Entering week 5! Migraine advice

I just finished my week 4 run 3 today and feeling very positive. I started running in January, and whenever I missed a run I'd repeat the week's run. I am running about a week and a half behind schedule but that's not going to stop me, I am taking this up and finishing it in my slow sweet time :)

I had some migraine issues in mid February and had to take a week off. Question to the veterans: If I stick closely to the podcasts what are the chances of me triggering the migraine? I am asking this because it happened last Friday, the migraine. I had run the day before and if I recall correctly I sprinted the last 200m or so. I am going to my GP today to talk about it.

Need your advice!



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  • Hi W, I get migraines have done since my teens, classic with aura, anyway, I haven't found any particular issue linked to running, if anything they are not as bad/long lasting, since I have exercised more and eaten more healthily - again just small changes there, nothing drastic. Hope you get sorted.


  • Hi Mx, thanks for replying. For me, migraines are very rare but existent. About once in a quarter, generally speaking. But my cause of worry is that I've had it twice in a span of 1 month since I started running. I have found a couple of threads here that I am going through, and other runners seem to have similar questions.


    Some of them have pointed out dehydration and a several other factors to begin with.

  • Yes, I do find that if I get tension in my neck it can be a precursor, I do consciously relax my shoulders on my runs, not that I have linked this from my runs directly to the migraines, plus, the dehydration may be a factor, it just takes a bit of time to work out what is right for you. Everyone is different, i would just say, take your time, you're doing really well, hope the doc is helpful.


  • I used to get migraines about once a month. After a year of running (and loosing about four stone) I don't seem to get them at all. Maybe its worth not pushing yourself so hard (i.e., your sprint finish) until you've got closer to the end of "the programme".

  • Thank you Stephen for your reply.

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