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Week 5

Hi Everyone! New to the forum today and looking for some inspiration to get me through week 5!!

I did week 5 run 1 today and found it okay...1st 5 min run was easy, 2nd was a bit tougher and 3rd I had to push myself but I wasn't dying!! I felt amazing afterwards too to the point that I wanted to do it again...but didn't as I don't want to overdo it. That feeling must be why people catch the running bug!??!

So...Friday is Week 5 run 2 and I'm a little anxious about the 8 minute intervals but quite confident that i'll make it through okay.

Week 5 run 3 is Sunday and it is scaring me half to death!!! PLEASE tell me it's not going to be as bad as what i'm building it up to be in my head!!! I want to feel positive about it but just can't!!

Lou xx

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Well done so far. :-) The 20 minute run is the scariest run ever! Or at least it was for me until I did it, and I realised it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had built it up to be. Just believe in yourself and the programme, you are building on each week.The best bit of advice is take it slow. And believe me the feeling you get when you conquer that run is the most amazing ever. :-D

Good luck. :-)


Welcome to the forum!

Looking back I think that the first run of week 1 was harder than W5R3, I was a complete coucher back then and I gasped and stumbled through each agonising minute, by week 5 you've built up a certain level of fitness that carries you through, don't be scared, you'll be fine :)


You will be just fine! Every run has prepared you for the dreaded 20! Go slow, pace yourself and enjoy the journey! Welcome!!!! :-) Gayle


I'm doing W5R2 on Friday too. I thoroughly enjoyed run 1 yesterday. I've read so many comments from everyone on here saying to take it slow and believe in yourself. So I'm trying not to think about it too much. Good luck.


I have just run W5R2 today and actually found it easier that W5R1, The first 8 minutes I was really surprised how well I run it but must admit had to pull out all the stops for the second 8 minute run but have had to do that at the end of every run. Laura must know our bodies better than us because I thought no way could I do today's and definitely not Fridays W5R3. She was right about today's and hopefully will be about Fridays, so my advice is trust in Laura and keep going it is more a mental challenge and you would already have faced many of them on this program and overcome them. Good luck


Thanks guys! I wish I'd found this place earlier...it's great to get support and hear stories from people who are in the same boat and those who have been there done that! xx



I just wanted to say well done and have faith. I just did the 20 minute run tonight and was actually amazed that I found it quite comfortable. It's amazing how all the previous weeks have prepared you. I really was dreading it but I did it and so can you :-)

Think how far you've come since week 1 and believe in yourself - you are a runner!


It was brilliant! I did it last night week five run three!!!!! And you know what! Stayed slow and did the whole thing!!!! Didn't break didn't rest, just kept going!!! I am astounded and very very very happy... This program is fantastic and defiantly designed for us to succeed !!!! Totally right, it is about the mind, the body can cope just fine! Enjoy!

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