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Week 5, run 3 just done it!!!!!

Just a 'proud of myself' post really! I've just come back from the 20 minute run. I didn't find it easy by any means, but definitely do-able!! I found the last 5 minutes the easiest for some reason and probably could've run a bit further but I stopped because I wanted to follow the plan.

I'm really disappointed though as I set my phone off on the 'Runkeeper' app but it didn't work and I was really looking forward to checking my pace and how far I'd actually run. I've manually mapped it but it has only given me a rough idea as I ran over fields and country paths. Never mind, hopefully it will work next time.

Good luck to everyone else who is about to embark on this fantastic plan, it really is possible. :-)

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Well done, I did that run last week and what a sense of achievement it is. I felt the same as you and could have done more but then went on to Run 1 Week 6 and found it a real struggle. Have done run 2 tonight and it was better. Good luck with the enxt run!


Well done that is a great achievement.


Woo hoo well done you! A major milestone on the c25k journey achieved :) You'll be smiling all evening!!


Wow, that is excellent news! Well done!!


Well done on completing this run! I found it a real high point and a bit tough going the next week with the build up to 25 mins but it's amazingly do-able. Keep running!


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