First Parkrun

Took part in my first parkrun today, the organisers were very welcoming and explained the layout of the course and the procedure. There was a good turnout of runners with two runners identified as tourists, (a new term to me) a lady from Australia and a man from Cambridge, that's what I call dedication, my hats off to them.

Being my first parkrun I felt a bit hemmed in at the start, but after a little while gaps started appear with a little more room to move. My usual runs take place on roads around where I live, today was what it said on the label a park run going past a lake and through the woods and not a car in sight, shear heaven! A little muddy in places but I expected that, the course had a gradual incline on the return which made me puff a bit. There was a nice area for a warm up and the course was well marked out with plenty of volunteers on hand.

The atmosphere was very friendly, I should imagine all parkruns are like this. I could well become a tourist myself in the future. (I'm showing off now) 😊 I had only just arrived home when I received an email with my time, how's that for service! My time was 00:30:12 for 5k very pleased with that, I was 132nd out off 237 runnersv and 6th in my age group of VM60-64. I throughly enjoyed this mornings experience and will definitely attend more parkruns, roll on next Saturday.

Happy running everyone 😊.


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  • Where was it? sounds like a good run!

  • It is at Staunton Country Park in Havant, Hampshire. Hope to see you there at some point.

  • That is BRILLIANT. Well done. Parkruns are really well organised aren't they? There'll be no stopping you now!

  • Thanks Dan, it was good and the people were great.

  • That's a brilliant time for your first parkrun. Well done!

  • Thank you IP, I did enjoy it.

  • Don't forget to check out your age graded score. It puts your run into some kind of perspective with those speedy youngsters who zap round in under 20mins, and let's face it, us oldies are never going to catch them. Well done and a great time to chase.

  • Thanks for that, I just had a look and it is 54.53%, don't mean to much to me yet but will get my head around it. Something to aim for next week.

  • Really good time New-to-jogging ! Only one thing to do now....try and beat it ! Well done.

  • Thank you HP, I will certainly give it a go.

  • Well done!! That's great. It will be a regular thing now!!!

  • Thank you Lou, the running bug has bitten me, now it seems the parkruns have got a hold. Here goes!

  • You've just inspired me to have a look at them again!! Well there's worse things you could be doing!!!!

  • Go on go for it you know you want too. 😊

  • I do and I don't. I tried one a few months back and was awful. I went off far too fast and had to stop. Really knocked my confidence. But that was a long time ago now. I wouldn't go back to that one but maybe try another. Prob is I'm a snail!!! I'd be at the back and I just don't want to feel rubbish again. I know where the next nearest one is and the route. May run it a few times alone first!!! Build up to it!!!!!

  • Don't let speed put you off, completing the course was my goal and enjoy the run. That may be the way to go by having a chance to run it first,

  • Completing it is a great goal as I didn't the last time!!! Thanks. You have inspired me!!! I may go there and run this week. It's a drive away and then give it a try soon. Thanks lots!!!

  • Sorry finger trouble, it won't do what it should. I look forward to reading your triumphant parkrun some time soon. Happy running. 😊

  • Great post and fab time - Good to hear your park run was enjoyable and it Sounds like a good one!!!

  • Thank you, it certainly was enjoyable and not having to worry about cars was great.

  • Fantastic - they are an amazing event (says she having completed all of one). Well done on the result.

  • Thank you, I hope you had the same experience as me. I will be there again on Saturday.

  • Great work. Glad you enjoyed it

  • Thank you, looking forward to next Saturday now.

  • Well done ! Glad you enjoyed it and what a brilliant time too ! Amazing xxx

  • Thanks PP, how is your recovery coming along? I hope everything ok. x

  • It's going great thank you xxx I managed 3 runs last week , very short and slow , but the comeback is definitely ON ! :-D xxx

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