Couch to 5K

Week 7 run 1 .... done

Not easy and I really didnt want to do it.

Yesterday went on a cycle ride and went much further than expected but needed to turn around to head back straight into a gale. Cycled for 30 minutes with a head wind even my cycling OH thought it was hard.

Anyway think my reluctance to start a run is my worry that I might fail (dont start cant fail). I desperately want to finish before my holiday in early July as I always use a treadmill so of course I have heaped the pressure on myself.

Never mind keep plodding on sorry for my ramblings but I think its good that I am thinking it through.

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...that's why we're here, glendam....I did W7R1 this morning also, and was surprised by how I struggled...go figure.

But you know what? We DID it...and that's a good thing, huh?

I have an "event" scheduled on July 4th, and I desperately want to be able to make a decent showing...i.e. not be walking across the finish, yes, putting the pressure on myself, also....

Anyway, congrats on your run this morning!


you to gramma feel better again now but doubts will creep in by Saturday night.

Well done you for entering something too, I am not ready for that yet.


Funny thing, I was looking FORWARD to today's run...really excited to be doing the longer times...and it was just tough! Guess that's the way it goes.

lol...the only reason I entered the race was to make SURE I didn't quit on far, it's to look for a 10K in the fall....


You are not alone! I keep thinking I have reached my limit too. Iam sure loads of us on here can relate to your misgivings. If you dont finish a run, just forget you ever started it and start another one tomorrow. No one will tell Laura ;)

Its good that you write down your thoughts on here - love to reead them. Have a good holiday 8)


Oops the 8) was supposed to be a sunglasses smiley :D


That's 2 25 mins you've done - I think you've nailed this one - well done! :-)


Thanks for the comments appreciate the support I get from the forum.


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