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Week 6 mantra only just got me through runs 1 and 2!!!


OMG, I thought I had this programme in the bag....... Wrong! I had quite a good week 5 run 3 and was thinking to myself that runs 1 and 2 of week 6 would be like a stroll in the park! What happened to me? I went out on Monday for run 1 and although I finished the run I didn't enjoy it at all. I told myself to put it behind me as I can't possibly have all good runs. I went out this afternoon to do run 2 and I thought it would be fine, two 10 minute runs with a three minute recovery walk in the middle.The first 10 minute run was ok but I was so glad when Laura told me that I could slow down and walk. The second 10 minute run was the worse run of the programme so far for me! My legs were like lead, my breathing became erratic, I was too hot and sweaty and I just wanted to stop. I really wanted to finish it as I've come a long way since week 1 and so I ignored the music playing in my ears and started chanting in my mind, one more step, one more step, one more step, then, keep on running, keep on running, keep on running, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, almost finished, almost finished, almost finished and I made it! I just hope that I can manage the 25 minutes on Saturday as I'm beginning to doubt myself again. I've been reading lots of week 6 blogs and am amazed at the amount of you who struggled with week 6 as well. Wish me luck, I'm going to need lots of it!

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Ok, let's make a deal........we'll BOTH do run 3 by Saturday! Hopefully that'll give me the push I need to get it done and dusted on my 3rd attempt, and you can chant "fillyfoo's watching" for the last 5 minutes to get you to the end lol ;-)


It's a deal. Thanks fillyfoo. Speak to you on the other side of week 6 lol !!!


I too thought w6 r1&2 were going to be easy but Laura soon wiped the smile off my face but it happens to a lot of people on here so you have done them now and good luck with the 25 mins thats the run were Laura tells you your a runner I cried.lol


Ah yes I found week 6 1 and 2 hard - did them but hard - just this morning done W6R3 and wow amazingly it was okay - i know I went very slowly but I did it much more easily than 1 and 2 this week - this programme really works! must remember that when i am struggling - also must remember to drink some water before I set off! Good luck to those doing it tomorrow and enjoy!!! We are getting good - yes Laura tells you you are officially a runner - but I had kinda decided that on monday when i bought my posh running shorts!

Hi. It came as a shock not "feeling" w6r1. I had been warned previously but it still was a shock at how difficult the run was ESP the first 5 mins. R2 was a lot better for me but I'm guessing that the rain helped to cool me down :-)

I'm doing r3 tomorrow so I will let u know how I get on. Not as nervous as I was with w5r3 but still have some trepidation!!

Good luck for Sat. :-)


Come on Welshwoman56, we can do this together x

Lots of people seem to find runs 1 and 2 in week 6 difficult. I did run 3 yesterday and it did seem easier than run 2. Mostly for the fact that the first 10 minutes seem the worst and I don't wnat to stop. Well, week 7 tomorrow and it is all running from here on in. :)

I found run 1 & 2 tougher than the run 3 of week 5 and the run 3 of week 6, which i thought was odd but it seems to happen to a fair few

Best of luck


Thanks for all your lovely comments. I am determined to run for 25 minutes on Saturday morning! I've been trying to think of reasons why the first two runs were so difficult. I had just finished 3 night shifts and got up early to go and do my run, I had a headache and took some painkillers just before my run, I hadn't eaten properly the day before, lots of sugary biscuits and crisps which I'm not used to now, it was quite hot where normally its raining on my runs, and when I checked runkeeper I started out running much faster than normal! I don't know if any of these things would make a difference but it makes me think!


I also just done wk6 run 1 and 2 and seriously struggled, so glad to hear it was not just me. Seeing all the comments does motivate you to carry on.


I completed W6R1 on Tuesday and it was the worst run of the programme for me too! I thought I had it taped after my emotional outburst after W5R3!

Should have run W6R2 today, but have decided after a really tough day at work that tomorrow will be better as I am off all day and can prepare better ...

Good luck to all you other W6R2ers. We can definitely do this!


I only got through my run the other day by chanting (in my head) I-CAN- do -this, I CAN -do -this, at the end.

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