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Perhaps not the best idea I've ever had to get out for a run after a 12 hour shift in a factory which was around 35 degrees for most of my shift......but.....I managed the first run. I found it really hard going though. My legs hurt, felt heavy and my running "technique" if I even have one felt a bit off if that makes sense. It didn't feel fluid as it has done before.

Was it probaby the fatigue getting to me, or is it just that this is getting harder now? Planning Run 2 on Saturday!


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  • Well done Minxy, especially after your long night shift. Well impressed! I am just in from this run too. Managed to get through it without too much bother but it's funny you should mention your running 'technique' being a bit off, mine was too! I wonder if it was because half way through Laura told me ( well not just me but you know what I mean) to remember to land on my heels. I haven't been doing that in fact I have been trying to land on the ball ( flat?) of my foot. So the end result was I was bit confused - and my running 'technique' was a bit confusing too.

    I have yoga in a Saturday morning ( determined to be a fit grannie) so will be going for run 2 on Sunday. Will look out for a post from you though, it's great to her how you are getting on. Have a lovely day!

  • It was a day shift, which for this little night owl is even worse, I start at 5.45am. Hideous.

    I just felt tired from the off, and that really didn't help. It just all felt a bit awkward. I'll be honest, I don't pay much attention to where my foot lands, I'm just running how I feel comfortable at the moment.

    I'm not sure whether to go out on Saturday or Sunday. I have another early shift on Saturday, but I can have a little nap when I finish and go out a bit more refreshed in early evening! Hopefully it'll be a better run for me :)

  • I was told to ignore the bit about landing on your heel first. Apparently, it's not the best way to run (or something!)

    I'd just run in the way you feel comfortable, we all run differently anyway and as long as your trainers are the right ones for your gait you should be fine.

    Very impressive that you did your run after work! It's difficult to fit in running sometimes, so good on you! :)

  • That's what I'm doing, running how I'm comfortable. I'm not sure my trainers are right though, they do support me but are just the "proper" trainers I had already. I'm going to a local running shop tomorrow to talk to them though, get some advice and hopefully next week I'll have some proper trainers!

    Earlies are the worst shift for me to motivate myself after work. Strangely, I much prefer having a run after a night shift. I get home, it's cool, it's quiet and I have the Great Yarmouth promenade to myself to run on. Lovely!

  • I haven't got my new trainers yet - I promised myself I'd get them when I'd finished week 9 run 3! I did get my gait analysed and I know I'm an over-pronator, so I really do need some new ones. Actually, after the last few runs my ankles have been sore so I think I have a good excuse to get them early! :)

    Running along the promenade sounds lovely!!

  • I've had a bad foot for years, saw the doctor about it this week and she told me whilst I was there I have very flat arches, so I know that much :) My trainers feel nice and comfy as they do support the arch, but it will be interesting to see what proper ones are like!

    It is lovely, nice, wide pavements, sea breeze, and flat, very, very flat lol

  • Flat arches! That's what I had as a kid, probably still dodgy! It's fab being able to watch how you run, and when it's slowed right down, you can really see how awful you are at running!! I'm sure that's why I feel the achy pains more - purely because I've seen the way I run without the right support!

  • Old trainers = bad. Got a bit told off at the running shop as they're cross trainers with no cushioning. I'm now the proud owner of some Brooks Ravenna 4's. Bit ouchy on the funds, but they feel good. Can't wait to run in them!

  • Jealous! ;) x

  • I couldn't have done that after a hard day! I would have wimped out. You deserve new training shoes!

  • Probably would have been better if I had! Live and learn.

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