Turn back time end of quest - new on starting on Monday

Here we are at another end of Quest. Another six weeks of training has been completed. Please feel free to post your longest distance if you would like to add it to the virtual run. Another quest will be starting again on Monday. I will put the post up on Monday, maybe not as early as usual but it will go up. As I am still away from home.

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  • Thanks rfc Longest run this quest was 10k

  • My longest run was 6km. Longest I have ever run. Only managed it once.

    I am with family in Spain at the moment, runs this week have been difficult. 34 degrees. I know I shouldn't complain but it's beena real shock to the system.

  • 34C ??? I would be a melted puddle of grease on the floor just walking, so credit to you for even trying to run in that! Hope you're having a great holiday.

  • Oh poo ! I have only got up to 7.38k instead of the 7.5k I was aiming for. The paper map said the route was 8.02k, but mapmywalk only registered it as 7.38k. if i'd known I would have kept on going !!

  • That's frustrating, henpen, but you know you could have done it. Mapmywalk might not be terribly accurate - I've had quite big differences between the Garmin and Endomondo, so I wouldn't necessarily be inclined to believe MMW if you've properly worked it out on an OS map. You might have really done 7.5k!

  • Hi Rfc. I didn't do so well on this quest due to being busy elsewhere so did not get beyond the 5k mark. Enjoy your holiday

  • So very proud of my 9.1 miles. (Miles not km!). It is the longest ever and has made me realise a HM is feasible. My husband was away overnight and kids were a 2 hour gymnastics session, so I ran and ran!

    Loved it!

  • Wow ! In awe !

  • Oh, well done!

  • My longest run will be on Sunday, the half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. Ooooer

  • And good luck with that one misswobble! The longest run I have done was 14.4km which I did last weekend as part of training for a HM too....

  • Best of luck!

  • Ooo good luck. Let us know how it goes!

  • Good luck, not that you need it you've done all the hard prep already. Enjoy it rfcx

  • 5k! I did manage to run 5k (twice!) so I am pleased with that. Then the dreaded bronchitis struck so I was flattened by that again and haven't been able to run for a week and a bit, but the steroids are kicking in nicely and yesterday I managed a gentle run of 2.5k, so things are improving. It's rather like a game of snakes and ladders, this running business, isn't it? :D

  • Oh that's bad luck. And well done on getting out again, but let you body recover before pushing it! (Hugs)

  • Thank you! I'm determined to do this Poppy run, but only because people have kindly sponsored me for it. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't bother and I'd leave it a bit longer to recover, but I feel obliged to run and do my best. It will be okay, because it isn't a real race, but I still want to have a go :)

  • I just did 8k. I'm so pleased with myself. Lovely morning for it too. Sunny, but crisp and cool - could still run in t-shirt but didn't get overheated. Did my favourite path along the side of the river, then met hubby at McDonalds for a restoring chocolate muffin.

  • 8k :) :) :)

  • Where did that 6 weeks go? It has flown by. My longest run was 6K. I am in awe of the other runners who do amazing long distances. 6K pretty much does me in!

  • Six weeks? No way!

    4.71km was my longest run I think.

    It's been a funny old Quest this one for me and not entirely successful. However, it has been educational and useful, so I am thinking I'm going to carry the 150 minutes a week forward.

  • Thanks folks!

    Well done Kingy! When's your big day then?

  • My longest run this quest (and indeed ever!) was 10 miles. Thanks for sorting all the admin of this out rfc, much appreciated - and well done to everyone!

  • Mine was 6k. I have also been to my first ever running group. Was a bit peched by the end but it was fun!

  • 6k ran. Could not complete the quest due to ice and snow!

    So that puts me out of any further quest until next summer-

    Happy running to everyone.

  • The quest doesn't have to be running. If you want to just have an indoor fitness goal that's fine too. It's up to you.

  • I will have to think about that one.

    I will still be running when the conditions permit (warmer than minus 10 or 12, no ice on the road and preferably sunny!) albeit shorter distances but my winter fitness goal is learning nordic skiing. Just not enough snow yet!

  • Couldn't post this earlier, as I didn't want to jinx today!

    3 runs this week, all new PBs :) one 10k (longest run of the quest), one 3k and today's 5k Poppy Run. A good week - time for a celebratory cider me thinks!

    Well done everyone else with your achievements over the last quest. Here's to the next one.

  • 5 k for me please! Thanks!

  • Probably last to post, but hopefully not least, I finally managed to get back up to 5k. Happy doesn't come close!

  • 7K xx

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