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Race for Life tomorrow!


I've finished the C25K programme and am doing my first Race for Life tomorrow. I'm feeling really nervous today, feeling a bit queasy and I'm sure it's just nerves.

Depsite graduating I have only just run 4K, any advice? Should I walk for a little bit after 4K, I'm worried about starting to run again after walking?

I'm sort of hoping I might complete the 'race' in 40 minutes but I might be being a bit optimistic.

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Well done for graduating! Have you claimed your badge?

Nerves are fine, I'm sure do great tomorrow. I did a MoRun last year shortly before graduating, so I know how you feel. My plan, before, was to run for 20 minutes, walk for a bit and then run for another 20. As it happened I didn't need to run for another 20 as I'd already finished (much to my surprise!) But you know what approach will suit you.

It is really different running in a crowd of people, especially at an event like that where everyone is there to support a cause, so you might find that, on the day, you don't need to walk for a bit after all. And if you do need to walk? That is fine too.

Enjoy your day and make sure you come and give us a report after 🙂

AlicharlieGraduate in reply to Maddee_6333

Yes, I've claimed my badge. Thanks for your support, I'm already feeling a bit relaxed x


Walk, run, whatever you feel like.. you will be fine:) No need for nerves, you are a runner... and the atmosphere is great!


I did race for life there was lots of people walking. I actually went with the runners as I was a graduate. Run and walk at a speed that suits you and have fun

Firstly relax!

Start off slowly, don't get caught out by starting too fast, and try to keep a steady pace. Remember the wise words of 'slow and steady' and 'sustainable pace'. Don't worry if you need to walk, there'll be others walking too.

There's usually a great atmosphere so hopefully that will keep you going and you might surprise yourself.

Good luck, keep smiling, keep running and let us know how you get on.

Go for it!

Start off slow, go slower so you don't get caught up in other people's pace. Mix the walking with running if you need it and remember Oldfloss is never wrong. You are a runner and you will run fine

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jancanrun

Oh my... could you e mail that message to my brain... errr..... and Mr OF too please :) x


I did a Race for Life a few years ago (long before I began running!!!) and walked the whole thing - much faster than a lot of people!! So run, walk, etc, just remember why you're doing it and enjoy it! 😁

See never wrong, you know occasionally you might be and then you ask for a message to your brain. And we all know once the message is received and understood that your brain sorts it out. So officially never wrong... NLP I believe is the posh acronym, Mr OF may be a tad more difficult for me to work on virtually... :)


Good luck, I'm sure the atmosphere at the event will carry you along, such a brilliant thing to do and for such a great cause, this will be one of my post graduation goals so well done you :)


I did a race for life about 10 days after graduating and it was fab. Turned out to be my first nonstop 5k and was a bit emotional! Just take your time, enjoy the day and go for it!


I did it!

The time as I ran across the finish line was 37.34, which I was amazed at, I will probably never beat that time again.

I ran for 4K then walked for 2 minutes, ran again and walked for another 2 minutes, then ran across the finish line. I am not totally convinced the course was 5K, my Garmin watch said just under 5K, has any one else experienced a difference in the distance time?

shepsGraduate in reply to Alicharlie

Well done - fantastic run. See, you are a runner.

SueKenGraduate in reply to Alicharlie

Very well done! I think my RFL course was a tad short (~4.9km), but by the time you've got to the start and cleared the finish I'm sure it's the full distance 😊. Great time, and something to work on as a postgrad!!!!!!

I did the race for life 10y ago, 7mth after giving birth, ran for about 1km but then had a little issue with the pelvic floor!! Sonwqlked the rest, came in only 10mins behind my sister who ran it all! Lots of people walk with children, pushchairs and just to take part.

Take it slow & steady and (in the words of frank) you'll do it your way!!

Good luck

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