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To Race for Life or not to Race for Life

I graduated in March. Was running approx 3.8km/30 mins 3 times a week - trying to get faster but making slow progress.

Last couple of weeks I've not been feeling great so only managed one run last week and two this week.

I WANT to do race for life in July in memory of my Mum, but I'm not sure if I am/will be ready.

My main worries:

It's further than I'm currently running

It starts at 11.30am - when I usually run early mornings when it's much cooler.

Also (stupid question coming up) - how do you warm up for a race? Do you start the race with a walk (may need to if there are loads of people?) or do you go for a walk before lining up to start.

Thanks :-)

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Do it do it do it - for you and for your mum - I've done it - years ago mind, and half ran and half walked. I'm debating whether to enter myself this year and run bu have only just done week 2.

I seem to remember its a lovely atmosphere, a minutes silence before the race and areobics to warm everyone up. When you start there are so many people you are only walking initially and there are tons of people cheering you on along the way. Honestly you would love it - go girl! x


I'd say do it and don't worry if you have to walk some of it. Also you have 4 weeks + to get a little further! Remember how much we improved in 4 weeks at the start of the programme

Warming up - I know at some of the events they do do a warm session. This is the bit i'm struggling with for the park run / run club


Do it! You should be able to do it with relative ease - so what if you have to walk some of the way - particularly if it's warm, everyone will understand! And over the next four weeks you can just try each week to run a little further. I wrote a post on running my first race last week which might be helpful/or at least give you and idea of what to expect - check it out if you want!


Do it! I suspect the occasion will pull you along and you won't notice till you finish how much you have done.

Just your normal warm up is all you need. Its just a run !


I've done the race for life 3 times and that was before I was a "runner" with next to no training. I never managed to run the whole way so just walked and jogged when I could. It's really not a competitive atmosphere, really friendly and loads of people walk the whole course. They usually do a warm up before the race, lots of silly star jumps and dancing about :) You should go for it, it's a great experience.


Go one do it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My run is this sunday in predicted 26 degree temperatures at Hyde park London,. they do a fun warm up before it starts.

Many people don't run but just walk the distance and you could take and do it with the C25k podcast you are currently on.

You mum would be proud of you.


oops just realised you graduated so won't be on a podcast!


Def do it. I walked it all last year and I'm registered again this year (our local one is in June the weekend of my week 9) who cares if you don't run it all? It's a great cause and a great charity and if you run, walk, jog, hop, crawl or walk backwards you'll finish and feel marvellous. There is absolutely no pressure on you from anyone so give it a go. You'll kick yourself if you don't.


Yes another vote for doing it!

Make sure you take water although they used to hand out bottles at the end - not sure if they still do.

As others have said it is actually quite hard running it as there are just so many people you can get boxed in.

You will enjoy the event - it is very moving.


Just registered - thanks everyone for your encouragement xx


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