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Pre-C25K advice for new runners

I have now been running for around 9 months since starting C25K - but I did something else for around 10 weeks before starting.

I am 67 years old, and had not done any cardio exercise for many many years. I did do a bit of walking a long time ago - but that was indeed a LONG time ago. So when I got the thought that I wanted to do something, I was absolutely honest with myself and appraised myself closely. I didn't like what I saw.

So - I started out on my journey by walking a few times per week for about a month-- up to a distance of 5K . I got to the point where I could walk 5K in about 50 minutes - and I started to think that perhaps I could even run a little. I found the C25K programme but frankly decided ( in line with my self appraisal) that it was too much for me. So I completed this programme first 5K run: 7-week training schedule for beginners It is similar to C25k, except that it is completely run/walk and is much "easier" than C25K . For the very first run , you only run for 15 seconds at a time - with the remaining 45 seconds of the minute walking. It does actually get you out eventually to run/walking 4 miles (6.4 klms)

Many here successfully, start out and complete C25K -- but others struggle, even if that struggle is only psychological (which probably mine was) . So the above programme, when used as a "warm up" for the real deal (C25K) is highly recommended by me for those who find that C25K is too much at first.

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that's really interesting - I'll look at that. It could be a good one for some of my patients who want to do more but are perhaps not quite ready for C25K. (I'm an osteopath and started C25K when one of my patients asked what I thought about it and there's nothing like doing it to know what it is all about!)


Some good points there Bazza. I also spent 2-3weeks just brisk walking several times a week before I started c25k. It got me used to going out for regular exercise early in the morning and got my joints prepared for the running to come. Great minds think alike :D


That's great. I will recommend it to friends who think they couldn't possibly do c25k. (although they probably could)


Not sure where it would leave anyone like me... I decided to try running because I couldn't sustain brisk walking for long (and still can't!). That said, I do have a dog who I got as a puppy so I was already on a gradually increasing walk programme I suppose.

That's the problem with 'advice' cf giving information about options and support.


I have the same problem as you - walking hurts me more than running does. For me , slow walking is the worst of all!!

However, you have managed to get into running, as I have - it just took me a little longer because of my age and other reasons. Some others struggle even more to get into running, and I am certain that many do fail. However- there are always more ways than one to "skin a cat"

All any of us can do is to tell what has worked for us - and it is up to others to determine whether that may suit them.

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As always you are an inspiration to me Bazza. I will definitely check out that link. I have a friend who is absolutely convinced she cannot run. This may ease her into it.


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