  • Great job RCR, the end is in sight.

    I did barcode scanning at my local parkrun and the smile on everyone's face when they finish is that of a winner, whether they come in at 20 mins or 45. Main thing is to enjoy the experience and the difference it is making to your well being.

    You have a great attitude, it is a personal challenge and the goals you set that count.

    Good Luck ;-)

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