Runners Runny nose - any advice?

Completed W8R3 today and feeling really good. I've overcome the horrifically painful hamstrings of week one, eventually found a decent 'bounce limiting' bra(!!) but still plagued by a really runny nose when I run. My nose doesn't run at any other time but once I start jogging its streaming down my face so have to make sure i'm armed with a few tissues on every run to not only wipe it but give it a good old blow 3 or 4 times while i'm out. it seems to happen regardless of the weather or temperature and i don't suffer from any allergies.

Any advice on ways of controlling this will be greatly appreciated!


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12 Replies

  • I always took a giant hankie with me as I was like this. It lasted for ages but now it's not as bad. I think maybe it's as you get fitter and you do less puffing and blowing

    It's annoying though. I bought some towelling wrist bands for the drips but kept the hankie up my sleeve.

    I don't think it's a sign of anything wrong

  • I always get a runny nose ( asthma and hayfever dont help) and i always wear a buff to blow it on ( sorry thats disgusting but sometimes we all have to be a bit disgusting to maintain ourselves). I found tissues got soggy quickly ( sweat) and a buff can be tied round the wrist when you get too hot so you can use it to wipe and blot too :)

  • Exercise-induced rhinitis is a thing. As well as the excellent wiping advice already given you could try using a steroid nasal spray, from behind a pharmacist's counter - Beconase is one brand, but do ask for the cheapest version available.

  • I run on rural roads, so I tend to just press one side of my nose with a finger and blow hard. Aim to the side, obviously *lol* Compared to what the wildlife is doing, I consider my transgression to be fairly mild.

  • Ew :)

  • Ha ha me too Tomas. It's not ladylike, but I wait till there are no cars and then snot liberally into the hedge (well it's all natural and biodegradable, isn't it). I would NEVER have done anything like that before I become a runner. Gross or what??!!

  • My nose runs ALL the time. I think I'm allergic to everything but I've given up on taking tissues with me on a run as I just can't be bothered faffing around and they end up so wet they're useless. I know it's not very ladylike and with me being a princess and all its just unthinkable, but (please don't tell anyone this) I just use my hands and wipe them on my leggings. It's a natural body secretion and it's mine and the leggings get washed afterwards but I do make sure there is no one around to see me!

    My mother would have a fit if she knew I had admitted to this in public.

    If this doesn't work for you you could use a leaf but make sure it's not a nettle.

  • Thanks for all the replies. Taking a tissue isn't really a problem and I have used my sleeve on the occasions i've forgotten the tissue (can't be doing with snorting onto the ground - yeuk!!) I just don't want to have to do any of them. Just want my nose to stop running :( (I'm sounding like a real spoilt brat now!)

    Might look into some remedies or sprays for Exercise Induced Rhinitis. Meanwhile bring on Week 9.

  • Will be streaming tomorrow - going out with the remainder of a cold. Nose would stream like crazy mountain biking but not when I run...

    Panache do some great sports bras btw :-D

  • I always had this no matter what time of year I ran I needed to go out with three man size tissues. my decathlon runners have just the pocket for them on the side of the thighs. In March this year I ended up at the docs with face pain. I was I agony with it. She took one look at me and said you have blocked sinus and prescribed beconase nasal spray. I happened to mention to her how I stream when I run and she said sounds like a reaction, I now have it on repeat prescription and I don't have to take tissues out with me, it cleared up almost instantly. I would of sworn I didn't have allergies just a runny nose but apparently I was reacting to something in the fresh air.

  • I've started getting it again, but not as bad as when I first started c25k, its come back since I stopped taking cetirizine hydrochloride tablets & Beconase spray for my hayfever.

    Isn't the runny nose down to rhinitis? I was thinking of going back on them to see if it stops.. hate keep taking meds.. But maybe better than having boot lace's hanging off my tash😕

  • just take a piece of kichen roll with you and wipe accordingly !!

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