Birthday girl....but no new runners ;(

In case you all thought I had immigrated to the West Indies never to be seen again well (unfortunately that didn't happen although I can highly recommend a holiday in Tobago) that is not the case. I have been silently reading and enjoying everyone's posts and I have tried to encourage a few newbies along the way. The reason I haven't posted is because I have lost my mojo and have only run 5 times since Christmas! I now realise that I am a fair weather runner as I need to run early in the morning and with daylight. So that problem solved I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel with the longer evenings and sunnier days. I started this programme on1st April last year, no joke!, so that seems to be my optimum time, and I did run right up until the beginning of October. If I was a racehorse they would have called me a stayer and a champion. ( not really but as that's my line of work thought I would throw it in).

For any of you still reading my ramblings it is my birthday tomorrow and since early January I had promised myself new runners if I started my 10k programme and had got back to the part where you run 5k. Well I have started but I am still on run/walk intervals of only 5 run / 3 walk. So I am going to deny myself the shopping trip to sweatshop tomorrow until I feel truly deserve new runners and with that goal in my head hopefully it shouldn't be too long.

Thanks to everyone for all the amazing posts, I don't know how you fit it all in but it keeps me entertained, upbeat and inspired.

By the way I can now reveal that people near me is miles off.........I mean way way off!!

Love you all ( well doesn't everyone get emotional the night before their birthday, and I will have you know not a drop of alcohol has passed these lips.....).


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14 Replies

  • What a lovely post Nelly xxx Good to hear from you again.

    If I was a racehorse I would have been sent to the knackers yard :-D

    Spring is on its way Nell, times they are a changin'

    Hope you have a lovely Birthday xxxx

  • Happy birthday Nelly :) Have a wonderful day and, maybe, squeeze in a little run if you can. We started c25k at about the same time ( I started 23rd March last year) and it seems we've both run a pretty similar number of times since Christmas. However, the lighter mornings are coming, I'm going to speak to Lovely James tomorrow to arrange some physio for a few weeks time and then I hope I'll be following you back to morning running 2-3 times a week soon after. Hopefully we'll both make 10k before next Christmas!! xx

  • Hello Nelly it's good to hear from you again. Sorry you have lost your mojo but it sounds as if you're getting it back again! Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

  • Happy birthday - and happy running! I'm sure those new shoes will soon be yours.

  • Happy Birthday! I definitely relate to the fair weather running. The winter (dark, ice and horizontal rain) just didn't work for me, despite the lovely reflective running gear I had invested in! I finally made it out on Sunday morning and was a bit dismayed by how difficult it was. I'll probably stick to walk/run and weekends for a few weeks until it's lighter in the mornings. Very motivating to see others also returning from winter hibernation!

    Have a great day! :)

  • 🎵Happy birthday 🎵This is the year you run 10k😊😊😊😊😊

  • Have a great birthday, don't beat yourself up about being a fair weather runner, a few runs over winter will keep you ticking along and you will be back in the swing in not very long.

  • Happy birthday, and do get out there and enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine! Lots of encouragement out there now - snowdrops, primroses, and it'll be bluebells soon! Do enjoy it!

  • Happy birthday Nelly! Have a fab day. Treat yourself to some new runners! Why would you not? Get some new capri's cos spring is springing

  • Happy Birthday Nelly - It is my Daughter's birthday today too - so obviously a day for truly great people (according to my daughter who is never wrong) - have a brilliant day and buy those trainers - there is nothing like a little 'running purchase' to renew interest and vigour and you will find you can run further and faster in new trainers which means more calories burnt and therefore more birthday cake :))

  • Happy birthday!!!! And running in the dark and cold is fu***** awful. It was lovely to be out this morning just as the sun was coming up... Treat yourself to some lovely stuff to get you out of the door!!

  • Happy Birthday Nelly. This morning the sun was gold, in the way that it can only be when piercing through the morning mist and it made me realise that there is hope. I am like you and find running in the dark very difficult......especially running through the mud with a headtorch. I am slowly getting back to three runs per week, after injury, illness and...yes, I'll admit it, winter lethargy, so you are not alone. At last sun rise is at a time when I can fit in a dawn run and still get to work at a sensible time. Lost mojos are often found down the back of the sofa.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Happy Birthday Nelly! I understand what you mean about losing your mojo in the winter. We had so much snow here. I hate the treadmill! Lanoda put it best. Get out and enjoy :)

  • Wow thanks everyone so much for the encouragement and kind birthday wishes. It has been an amazing day so far and have taken stock of everything I have done in the last year and running comes up on top! Yes I did get the gait nalysis done at sweatshop and it was amazing, the girl was SO nice and I found it all very interesting and new shoes, spring is sprung and off I go...

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