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To all you new runners. Run run run!

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Well who would have thought I would stick at it! I am the living proof that all you new couch to 5k peeps can do it! When I started I thought running for 1 minute would kill me ........ it hasn’t i can now run 5k but it takes me 40 minutes ...... am I worried? Hell no, I’m out there there 3 times a week doing it and that’s fab.

I hope all you new runners enjoy it as much as me. Mind you during the first 5 minutes I usually feel like I need to walk, but I don’t!

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Hey Twinkle I've just tried to do my 1st session....ran 5 out of 7 goes....😕 hopefully next oneis better...

in reply to Piplesh

Just keep going and you will get there...

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SmelliepooGraduate in reply to Piplesh

5 out of 7 is more than 2 out of 3, so that ain't bad! Well done for getting out there. Keep going, it will get better. X

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Piplesh

Hi Piplesh, that’s fabulous, well done you! It is hard but stick at it, when you think you can go no further tell yourself yes I can. Pop a smile on your face (it really helps) and then how well you have done x

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Piplesh

Hi Piplesh how is it going?

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Hi Twinkle9 ...what a great post!! I can feel how enthusiastic you feel from your words!! and that is the best attitude to need for speed, that fact that you can run 5k is amazing...a 25 min 5k is just as important as a 40 minute have done brilliantly! usually the first 10 mins for me (the toxic 10) are when I want to stop...but I don't let those gremlins stop my legs either!! Good for you Twinkle!!

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Thank you Mummycav xx

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That's brilliant! I hope I can carry on after graduation and keep on enjoying it. Currently repeating week 7 until the hubby catches up on the program. He's about to start week 6, so we're nearly in sync. I'm happy to keep going on the 25 min runs, dare I say it they're getting a bit easier! Never in a million years did I think I'd get this far after struggling to get through 60 secs. It's amazing isn't it?! This actually works!

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to mrsfaize

Hi Mrsfaize well done you and you are getting in a bit extra practice. I am sure you will keep at it! I found it hard to start with but now use strava which gives you personal achievements which helps me stick at it ! Xx

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mrsfaizeGraduate in reply to Twinkle9

Thanks, that's good advice. I'll remember that when the time comes. Happy running!

Inspiration! 🥰 I love it!!

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