Race For Life

A couple of things happened today; 1. I signed up for a 5km Race for Life in June and 2. I reached my target weight at Slimming World which means I've lost a total of 8 stone in two years. I have astounded myself that I've come this far. When I first started to lose weight I couldn't walk to the end of my road (just over a 5 minute walk) and here I am having done W5R1 today.

It's a miracle!!!

I love C25k. I may procrastinate before each run but I do really love it. I love how I feel afterwards, that sense of achievement and elation.

It's hard work, yes, but it's sooo worth it.

I'm looking forward to June and the Race for Life! It's close to my heart as Cancer is in my family. I have a cousin and an Aunt who are currently battling it.

Gonna kick some ass on the Race for Life even if I have to walk some of it!!!


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  • Oh Poodle that is amazing . Well done to you on your weight loss , what a fantastic achievement !

    Are you doing the Tatton Park one ? I'm doing that one . See you there ! xxx

  • Thanks! Yes, am doing the Tatton Park one on the 21st. See you there :) xx

  • Not'its so worth it' it should be because 'you're so worth it' amazing weight loss, fantastically well done on that and I'm sure you'll nail the race for life . Go for it !

  • Thanks so much :)

  • That's awesome Poodle well done!! And c25k is brill I agree, addictive, empowering, rewarding, painful, frustrating!!! You go for it, no stopping you by the sounds of it :)

  • Thanks - I feel so determined that I'm going to nail C25k this time (had to give up due to back injury before Christmas) :)

  • Way to go you!! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your success!

  • Thanks so much :)

  • Wow! That's a fantastic weight loss. Many congratulations to you. And the Race for Life in June sounds like a great idea.

  • Thanks so much :)

  • That's quite something!

  • thank you!

  • Fantastic weight loss - you must feel like a new person! You'll rock that RFL!

  • thanks! Yes, it has given me a new lease of life :)

  • Wow that's amazing weight loss. I'm with weight watchers and need to lose 6 stones. What an inspiration to me you are. Can I just ask did you find the running help at all with your weight loss? I've heard lots of different things. I'm averaging 2lb a week at the mo, doesn't seem to have made any difference with running. Apart from feeling amazing each time I complete my runs and feeling fulling life ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Thanks! I had such a lot to lose that I didn't start running until I'd lost 7stone. I started off walking the dog on longer walks walking at a faster pace. I started C25k in Oct 14 but I had to give up due to a back injury, it took me until Feb 15 to recover which is when I started C25k again.

    I think it has helped a bit with weight loss but the vast majority of my weight loss has been done with just changing the way I eat.

    What I have noticed with running is that my body is toning up and I'm losing centimetres.

    Good luck with Weight Watchers - you can do it! And keep the running up :) Average of 2lb loss a week is fabulous!!!

  • Thats amazing well done you. Such amazing acomplishments you should be sooooo proud of yourself. Xxx

  • Thanks :)

  • Wow well done, you are a real inspiration to others like me who are on the start of their journey & wondering if they can do it

  • Thanks - if I can do it, anyone can do it! Go for it!! :)

  • Only one thing to say. YOU ARE AMAZING.

  • Aw, thanks :)

  • Inspirational, well done!!

  • thanks mrsb :)

  • That is a great achievement! I've lost 4 stone in 10 months which l'm pleased with & I feel much better as a result. You must feel on top of the world! Well done & good luck for the race 4 life

  • Thanks, congratulations on your weight loss - it feels so good doesn't it? :)

  • Wow. That's fantastic. Very well done you. You must look like a different person, and feel like one too!!! Best of luck with your race for life. Which one is it? I'm doing one in June too! X

  • Thanks - yes, I feel like a different person - it's great :)

    I'm doing the Tatton Park run on 21st June - is that the one you are doing?

  • No I'm doing kenilworth in Warwickshire. Good luck with it. Should be good atmosphere but emotional. Xx

  • That's brilliant - come June you won't be thinking "Will I get round?", more like "How fast will I be?"

  • Thanks :)

  • Bravo. What an inspiration

  • Thanks sprynn :)

  • 8 stone!!! Flippin heck that's impressive! Well done you.

    Those endorphins are just the best, aren't they??!!

  • thanks :)

  • Wow! Well done you, you're a real inspiration. I'm just starting my first week and planning to sign up for the Heaton Park Race For Life in July. Thanks for sharing your fantastic acheivements!

  • thank you :)

  • Well that's absolutely brilliant! I'm going to do a whoop and a wow weeeeeeeeeeeeee and a jump up and down. You're a WINNER already Mancu, you really are.

    when I started losing weight I borrowed my neighbour's hound and took him for miles. I am still walking him several years later, and thanks to him in part am over four stones lighter. Like you I got a lot of weight off and then began the C25k journey

    Great news on the race front. We might not be elite runners but we can go out there and compete against ourselves, have a laugh and raise a few quid for charity.

    Plus we get the benefit of keeping the weight off and improving our running too. It's all good

    Chuffed for you Mancu. You will get to meet Pops so that's even better news. Run her ragged won't you! Ha ha (evil cackle) x

  • Hehe, thanks. Well done on your weight loss too :)

  • Wow!!! That is absolutely amazing! Many congratulations on hitting your target weight :)

    I just started Slimming World and have lost 10.5lbs in a month. My other half has lost a stone and a half! Loving it so far.

    Well done on signing up for R4L! I did it last year and doing it again this year in Haydock. It's a great day! xx

  • thanks Spiky. Well done on your weight loss. Slimming World is great isn't it.


  • You lady are amazing, be very, very proud. I too am doing race for life in June, looks like we'll all be running 'together' which is fab. I think RFL will be quite emotional, I'm running for my dad, he had the big C when diagnosis was almost always terminal, I was a teenager when he died. I miss him still, this will be the first time I will have done something practical in his memory, just getting my number made me cry. I am a big fan of screening, why wouldn't you?



  • thanks Madge and thank you for sharing about your Dad. I'm running for my Grandma and Uncle Alan who didn't make it but also for family members who are now cancer free and for my cousin, Susan and my Aunty Gillian who are currently battling it. It means so much it's immeasurable.

    my love to you,



  • 8 stones? Crumbs, that's impressive! Very well done on your running, your race entry and your weight loss. :)

  • thanks AncientMum :)

  • Congratulations on all your hard work. I hope you are extremely proud of yourself.

  • thanks - yes am really proud and pleased :)

  • well done and it is a great programme for seeing results. I trust you are very proud of yourself on both achievements. I also procrastinate before each run but I have found having all of my running stuff out when I get home from work ( I run after work and my husband is home before me) is a great way to focus me. I feel bad if he has got everything out and the I don't feel like running so I go out and run. Happy running

  • thanks PrincessStef. It's a good way to get out to have all your stuff ready. My running shoes are at the bottom of my stairs just waiting to go!! :)

  • I'm procrastinating right now - but I WILL be out there within the next 30 minutes. Been on the couch again for the last two weeks with a real stinker of a cold, but today it's definitely time to go again.

    I've signed up for my first Race for Life too. Also 21st June, but Herne Bay. Will I meet any fellow C25K-ers there, I wonder? And if I do, will I be able to tell?

  • Hope you made it out for your run. Go us!! We'll be leading the way on 21st June!! :)

  • Go get 'em Poodle. What a fab story!

  • Thank you :)

  • Amazing, truly inspirational, well done ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Thanks mandap :)

  • Brilliant news on both counts. Weight loss is amazing and what an achievement. I'm with you on this C25k thing. I literally cannot wait for run days (thought I was just a bit weird) even though I'm not that good at it. Glad you've signed up for the race for life, by June you'll be running the whole route I've got no doubt. Well done and keep up the good work. You are amazing :-) x

  • Thanks Julia :)

  • Good lord, bonny lass! That's a heck of an achievement! And as someone else said further up the page, by the time your race comes round you'll not be worrying about whether you'll finish, but thinking about a goal pace. :)

  • thanks teafairy. I hope I'll be worried about pace but I suspect I'll be focussing on just getting over the finish line! :)

  • 8stone! Thats amazing! Well done you! I did SW IN 2012 and lost 2 stone, i think the running has helped me keep around my target, its very rewarding i following a plan and sticking to it! Good luck with your RFL :) great cause, i lost my aunty in january and her daughter has just signed up in memory of her mam......

  • thanks :) Well done on your weight loss with SW and for keeping it off. :)

  • Amazing and inspirational is what you are keep it up :)

  • Thanks Clare :)

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