It must be a guy thing. Ladies never forget. Without fail, I always forget. ALWAYS! Without fail, I ALWAYS leave the house without taking at least 12 toilet rolls worth of tissue with me. Well, maybe that's going a bit overboard, but the ONLY time ever I've remembered to take tissues with me was on the LWR. Like a Prince saving his Damsel in distress, I fished a length out of my pocket (God, that sounds really suspect doesn't it?) and passed it to JuicyJu who luxuriated in blowing her "I s'pose" on said length.

I always get a runny nose, especially in this cold weather and it's infuriating to me that I never ever ever ever, have some tissues to blow my nose into. I can't bear sniffling like a teenager and I would NEVER do that footballer thing - you know the one? The one where they place a finger on one nostril and.......NOOOOO DAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! STOP!

So this morning was a hard run. Another hard run. I'm not feeling that good lately to be honest - nothing to do with ill health, just with all this pulled muscles business and leg strains etc, I'm feeling a bit below par. Each run is an almighty effort and I need to get that "tiger" feeling back again. I set out this morning to run 5K in a particular way - and it was thus ; to run slow enough, so that by the finish, I would be mentally and physically prepared to run another 5K immediately afterwards, thereby creating the scenario for Saturdays Richmond Riverside 10K run.

I failed.

By the time I'd reached my last few feet I was in shreds! Wailing, screaming and shouting to the heavens - "You baaaaaaasta**!!!" OK maybe I'm slightly over egging the pudding here, but I felt so spent, the thought of doing that again immediately after finishing was just never gonna happen. So what to do.

Answer? NOTHING! I aint doing sh**! I aint doin' nuthin' 'bout it! No sirrree. I'm just going to wait until the planets realign themselves, the solar eclipse does it's thing and the wind blows from the south. Once those things occur, I will once again be a running God.

IN the meantime I'm going to mentally prepare for Saturday. I know it's only 10K and for most of you "Super Graduates" out there it's just a wee trot in the park, but for me - it's MY PARIS. It's my LONDON. It's my BOSTON. (You get what I'm doing here right? Marathons? No? Oh well....) Saturday is going to be hard for me, but I'll do it and if I get tired during it, I'm gonna mutha f***n' walk!!!

But the main reason today's run was so hard is purely down to a terrible nights sleep. I was wide awake until 5am, got up at 9 and went for a run. No wonder it was tough. So I'm cool with that.

Must remember to bring tissue with me Saturday though. It might just make the difference!

Tally ho

Yer Pal



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  • Oh no! I had a stinker of a cold last week, but before it dug it's heels in properly I went out for a run and rather unladylikely(!), had snot running down my face for quite a lot of it...

    But at 5am in the darkness it wasn't too much of a disaster.... :)

    Rest up and save your energies for your 10k. And get some decent nights sleep, too. Camomile tea?? I don't even try to run if I've not slept well... so well done you.

    You will smash it! xx

  • Lovin' your "dressing room" team talk Spiky! Thank you.

  • As I finished a run last weekend I saw one of the old school mums who I hadn't spoken to in ages. So, as I'd finished my run I stopped to chat. Now my nose runs like nothing else when I'm running but I don't think twice about wiping it on sleeves, gloves, bottom of t-shirts, etc. (only when I'm running, I don't just randomly wipe my nose on clothing). Except this time when I was talking to her my nose went into absolutel overdrive and I couldn't do my normal "ah, sod it, blow into your sleeve, everything's going in the wash anyway" and had to stand there and sniff away really annoyingly. I had to keep apologising and I'm sure at one point a little bit actually dribbled out onto the floor!! Mortifying.

    Good luck for Saturday, hopefully it'll all come back together for then. And it's not "only 10k" it's a bloody long way to run, make no mistake about it!!

  • Hehehehe :D at his happened to me too. Literally a dripping nose practically making puddles on the floor in front of me as I tried to hold a conversation with the uber posh wife of one of hubby's ex colleagues. As Poppy would say, Pah!!

  • How embarrassing! Poor you. Thank God you had your running gear on!

  • Ah Dan, fellow owner of a drippy nose, you have my sympathies. Never ever ever leave home without a tissue, it's a fast track to humiliation and ugly track marks on yer sleeves. Don't feel too bad about your cr*ppy run though: the air quality is dreadful today, it was on the news and weather forecast. It's meant to be better from tomorrow, so who knows, you may well be back in Running God mode in time for your 10k. Good luck m'dear. x

  • Thanks AM. I'm blaming it ALL on the poisonous SMOG!

  • Aw Dan, sounds like you are going through a difficult running patch at the mo - and with a runny nose to boot. I generally forget a tissue and end up wiping my nose on my sleeve on the basis that my top will need to go in the wash anyway. I did have a bit of a shock when I wore my thermal water repellent Nike jacket though - snot repellent too so it did not make a good hankie in the cold weather!

    I'm sure the atmosphere on Saturday will help you through - just try to enjoy it.

    My daughter's partner is doing the HM so I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks UR. I'm way too chicken to do a HM at the moment. Maybe one day though.....

  • Haha Kitty- love it! x :-)

  • As Alan PArtridge would say - "Sheer genius!"

  • Hahahaha :D :D Excellent, truly excellent. I want one.

  • Ha ha, you're funny, I love reading your posts. Runny nose?whilst running? That's what gloves and sleeves are for, and 'just' a 10k, i'm with frocky there, it's a loooonnnng way mister, or do I need to convince you with my tomahawk? โ˜บ๏ธHope it goes well......


  • Thanks Madge, appreciate that. You ARE right of course....10K is lonnnnnng way.

  • and there was me thinking a drippy nose was my thing :) glad to know it's a common phenomena! Dan, you always make me smile and feel better about the longer game, where I want to be once I graduate :) thanks!

  • Tis but a mere pleasure NS. You've got all this to look forward to when you graduate! It really is a gas you know....

  • Just got home from work to another wonderful Dan Post :)

    Yes I always forget the tissues, and yes I hate the runny nose. I've seen people doing the block one nostril and blast it out onto the ground thing, and felt too self conscious to do it myself. But a week or two ago during a run with no-one in site, I had ago, and very satisfying and effective it was too :)

  • Zev how kind you are! But the "One Nostril Rocket" is NOT something I could ever do unfortunately.

  • Ahh Dan, just one of those phases I reckon. You wait, I am sure you're 10k will be fine. No sleep must equal dodgy run so at least you know what it is. I bet you still went too fast as well, especially as you've been a bit under par lately! Last week I felt like I was dragging my corpse along and that I would never get back to running properly again. But, my lurgy has gone and pleased to say getting my mojo back. It'll come! Have fun on Saturday- and get a buff they're great for a quick wipe! (well don't put it round your head, wrap it round your wrist!) x :-)

  • I do have a buff......thanks N-e. Glad you're getting back to your old self. YOu ARE right of course, tis but a phase.

  • Yes another dripping nose here. I just ignore it and let it do its thing. I once had to jump over a tree stump on a run and when I landed......... well everything that was in my nose came spurting out (sorry if you're eating) at an alarming rate. Good job there was no one behind me!

    Dan, you're prepared for this race, you have put the miles in and you've done the distance lots of times so take a big breath, think of all of us cheering you on with our pom poms and just enjoy it all. You'll be great.

  • WOW! You lot cheering, with Pom Poms! If that aint enough to get me over the line, I dunno what is. :-)

  • This is between you and me Dan. Confidential. Please, please don't share this with anyone. I use the back of my hand, then wipe on my leg. It all comes out in the wash.

    Promise not to tell? I'd die of embarrassment if other people found out...


  • I love this idea that girls carry hankies. I blow/wipe mine on hands, sleeves, T shirt hem, buff, whatever. Or I let it run down my face. Or I try and do that snot rocket thing but I can't seem to generate sufficient pressure so the results are often a bit untidy.

    Hoping this approach to mucous management might help to deter delightful men in badly fitting jogging bottoms who feel the need to blaspheme about the quality of my legs and bottom in Lycra then tell me I don't need to jog (JOG?!!? I was doing 8 minute miles!) as I'm 'fit enough'. Wouldn't have minded if he was a bronzed Adonis like Anton Krupika (mountain running legend, look him up. Beautiful), but I don't need attempted sexual advances from anyone who looks like an educationally subnormal smack head, thanks.

  • Sorry. Think my irritation might have showed a little bit then? Anyone else get heckled? Any ideas for blistering comebacks?

  • Oh he looks fit (Anton not the ESSH) but I'd take him to get his hair cut a tad. Can't have a guy with hair longer than mine.

  • Dunno, I like something to grab onto ;)

  • Yes sorry about that. I thought you might be impressed with my "sexy banter". I'll have to adjust my approach .......

  • Haha, I'm more amenable to a man who brews excellent coffee and has a working knowledge of Austrian Expressionist painting. Which probably makes me an insufferable tit. :)

  • Absolutely, I have a cotton hankie tucked in my running tights - and it is usually out about every mile!

  • Chill Dan, you'll walk it............if you don't run it!!

  • Nice!

  • Aaaagh bless you! Ha ha! No pun intended!! I am the same. As soon as my trainers get on my feet my nose starts leaking!!! I have invested in some serious grandad cotton big snot rags, also known as handkerchiefs or hankacheeefs mann, which I run holding in a sweaty paw!!! No point putting it in me pocket otherwise the whole run all I do is rummage, drop stuff and get annoyed! Sigh!! Maybe it's a sign of intelligence? Or lushness? Or humouressness?? I dunno! But it's bloody annoying! Anyway! You can do 10k nee Botha!!! I did!! And I'm a snail!! Yeah I walked half with my mate with dodgy hip bless her. But I still got a canny medal and a great feeling!!! You'll be fine!!!! Good luck pet!!!! X


  • That's what gloves are for! What am I going to do when spring comes?

  • Have you noticed this post has turned into a "How I De Snot My Nose"??!!!!!

  • I have had the same thought. I use my gloves but it is starting to get too warm for gloves. I am not sure I will be able to use the bottom of my t- shirt without exposing myself :). Advise needed on the best places I think. My mum is one of those mums who always (even at aged 80) has a clean tissue up her sleeve. I have never been that kind of mum, much to my daughters disappointment. At least I have never whipped out a clean tissue, spit on it and then wiped her face in the middle of the school yard or shop or anywhere else where there are people :) .

  • You need a sports bra. I always put on bra then tuck one tissue either side, it's automatic, it's a habit, I nearly always have two tissues. The one time I forgot I used leaves snatched from trees as as I passed.

  • Of course! Genius......I'm gonna get one.

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