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Beautiful day today so decided to check out my local Parkrun (after all the runners had gone home) just to get an idea of what 5K distance was like. The markers were still there so off we went walking briskly. Just in case you did not hear, I said "walking" not running. Well, 5K is HUGE... huge, huge, huge. It took us 52 minutes and 44 seconds.. My hips are still sore. How my legs can still be attached there I don't know. There is no way I could run this. Impossible. It is no way near what I do with Laura. Me think it will take me a couple of years to do this. Actually, I feel deflated. I mean, I am 68, I have short legs, I am not sporty anymore, I just don't stand a chance.

Something for sure, I will have tomorrow as a rest day to rest from this 5K walk πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

Starting week 7 on Monday. It is more my league.


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  • Don't despair - I had a go at parkrun today for my graduation run and didn't make it round the whole course - I too have short legs and run very slowly! I don't care how long it takes me; I'm going to keep working on building up a tiny bit at a time and I WILL make it round one day even if I have to walk some of it, and so will you! Go us!

  • Thanks Helen, I will have to do the same

  • The brilliant thing about running 5k is that it is a lot quicker than walking 5k! I get aches and blisters and all sorts when I do really long walks, but I can run much further with no ill effects at all (with a few little walky breaks included - why not?).

    Don't be disheartened - it will come, just take your time :)

  • Thank you useitorloseit, yes i think I will have to do some walking in between. My aim really is to be able to shuffle along for 30 minutes, right? And finish week 9. The kms will come later, much much later.

  • definitely don't feel down about it , we all walk or run at different paces and for different reasons , for now it is just about completing the timed run periods ,

    You have dome so really well in getting to week 7 , that is huge in it's self ..

    It is your race at your pace , keep going you will get there :D

  • Thank you Rob

  • Take your time and you will surprise yourself xx I have done 4th run today and halfway round think I'm going to lose a lung but slowly does it πŸ˜„ walk hills and jog the rest good luck and well done for doing the plan x

  • Thank you dawn

  • My best Parkrun time is now sub 30 mins but when I walk one lap (of the two lap course) with my daughter it feels like an absolute marathon!!!! I think it just seems a really, really long way :) Thus, I would just park (excuse the pun) those thoughts for now and concentrate on graduating. You'll know when you are ready to go back .............

    PS Well done on the very long walk too :)

  • You are right there goonkeepgoing

  • Don't worry about it. Almost a year after starting the program and 5k still does look very, very long. It feels long walking it as well.

    Give it a try running it sometime - I expect it won't seem so bad once you're moving at a faster clip. You'd be amazed at how much faster you are running than walking - one of the loops I take my dog on is about a 40 minute walk that I can run in 19 minutes (now I'm a very slow walker, but still!)

    We don't have parkruns here, but at our 5k races some folks take over an hour to finish. Doesn't matter how long it takes you, or how much walking you do to get over that line. It's your 'race' time, it's all about you.

  • I think what is at the back of my mind, Runswithdogs, is when I run and hubby walks, I am just at the same speed, meaning I only run as fast as I can walk. Something must be wrong somewhere! Hubby thinks What I am doing is not running but amateurish. He is correct there.

    Following all you guys advice, my aim at the present time is graduating and my options are : leave hubby home so I can't compare (at least until I am more agile), put one foot in front of the other, not worry about distance. Then after graduating try to stretch each legs as I put them forward.

    One thing I have noticed, because I have been running mainly on sand, it has been a struggle to put the heel down first. It could be the reason why I do not stretch my legs and therefore take small steps.

  • If you're running in sand, you'll be great on the roads. Sand is crazy hard work! And I've heard that shorter, faster steps are the way to go, you can hurt yourself from over-striding. Are you toe-striking? My marathoner friend does that. Anyhow, long story short, I think you're doing it exactly right. I'd leave the husband at home, you don't need the comparison, or any comments from the peanut gallery that it's 'not running'. Of course it is!

    But you are exactly right. Don't worry about distance and speed until you graduate. Then you can decide what you'd like to work on next, if anything. 5k will be a reasonable goal to work up to after graduation - I think a lot of people make it their next target. Don't feel deflated. See it as a challenge, not an obstacle.

  • Thanks Runswithdogs, I feel better now. All I needed was a plan of action and I will get there.

  • I can't prove this but I wonder whether a route that is 5K and familiar seems shorter than an unfamiliar 5K route? I have just do done R3 of W8 and am definitely focusing on sustaining my running for the time rather than worrying about distance. I hope you enjoy Wk 7 and the road to graduation.

  • You got a point too, turnerk. On my regular route, so many minutes will take me to the groyne and so on. I have worked out markers in my mind and have those small goals to reach each of those markers. It does work.

  • keep on the program, I ran 5.5km last week and popped out for 3km before sailing today - doesn't need to be fast or long- - when I started I would never think I could go for a run!! Now I have to get out !!!

  • Thanks Lisa.

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