Next run for me = Week 5 Run 3!!

Ok so this evening I completed wk5 run2.... when I first started I struggled with running for a minute so never believed that I would be able to keep going for 8 minutes! I must admit I'm feeling very apprehensive about the final run of wk 5 - 20min straight!

Reading posts on here have been very encouraging so I'm going to put my faith in the programme an give it a go. Fingers crossed.

Really enjoying the programme.


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18 Replies

  • I know it seems such a large leap but this programme really does work. I started back in september and I am now running 51 mins straight. I have never run before. So good luck x

  • You will be fine. Don't panic just listen to Laura. It's only 4 lots of 5 minutes, which you can do"...just added together. Take it steady, remember to breathe and good luck

  • Take it slow and you will be fine. I am just a week ahead and felt exactly the same. I was told to just get in a rhythm and it really is mind over matter at this stage. If it's any conciliation the two runs after W5R3 are easier than W5R3 itself. I've got W6R3 on Sunday and am having the same concerns about the step up! Got to listen to my own advice!!

  • Well done!

    My next run is also week 5, run 3 but in my last run I decided after 6 mins that I would continue and do the 20 minutes then, my first and only deviation from the plan!

    I did it and feels fine at then end, so I am looking forward to the run because I know I can do it.

    You are absolutely right to put your faith in the programme, it got you, me and thousands more to this stage and beyond! Go you and let me know how you get on!

  • Me too!! I had to take a few days off due to my back. Done wk 5 run 2 a coulpe of times again, now ready for the big one. I really hope I can do it, It would be a major milestone to me. Good luck and I shall try to remember all the support you have been given here. Lets just remember 4 lots of 5 mins!!!! All the best :)

  • Well done! The first time I did this even when I was walking my 5 min warm up I was like "I am NEVER going to be able to run this" but I started in a nice steady pace concentrated on my breathing and then before I knew it 5 mins had gone and I remember thinking very clearly to myself "I might just be able to do this" then 10 minutes went and I was like "holy c*** I'm actually doing this" and then 15 went by and I was like "oh my god I'm actually going to do this" the last 5 mins were tough but I remember thinking " you've just ran for 15 mins you can't give up now" then when the 20 mins were up I actually stopped and looked back to make sure id done it! He he he I then walked home in only what I can describe as a state of shock and my husband came in and was like "well?" I just looked at him and burst into tears, I couldn't believe I'd done it! I was so proud of myself an overweight non runner who used to get winded going upstairs has just ran for 20 the programme and remember steady jogging.....once you've finished you'll feel so accomplished....let us know!

  • Ah Tattoojunkie what an inspiring reply, you've made me tearful just thinking about you achieving your 20 mins. I am getting puffed at 3 mins at the mo but am going to do W4R1 today and am determined to do it. When I see the posts on here I know its possible.

  • I know that feeling right up until week 4 I was like an asthmatic elephant when I'd stop running but the key was when I started to breathe slowly while I was running xxx but trust the programme and you'll go further than you thought xxxx just keep going right to the end of the time and you'll also get to the 20 mins! Xxxxx

  • You are doing so well! I struggled with one minute at the beginning but now I'm about to start Wk 4- a bit daunted but I am determined. When I read these posts like yours I know I just need to keep going. Good luck x

  • Know exactly how you feel - next run for me is also w5r3 and it's looming like some impossible milestone! However, as everyone says, have faith in the programme - it's got us this far. I agree it really is all in the head at this stage - not having the walk breaks is like having our stabilisers taken away. For me the big thing is managing the panic attacks when I feel I can't get enough air in my lungs - hope I don't have to slow down much more though as I really will go into reverse! We can do this - did w5r1 with a raging hangover so anything is possible!!! Good luck x

  • I did the dreaded w5r3 this morning, and I'm not going to lie, it was hard! But it really truly is very psychological. In those last 5 mins my legs kept saying, "Stop, enough already!" but you got to just tell them to keep going a bit longer! Good luck x

  • Thanks for all your responses, this site really does help to motivate you. Reading everyone's posts re week 5 is really helpful. I will take on board everyone's advice and give the 20min run ago!!

  • I've just done w5r3 and like you I was dreading it. But you can do it. When I started I could just about do 40 sec of the first minute -so I know you'll do it. All the best x

  • I did it, I actually did it... I've just run for 20min straight!! Never thought I'd be saying that 5 weeks ago when running for 1min was a challenge!!

    Such a good feeling, it was def a mental challenge at the end to keep going for the last few minutes but once I'd done it I felt great! !

  • Well done Lyons248! Knew you could do it! Give yourself a good days rest then onto the next week!

  • Hi this is my first post- been reading others for inspiration and thought why not join in! i just did week 5 run 1 tonight, was abit stressed from work when i set out , found first after first 5 mins the 3 minute break was welcome, the 2nd 5 mins abit easier but the last one hard work, it was slightly different from usual route as 3 people were ahead of me when i was due to set off so took a side rd, still feeling like my running wouldn't look v impressive to a bystander, will have to learn to be less self conscious!!!! will have to when the evenings get lighter! hope i will be ok for the 8 minute runs on tues, not so worried about that as the 20 mins on thurs, might do an early one on the seafront where there is a lovely flat route and nice scenery! hope i can do the 2nd run ok! its good to read how people on the same week are doing!

  • Hi, I know exaxtly how you're feeling right now and I also found this forum really helpful, reading experiences of others on the same week. I must admit that I'm also very self conscious about how I look when I'm running and that at times I'm not actually running much faster than I could walk! A def bonus of running in the evenings is there's not so many people out to see you.

    I think you'll be surprised when you have a go at run 2 this week and when you tackle run 3 keep in mind that you can do it and the programme has built you up to be able to do it. I wasn't convinced but I cracked it this morning... it is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

    Good luck!

  • Thankyou for your encouragement! Yes i think you're right it will be more in my head and having the determination to carry on! My friend who started me off on this is now able to run 25 mins without stopping and is a regular now at our local parkrun so this is what i'm aiming for! I think this time last week i did my first 5 min run and was feeling pleased with myself, felt like tonight(although it was 3x 5mins) didn't feel like as much progress and i struggled a bit so i felt a little down on myself afterwards. Don't know why just been that kind of day! looking forward to the next run as think 8 mins will be a real achievement! Good luck for your run 3!

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