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Mad March Movement Quest End -New Quest starting Monday

Please feel free to post your views on how you have done in your last quest. If you would like to join the virtual run please post your longest run. On Monday I will put up another quest.

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I have kept up with all my Jantastic runs and swims even with falling down the stairs so I am really pleased with that.

I have also got back to the Ascis training plan after having a wobble and not being able to do the 14k.

I have conquered the 14km my longest run.

So I have been running twice a week and swimming once.


My longest run was 9.27km

A really satisfying quest this time... in fact I think I need to be a little careful as I *am* energy-impaired and am in danger of getting carried away and being overwhelmed by my symptoms which I have not been respecting. I've achieved my 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity activity regularly, throught a nice variety of means... I think I need to accept that this is a rough maximum as well as a minimum. Same goes for the 'mens' part as I need to keep the MOOC work in proportion (cognitive effort can have at least as devastating an impact as physical)

And a weight drop in the last week through some good decisions!


A good quest overall for me and I'm now 10 weeks in to my 12 week 10k training plan. My longest run during the quest was 10km. Have struggled a little this week with my tempo run and intervals - it was supposed to me a pull back week in the plan, but it seemed more effort than previous weeks! I put it down to it being much windier here (back to gale force winds) and having a bit of a cold and cough. Just signed up for the Easter Festival of Running, which is a 10k race on Good Friday and a 5k prom run on Easter Sunday, so that should keep me motivated for a few weeks!


All on track here for this quest! I have stuck to MyAsics training plan of four runs per week. Some have been great and I have felt fantastic; others have been an absolute s*d and I've hated them. I've realised that my projected pace for the HM in a few weeks is very ambitious and I have already mentally adjusted it to a slower pace but I am still very hopeful to finish it (first goal) and in under 2:30 (second goal).

Longest run this quest has been 11 miles - something I never, ever thought I was capable of :)


I had a pretty good quest this time. My goals were:

1. Run 3 X week. Succeeded in this 4/6 weeks and the other 2 weeks I managed 2 runs.

2. A 10K once a week. I thought this might be a bit ambitious but I'm delighted that I managed to do this 4 times in the quest period. After the first two 10K's I found I had to take an extra rest day but the last time I did one I felt ok, so my body must be getting used to the longer distances!

3. Some hill work. I did a hill session once in this period and it was hard! But must do more in the next quest.

4. More pilates sessions. I did 3 out of 6 so not great but much better than my two quests! Am in a routine with the classes now so should be able to stick to this (famous last words!).

My longest run was 10K.


My quest was curtailed somewhat by poorly knee and physio.

"Only" got 2 runs each week mainly due to work and lots of 3k's due to knee!

Comfortably back to 5k now after gradually building up from the 3k as instructed.

Also, enough work in to be able to afford some new shoes once I get paid :)

Well done to everyone else and thanks to RFC for running these quests.


I have been a bit hit and miss during this quest but am happy that I have done as much as I could.

My longest run was 5.1K


A mixed bag for me with all the problems with my shoes, and a cold that just will not go away. Nevertheless I ran 10K, so I'm very pleased with that xx


This Quest has been all about shoes! I'm now on my third pair of shoes which I hope will do the trick after the two previous pairs haven't been right. Fortunately though the shop lived up to their promise of taking them back although I have had to pay more to get the right shoe, but if it works in the end, fair enough. The snow took out a week, making it very difficult to get a proper run in, and my operation took out another week right at the start but recently things have been better and my longest run for the Quest is a nice 5k. Hooray! Onwards and upwards :)

I look forward to Monday's Quest, and thank you Rfc as always for organising them. Happy running everyone, and a swift recovery to those on the IC x


I've mostly done my jantastic targets - did my 3 runs every week but missed my distance target once. Am also really happy that today I did my 2nd ever 10k ! I decided to see what happened if i pushed the pace a bit, so I used the Stamina podcast to start with, followed up with a talk radio podcast. Result was a new best time - my only previous 10k took exactly 100 minutes and today I did it in 90. (Suspect that future progress will be more incremental though as my first attempt at 10k was deliberately slow and cautious so I'd be sure to finish.)

Am training for a "quarter marathon" at the start of April. Am not planning to run 10k again between now and then, but rather to do hour long runs including some hill work (the race course has a long downhill, so I need to practice that). Have just set my jantastic targets for March so be 3 runs per week, distance targert 7k for longest run, and for my timed run I've set 5k in 42 minutes (my best ever 5k was 41.2 minutes but was a while back and its ages since I've been under 43 minutes, so its a stretch goal !)

Happy running - looking forward to the next quest ! Thankyou so much RFC for organising us.

(Really can't believe I ran 10k this morning !)


Happy with runs and swims this quest . Got nutribullit for birthday so hugely increased fruit veg intake so pleased with that (Unfortunately still eating too too much altogether but not going to dwell on that as everyone will be bored as happening every quest. )

Training for HM going really well and managed 10 miles this morning with friend from jogscotland group

Thanks rfc for keeping me focused


I've had a mixed quest this time, sore hip was giving me problems at the start but is almost totally away and I have been running a steady 3 x a week for the last 3 weeks or so. Looking forward to the next quest though when I am going to go for 10K and really mixing up my runs.


Hi all

My quest has been positive, I have ran three times a week most weeks. I think I have missed two runs

My goal was to mix up the runs, I have done that - each week at least one run is interval training, the sprints get faster and I feel good, but I haven't managed to run all the intervals. Still need to work on that. Some much faster times though

Weight is still reducing - good. Oddly enough my blood pressure is creeping back up

Longest run 7 k. But faster. So am pleased with that. I am averaging 15 k a week

Hope everyone is happy with their achievements . Good luck all and thank you RCF


Not a great quest for me due to the problems with my pulled muscles and pain in the rib area,so I've not managed to achieve what I'd hoped for .

I did slowly start to get back into running over the last couple of weeks ,albeit quite short distances .

This past week our weather has been pretty appalling with so much rain and some really vicious winds.... I was togged up and ready to go out on one of the brighter days,but the wind was evil,so I abandoned the idea and took my neighbours dog for a long walk instead .

So I got just one run done on the final week of the quest on the one half decent day...though it was still really windy ....and that also happened to be my longest run of the quest...6.3K ....and oddly enough the first I can say I actually quite enjoyed for a long time ....even though that evil north wind really got me on the way back.

I'll be signing up for the next one and aiming to get back to regular longer runs .

Thanks again Rfc and well done everyone :)


Forgot to say my longest run was only 3.5 miles :(


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