Newbie Question - Snotty nose (potential TMI)

I thought that the "plague of the snotty nose" was only something I got when cycling due to the speed that I was going, but no, every run I have an instantly snotty nose! And it's definitely not the speed this time!

I have been CWT (caught without tissues) twice already now on C25K... sorry gloves....

Is it my nose or do you all carry special runny-nose running tissues?

S'not something Laura mentions...

Enquiring minds need to know! :)


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12 Replies

  • I used to always have a three tissue run. When I first started my nose would just pour. I carried on for a while and then it got worse for me. A trip to the GP confirmed that because I live in London the pollution irritates my nasal passages and I now take a daily squirt of beconase spray to combat it. When I go away I don't need it.

  • That pollution in London is really worrying, isn't it. My daughter lives there and apparently sneezes all the time, at home and at work. She doesn't seem to when she comes to visit me.

  • You're not alone - I trundle along clutching a tissue and wiping my runny nose at regular intervals (come to think of it, my nose runs a great deal faster than I do...)

  • I always take an extra large cotton hankie, or even two, on a long run, plus I wear a towelling wrist band. I often have to stop for a good blow 😀. If you constantly keep wiping your nose sideways with your hand it gets sore 🤧

  • I also have hayfever so snotty tissues are usually stuffed in my capri waistband!! Beconase and loratidine are my favourite

  • I always take a couple of tissues with me but now that I'm doing longer runs I have found I only need one at the end of the run, on my cool-down walk. In Weeks 1-6, I needed them as soon as I started a walking interval. Or maybe I just don't want to interrupt my running to deal with it until I slow down and walk...?

  • My nose streams all the time when I run, I usually take at least 6 tissues. I've run with Madge50 and AncientMum , and neither of them had the slightest sniffle. I'm interested to read Realfoodieclub's comments, Cambridge is very polluted too. I'll try the Beconase.

  • I have to say, as Curlygurly2 says, I haven't really been troubled by a runny nose, the one time I did try to carry tissues - stuffed down my top, they worked their way out and flew away 😂 So I haven't bothered since, and if I put them in the zip pocket on my shorts/capri's they just get sweaty........😝, I do get sniffles depending on the weather, time of year etc., but this is what I use my gloves and sleeves for ......🤧😄

    I really feel for the guys who have any kind of allergies, or reactions like this, it must really interfere with your enjoyment and relaxation. Hope you find something that works for you.


  • My nose runs when I run! yes I have the tissues, but I try and ignore it and carry on, maybe just sniff a little. I get hayfever and have used Beconase but have found I get irritation in the nose with bleeding and dry throat irritation when using that. I know someone who's lost thier sense of smell with extended use of nasal spray..

  • I usually have a tissue with but rarely use it as its so hard to blow your nose whilst running and if I stop I may not be able to get started again! I tend to just sniff ....

  • I run with a towelling wrist band and a large cotton hanky safety-pinned to the inside of my top. I've tried tissues, but they get soggy or blow away, and if I don't pin the hanky I risk losing it.

  • So glad to know that it's not just me that suffers from a chronically drippy nose while running! At the moment, I'm stashing my tissue in my sleeve, but I don't know what I'll do when the weather warms up and it's too hot for long sleeves! ;)

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