Week 5 Run 3 - Is it just me?

Or is everyone terrified of this one? I'm going to go out later, but I'm really afraid I won't manage it. I know it doesn't really matter if I don't, but I'm so sensitive to falling off the wagon anyway I feel as though this might just push me off! I've already avoided run 3 for 3 days now, I must get on with it today or I'll have to go backwards again... How did others approach it?

Thanks in advance!


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30 Replies

  • Just have faith and go for it! You'll be amazed but you'll do it, and this run is perhaps the biggest high of c25k! I remember the feel of the grin on my face when I completed it.

  • Go today....don't delay.... The programme has prepared you for this run so physically you are definitely able to do it. Ignore the place in your mind that says you can't do it. You are capable of much more than you think you are. Grit your teeth, think happy thoughts and go for it !

  • Put it off no longer chica!! Everyone feels the same about this run, but you will also find it is the run that makes you a runner. Take it slow, then slower, breathe, warm up, stretch.....and GO!!!! Honestly, you have done all the prep, Laura would not ask you to do this if it was not possible. Looking forward to your next post....think of all of us egging you on :)

  • I did exactly that - thought about the thank you messages I would send to everyone who was kind enough to reply. And I managed it all!

  • I wish I could help, my run 3 wk 5 is on Sunday, after run 3 wk 4, it feels like it will be quite some challenge for me.

  • Best of luck, Hussainbolts! I didn't have much faith, and I still managed. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and visualising the finish line!

  • You can do it. Definitely. I bet you didn't think you could run for 8 minutes at a stretch when you started the programme and now you can. I had some good advice on here before doing this run, break it down mentally - tell yourself it's just 4x 5minute runs - you can do that! Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • I did exactly what you said about the 4x5 and it worked. Thank you so much for your support :)

  • Well done you! Doesn't it feel great? I find this forum great for moral support, a moan or a brag! Hope you enjoy your next run.

  • Trust us, you can do this. We've all been there and we've most all thought it was going to be impossible! More importantly, trust Laura. She really does know what she is doing. In total today you will be running just 4 more minutes than your last run and you know you can run for 4 minutes! Take it slow and if it starts to feel tough, slow down some more! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. We are all here willing you on. Just be prepared for the ache you will get from the huge smile you will have once the run is complete!

  • Smile? I'm nearly crying from all the lovely support I've had this morning. Thank you so much - it made all the difference. And I did it :)

  • Brilliant! I am so pleased for you!! It's a great achievement, you should be proud of yourself - just look how far you have come from week 1. You are over half way through the program! From here on in, it's really all about consolidation and beating the head gremlins. You can do it. Just keep smiling!

  • Thanks again. You're so right - it's about teaching my head that my legs can do it!

  • There is nothing to fear. In all likelihood, if you follow the advice above, you will do this run first time, with no problems. It requires determination but is totally doable. Should you not manage to complete the run, for whatever reason, then it is there to be repeated until you can manage it, and there is no shame in that.

    Do plenty of facial warm up exercises to make sure that your face can cope with the biggest grin that it has ever had to deal with.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you so so so much for taking the time t reply. It really helped to know that there were people waiting to hear whether i did it. And I did!

  • What did we tell you. Congratulations.

    So much of running is about the mental attitude and belief is a major factor. The graduates on this forum hang about, because it makes us smile when we see someone like you experience those same feelings that we had when we realised that we too could become runners. That smile is not as big as yours, but is very satisfying.

    Well done fellow runner. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Well, we're very grateful that you do hang around. Many thanks again - I'll post again to chart my progress over the next few weeks.

  • Yep, you and about a gazillion others before you, me included. Trust me, Laura knows what she's doing and has you properly prepared for this. Just keep telling yourself, "It's just 5 minutes" then, "It's just another 5 minutes" etc. Your brain knows you can do 5 minutes. Good luck, Steve

  • Thanks Steve - I did it! I took your advice about the 5+5+5+5!

  • I agree with all of the others. I didn't think I could do it. I broke it down into 4 x 5 minute runs without a walking break. I also think of anything else other than running. I plan my shopping list etc. You will find the longer runs easier than the shorter ones as you get into a rhythm and forget about the running. You are stronger than you believe. Good Luck :)

  • Thank you - I did it! Can't believe it, but I couldn't let all you kind people who responded down...

  • Iannoda is so right! Your face is going to be stretched to the limit and could get fixed in the widest smile you've ever performed. In fact it could be a Guiness World Record! So, get flexing those chops in readiness

    Week 5, Run 3 is toast!!!!!!

    Week 6. Bring it on. Yeah baby. Woohoo

  • You guys were wonderful - 11 replies! Thank you so much. I had to go for it - couldn't let you down, and guess what? I did it!!!

    Matter over mind...

    Roll on Week 6 :-)

  • You don't know til you try - have confidence in yourself and remember how many people have done it before you! You will feel brilliant whether you manage the full 20 mins or not - Laura helpfully gives tips at the end for if you didn't manage to run the full 20 minutes, but it's unlikely that you won't manage it. This run is about training your mind to know that your body can keep going. Lots of luck and prepare to feel excellent at the end :)

  • Yes, you can definately do it. The program works. The previous runs have prepared you for this one. You just need to remember to set off slowly (a light jog as Laura says).

    You will complete it, and then you will have a huge ridiculous grin on your face, which will be the devil's own job to remove :)

    Have more fear of W6, completing W5r3 will risk making you over confident and thinking W6 will be a push over, it isnt, you need to start off slowly on that one too.

  • You guys were wonderful - 11 replies! Thank you so much. I had to go for it - couldn't let you down, and guess what? I did it!!!

    Matter over mind...

    Roll on Week 6 :-)

  • You guys were wonderful - 11 replies! Thank you so much. I had to go for it - couldn't let you down, and guess what? I did it!!!

    Matter over mind...

    Roll on Week 6 :-)

  • Well done run_chica_run, I hope that big grin felt good ;)

  • well done. I love C25k and this forum. I really find it invaluable for a boost and a boast :) When I am flagging I think of everyone on here egging me on. :) On to week 6 (it can catch you by surprise though :))

  • Well done! Have you seen that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where he has to make a leap of faith across a ravine apparently to wide to jump? That's it in a nutshell. After putting in nearly five weeks of hard work you have just found out what a change there's been.

    Fantastic isn't it?

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