Week 5 Headache!

Hi, completed week 5 run 3 a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't believe I'd done it, it wasn't easy but I got there and it left me thinking maybe I really can do this! However it wasn't all good as it left me with a really bad headache as did the previous 2 x 8 minute run. I have since seen my GP who encouraged me to continue running and said it very much looks like migraine due to either the exercise or something I have eaten. I have cut out a couple of things from my diet and have avoided the longer week 5 runs. So far so good, and so I want to try the last run again and hopefully move on to week 6 but I am a bit apprehensive in case the headache comes back. Has anyone else had a running headache?

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  • Firstly congratulations on completing W5R3 as you now know that run is a real step up from previous one, but it's proof if ever anyone needed it that the plan really works.

    As for the headache, the only thing that I can think of is to ensure you are hydrated enough before you run to see if that helps.

    I agree with your GP, don't give up now, keep going!

    Good Luck

  • Yes I probably should check that I am drinking enough, I do tend to have some water ready for after the run but not before so I will definitely pay more attention to that,

    Thank you!

  • You need to work on the hydration the day before too, not just on the run.

    Good luck next time and hope your head stays clear as a bell!

  • Thanks Beek, I want to get a run in this weekend so I will make a start on the hydration tomorrow, fingers crossed!

  • Beek is right. My hubby, who has run a marathon and a few halves etc warned me about hydration and that you need to set it up by drinking properly the day before. A few times I have had monumental headaches for the rest of the day and doubted if I could drive safely back from work. I now have taken a water bottle to my desk at work to try to improve the amount I drink and I make sure I have a large glass of water with my evening meal.

  • I will be keeping an eye on what I drink from now on, it does make sense. Thanks for the advice I do appreciate it.

  • We really all should watch our hydration, runners or not, most people don't drink enough. I find it useful to fill a large pop bottle, say 2 litres, and as it goes down you see how much you are taking. It is easy to forget how many times you've had a drink.

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