Pedometer/race for life

My 7 year old and myself completed the 5k race for life today, I previously asked for advice on wether I should try to run it alone or walk it with her, well we did walk it together, she did brilliantly and is super proud of herself (and I am too of course) I did find myself feeling a bit frustrated at not being able to jog it but glad I made this decision, so thanks for your words of wisdom:)

As I knew it was 5k, I decided to test my phone pedometer accuracy. It only recorded 4k!! So now, I'm wondering how inaccurate it has been on previous runs! Does anyone have any recommendations for accurate pedometer apps, that don't need 4G.....(I have no wifi in my phone)

Thanks and hope everyone running today went well....


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6 Replies

  • Can't help with app. I have mapmyrun and by the time it's worked out where I am I am halfway through my run. Lol 😁but well done to both of you on your face for life. I think you did the right thing walking together -makes the whole thing a more memorable occasion.

  • Glad it was a successful day, and I hope you find another "race" where you can fulfil your ambition of running the whole way. Don't forget the park run option!

    Pedometers count steps and then calculate distances from your average stride length, which obviously changes quite a lot with whether you are walking or running, how fast you are walking, etc.

    I'm a bit confused about the technology you have available - no wifi?

    I don't have 4G, and you don't need it to track your runs. You don't even need3G, but you do need to be able to get online with your phone, which in most cases would be with wifi.

    What you need is to have the ability to turn on and off a "location" which uses GPS technology. Then you can use an app like mapmyrun or endomondo to track and record your runs. Be warned, getting into the statistics these apps produce can be addictive...

  • Thanks for your help, I have an iPhone 4 but no SIM card in it as I hate phones!! So just use wifi at home, so was looking for something that doesn't need Internet to record the run....

  • It should work. I didn't have 3G connection to the internet for the first year or so when I started running. You can get it all set up on your wifi when you download the app and set up an account, etc (or use a laptop/desktop computer).

    When you do your run, you just need the GPS turned on and record your run. When you finish running, you press pause, and then actually press "stop" once you get back to your wifi and it updates your data online.

    Try it, I think it will work :)

  • You can put apps like Runkeeper and Map My Run on your phone, and they won't need internet to function, but you do need to get online to download them. I guess that's what you mean, something that doesn't need internet to record your run? If you don't have internet at home, do you have free wifi somewhere near you? Lots of bars and cafes have it...

  • Yes, that's exactly what I mean:) thank you.....I have an iPhone but no SIM card in it, because I hate phones!!! But they're useful for the running apps:) plenty of wifi at home, just not out on the road....will look into mapmyrun...thanks for your help.

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