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Mad March Movement Quest wk5 - Feel free to join (Jan 19- March 1)

Hi and welcome to the Mad March Movement quest week 5

I have realised the year is ticking on fast. I find it pretty amazing when you have a race how fast the time seems to dissapears as you try and fit in your training.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing from John O Groats to Lands End.

Then it all starts again for another six week Quest.



























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Last week was epic for me. I hit the 14km run. I had been working on my fuel, I think I had slightly overdone the carbs as I had all the side effects of carb loading rather than just enough to fuel. Anyway on Friday I set out in the rain and ran 14km in 2:07:58. Ok I am never going to be fast but never in a million years did I ever think as I was growing up on day I am going to run long distances I remember in all my school years the longest they made me run was 800m and I hated it so much. I loved this run. I seemed to find my pace around 6km and I just settled into it.

Today I was supposed to be running early morning but the postman bought a parcel and running to open the door I fell down two steps and twisted my ankle and landed on the other knee. I have iced the ankle and it seems ok, the knee is a bit niggly so I will defer the run today.

Happy running everyone.


Oh what an irony RFC! My suggestion would be to keep your joints moving frequently but very gently today but you probably know that.

Great news about your 14k, epic indeed.


Thank you. I am doing gentle today. It all feels a lot better already.


Oh Hope ankle knee better soon . I did first 14 k couple of weeks ago and after felt very very lightheaded Worked out hadn't eaten enough day before and didn't take water on run . Don't want to feel like that again Repeated distance next week and upped food day before and now take sip of water and 1/4 of ginger oat biscuit and felt fine . Except want more to eat other days as well but will tackle that problem later.


Thank you. I know what you mean I am having a terrible time getting the food right. I am either so depleted I am worn out or putting weight On Because I have got it wrong.


14K? Fabulous RFC! You must be thrilled with that. It's a heck of a distance.

Everyone's getting injured today. I've just read Ancient Mum's post! I hope the ice works and you're good to go tomorrow.


Thank you. Strangely enough it was my most relaxed run ever, go figure. Ankle is feeling a bit better.


Good gravy! 14 k! That's amazing! Well done RFC. Hope the ankle was only a minor tweak.


Thank you. I am keeping my finger crossed it feels like it will heal quickly.


Oh no, good news and bad news...well done on your 14K, I think that's a very respectable time. And commiserations on your accident, stairs clearly should carry a health warning, they have felled another runner....

What are the side effects of carb loading?


Thank you. Carb loading is water retention and weight increase, feeling too full. The day of the run I felt like I had eaten non stop for weeks. I don't want to do it that too but I liked the feeling of having fuel in the tank as the run went on. I had 1/2 and 1/2 fresh orange juice and water with a pinch of salt and three jelly babies that I ate in halves starting at 3km. I just had the energy for the run and I realsised that is what has been missing. So I need to find a balance that dosent put weight on but I have the reserve fuel.


Wow for 14k, that's brilliant! I hope your ankle and knee are better though, that seems a bit unfair somehow after your triumph.


Thank you. I know I am chomping on the bit to get out but I must be sensible.


Awww, sorry to hear about your ankle RFC, but a huge congratulation on the 14 km. That is amazing!

I started the week strongly with swim + cycle on Monday and run + swim on Tuesday. That was quite fortunate, as Weds and Thurs became total write-offs due to work. But Friday lunchtime I did get myself out for a quick run, Sat a short bike ride and then a really long swim on Sunday followed by a 10 km run. So I hit my jantastic targets, but it was more due to perseverance and stubbornness than anything else.

This week I'm likely to play a joker, though. We might be going away for a few days without any chance of a workout, and I've got a HM on Sunday so want to take it easy anyway. So I'm reckoning two short training runs, a swim, and then the HM will be enough for me. After all,that's what we've got jokers for.

I'm reading a training manual by Triathlon trainer Joel Friel, and have just red a chaper on race planning and the importance of visualising and verbalising everything. So I might put some words to paper later in the day.


Thank you. The best advice I was given before my sprint was have a transistion practice area. I used a dining chair turned round and every now and then I would run up to it put my shoes on, bib, sunglasses and helmet the run around a bit and go back and take the helmet off turn the bib round get my fuel. So on race day I felt I had done it loads of time.


Sounds like a great way to practise. Thanks for the tip.


Last week I did my Quest target of 3 runs, but not my Jantastic target of 6.5k on Saturday. Ate something that disagreed with me on Friday, so spent Saturday morning lying down rather than running. Ventured out late afternoon for a very gentle 30 minutes, which did me good but was definately enough - couldn't possibly have managed my planned route or time.

Not sure about this week. I'm busy all weekend, so long run is off. But a friend has talked me into going cross country skiing with her on Friday - so if I manage that, then I will definately count if for jantastic and for the quest. Anyway, current plan is 2 short gentle jogs plus the ski outing in place of long run. We'll see.


It rotten when you eat something wrong. Cross country skiing sounds fun.


I had a pretty successful week, although nervously aware that the end of the quest is getting closer and I will need to do my big run. I feel slightly happier knowing that one of the two routes is actually not as far as I thought and not further than I've ever run (although more challenging terrain than I've run that distance on, with some potential for getting lost) I am motivated by the Quest goal though and because the end of the Quest coincides with the start of ground nesting season on the moors so if I want to do this run with the dog offlead (and I do) I have got to do it soon.

That said, I've found all exercise just that bit harder once I've got going - my swimming times have been slower, and I've felt more puffed running (but no faster) and really been happiest to settle for 30 minute runs. I did clock up a lot more than my 150 minute target for the week as I got in 2 runs, 2 full swims and a few lengths whilst taking children for a splashabout, and that's not counting the walking I did I did in the cause of entertaining the offspring over half term. I'm doing a 'virtual River Derwent challenge' with my swimming (will take years) and for my next few swims I am going past Chatsworth which is an nice thought (makes the pool seem slightly less dull to imagine it) There's a new special offer on (10 swims at £1 each) which is helping to motivate me.

A yoga session, check, relaxation/meditation sessions, check, the online courses, check. The weak point was the weight loss. I had a surprise box of chocolates in the mail, then Valentine's Day involved chocolate, and a day out with a communal picnic and I find it very difficult not to end up eating more than I need at such events.


I know the Derwent well. My Dad lives in Norton. Your balance sound terrific. I wish my training was so well rounded. I really have to force myself on the stretching side of things.


Had pretty good week Managed 2x swim sessions They were quite short but worked quite hard . All runs went as planned Went new route on sat in local nature reserve which I don't really know - beautiful views , snowdrops and lovely new friends from jog scotland group What's not to like

Been out all day at another country park with 4 little grandchildren and my dad Great day but could just go for a wee sleep but can't as have 5 mile tempo run with running group in couple of hours

Have great week everyone


Sound like a lovely scenic run. I have only done one route like that and that was on holiday. I admire your ability to do different runs.


Got 3 runs in last week...first time in aaaages :) Two were just 3.6K's up the track and back with the dog and the other was a solo 5.7K.No aches or problems afterwards...other than mild exhaustion ;)

I have to say that after all the inactivity of the past few weeks I did struggle a bit and took some short walking breaks on all 3 runs.As well as this I've walked the dog on all the other days.

I won't hit my target for this quest,so will be content just to run three times a week,whatever distance I can manage and carry over my goals to the next quest.

So pleased that you ran 14 K Rfc....what an achievement ! Take it easy with that knee,etc though ...won't you ?...knees can be

tricky x


Thank you. I am trying really hard to be sensible. Great that you got your three runs in. I am a walk runner and its is what has made my running enjoyable. My speed is slow but it is comparable to runners of my ability. I run 2min walk 1min. So don't beat yourself up on the walks. Do what it takes to get you were you want to be then decide how to go forward from there.


I had a very good week. Did 3 runs, one 4K on hills (really sore for a few days!), one 5K and a 10K on Saturday which was gorgeous and I didn't ache at all! Also did a pilates session and a gym session with weights. No rowing this week as I couldn't get near the machines!

Not sure how I'll do this week as hubby is going into hospital tomorrow so I need to squeeze in my runs when he's dozing!

Have a good week fellow questers.


I hope your hubby is okay, IP x


Thank you Annie. He's having half a new knee (I never knew you could have half a knee!) . He's been in a lot of pain, still in hospital but hopefully will get home tomorrow. That's why a friend and I went running shopping today!


Hope your husband is doing well today. 4km on hills know wonder your sore.


Thank you RFC. Hopefully he'll be out of hospital tomorrow. He's had half a new knee (not a whole one!). So I'll be playing Florence Nightingale for a while!


Only 2 runs this week. End of week/weekend was v busy so missed out on my longer run. This week being half term we will be having visitors (grandchildren, yay!) so runs will be depleted once again.


I bet your doing loads of exercise with the grandkids anyway. I am sure they will make up for lack of runs.


Hope you're feeling better now RFC.

Ran 3 or 4 times last week. Got a bit of a sore foot but it's not stopped me running, thankfully


I thinks i am getting there thank you. Hope your foots behaving. I had a niggle with mine for a while but I found out it was my normal shoes that where doing my foot in not my running. I invested in some soft insoles for day to day shoes and they are an lot better.


It's really great to read all of you folk's progress. I've personally fallen off this quest - life has just gotten very busy and I haven't upped my kilometers at all. I'm lucky if I get out twice a week. Things should slow down a bit after next week - I'm hoping to refresh this quest next time and get back on track! That and the weather is improving and daylight is FINALLY extending. Happy questing folks - I'll join you next round.


If it's any consilation I am training for a HM on two runs a week. I am keeping up with swimming as I have a challange in April. Your out there so your with us. Don't beat yourself up too much.


No runs last week :( I came in from last Sunday's run all fired up, planning to run every other day in order to start getting my fitness back. I showered, listened to the Archers while I did the ironing - all as usual. Then the phone rang and it was the builders telling me they'd be here on Wednesday morning. They'd promised me a week's notice to clear everything out so I had to do it all in two days instead. When they were here they arrived at 8am so running was out of the question. However, they finished yesterday - hooray! - so I'm just off out for a run now and will carry out The Plan this week. It was going to include swimming as well but we're now on half-term so I think the pool timetable may be changed and I need to check that out.

Happy running everyone :)


Enjoy your run. You will definetly need it after the builders being in. IT is so stressful. Happy running.


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