Stride into Summer Quest end - new one starting Monday

Just realised this should of been posted on Friday but I got back from Dads Tuesday worked till 1am Wednesday night and then came down with a rotten sore throat, cough bug thingy so my timing is all off. So better late than never.

Please feel free to post your longest run of the quest. I will take one long run from those who would like to post then add them all up to log for our virtual run. I think over time we have got a bit confused as to how many runs we log. so just to clarify it one distance per person per quest.

Wishing you all happy healthy weekend.

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  • My longest was my HM 21.1km. And not much since but hopefully I will be back On Track by Monday.

  • My longest was 10.2kms.

    Just watching my hopes of getting the bike ride in ebbing away....:-( (However, if we don't go tomorrow, it would probably be because we were on a day trip to the seaside so can't argue with that)

  • My longest run was 6km.

  • My longest was 10.46km. Odd distance but got me over the 26.2m for the My Marathon challenge - just!!

  • My longest was 7.5k. Very proud of myself as its my longest ever run. 10k here I come (slowly!) x

  • Sorry you've been ill RFC, thank you for putting this up for us, very much appreciated .

    My longest run was the 10k Great Manchester Run, now I'm back in training for my HM in October :-) xxx

  • These quests are great! I only missed one run (doing 3 a week) in the whole 6 weeks. My longest run was a very special 10k!! Thanks!

  • 10 k for me thanks rfc. Sorry you not feeling great but hope it doesn't last too long

  • my longest run was 7.6 k

  • 10.1k for me. Sorry you're feeling poorly, Rfc - hope you feel better soon

  • Hi, my longest run was 14k. Get well soon, RFC!

  • 7 for me. Thanks RFC hope you're feeling better xx

  • My longest was 14K which I did 3 times as part of my HM training plan. I'm finding the increased distances a challenge (not so much running 14k, but going out 3 times a week for over an hour each time) and the quest is extra motivation, so thats as ever to RFC for organising us !

  • foodie hope u are feeling better

  • Longest was 5.5k

  • Longest run 5.42 K in 46:50 Achieved my goal for the quest today in completing the Race for Life 5 K in 37:25 :D

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