Race for Life.....Salisbury

Race for Life.....Salisbury

I really enjoyed doing my first ever Race for Life. I've had a really painful ankle for the last fortnight and haven't been able to run which was totally spoiling the anticipation of this run. Thanks to some very motivating people on this forum I had taken all my courage and signed up to do this. I decided it would be fine to walk if it came to it but I wrapped my ankle in a support and took a couple of painkillers then joined my daughter and some friends' daughters and joined in the fun warm up. My ankle seemed to be holding up so I set up the C25K extra podcast (the one with Laura as a man!) and joined the joggers. Lots of bottle necking for the first while due to narrow places and joggers who decided to be walkers within a few yards of the start line. The weather was perfect, sunshine and breezes. I had to walk for about 200yds up a hilly part near the end but still completed in 34.5 minutes, a personal best for me. I already want to do it again without the painful ankle. I've totally amazed myself. It is amazing the difference 6 months can make. If you are hesitating in making a decision to do this, stop, just do it, walk jog or run it is for such a good cause. My husband was at the finishing line waiting for me, only three years ago there was a few times when I thought that would not be the case. :)


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14 Replies

  • So great to hear! Sounds like you had a brill day for your first Race for Life! It's good to have goals out there beyond W9R3!

    Good running!

  • Thanks Grammadog, it has made me more enthusiastic about continuing to run.

  • I love the tortoise badge! 34 minutes tho - you must be a very fit tortoise! Glad your husband was there for you. It makes a difference having the support of family, doesn't it. Be very very proud of yourself. Maybe we are more Ninja turtles now, than tortoises! :)

  • lol I like that...ninja turtle. As you say it is great to have support. OH is a bowel cancer survivor and has followed me about for the last 6 months making sure I don't do myself any damage running through the woods :)

  • So you had an extra incentive to finish - a supporter AND survivor - Congratulations to you both :)

  • Well done, another amazing time. I am expecting it to take about 40 - 45 mins, but if I get a time like yours I woud be soooo happy.


  • Thank you, I had read that you get caught up with all the other runners which improves your time, it was so true. I had thought I would be lucky to do it in 40minutes today with my ankle but you really do seem to be carried along with others so you may surprise yourself. Best of luck.

  • I think I would have been a bit faster were it not for the other "runners". There was a *lot* of congestion on my run and I found myself jogging on the spot at one point to keep my rhythm while the people in front of me walked through a pinch-point.

  • I totally agree with you that times could be better if there was no congestion. I think I am definitely going to try a park run next to see what that is like, a lot less people so it would be interesting to try.

  • It would be good if marshalls could clear walkers to the side because sometimes there was a row of five and it was impossible to pass. I did the jogging on the spot thing too! Determined not to walk!!

  • Really well done! I love the tortoise badge :) A great time and I hope your ankle will be ok x

  • Thank you TJ, I really wanted to do this race for all sorts of reasons and now it is over I will get my ankle checked out.

  • Have been watching for your post. A huge well done from me; what a fab time you did!!!!!

    Sounds like an amazing day for all sorts of reasons and I'm so glad your OH was there to see you over the finish line :) :)

  • Thanks AliB1 it really meant a lot to me to do this race. This C25K programme coupled with the warmth on this forum has both physically and mentally improved my life. I feel stronger in lots of ways. :)

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