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My first Parkrun - update

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Well, I did it!....and as always you were absolutely right... Everyone was very friendly. I did feel a bit lost when I turned up on my own and everyone seemed to be chatting with a friend. I headed towards the guy holding the sign 'first time runners' who explained the course and the bar codes. We then congratulated a couple of people on their 50th and 100th Parkrun and off we went. It was really warm and there were a couple of small hills (which I barely noticed?!), but it was great. There were lots of calls of encouragement all the way through from the other runners. And a lovely couple congratulated me at the end and said they'd look out for me next week. . ..and I finished in 38 mins 29 secs, which Iam really pleased with!

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Excellent! 👏👍well done you, great time😎.......welcome to the parkrun family..........and ahem....😉.....your new addiction.......😁🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️


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Zebadee1Graduate in reply to Madge50

Think you might be right there 😀

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Well done. A parkrun PB has been set to be beaten : )

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Zebadee1Graduate in reply to backintime

I noticed some people take it very seriously. Judging by the noises coming from the finishing line (and I don't mean the clapping), people really pushed themselves....I'm quite happy just to compete with myself for now 😀

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backintimeGraduate in reply to Zebadee1

That's the best competition there is : )

Well done again

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Beany123Graduate in reply to Zebadee1

Me too! I’m not going to collapse just to get a good time! More concerned with actually running the whole thing for now!

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Brilliant, you did your first parkrun and you enjoyed it and made new friends already. Well done you 😊😊

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Well done - Saturday mornings will never be the same.


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Congratulations to you Zebaddee1 on completing your first 5k Parkrun, well done, great time as well, I am so happy that you enjoyed your run today. 😊 🏃 Onwards and upwards to more parkruns for you. 😊 🏃

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👍👏 well done, they’re great aren’t they and you feel like a real 🏃‍♂️ at last! Superb next step for C25K graduates as it replaces it with a new rhythm and challenge mindset! Enjoy!

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Wow! Well done! You must be so pleased with that! Keep up the good work xxx

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