wk8, r2

Getting tougher. Ran with my son today and must have gone faster as I reached the same spot as r1 but hadn't finished the 28 mins so bit disheartening as I had to keep going and it was all uphill. Made it, but so tough this time. I will complete but, phew, certainly not getting any easier. At least when I start the extra 2 mins of wk 9 I will be at the top of the hill and finish on the flat.


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  • I find hills very tough and am trying to do as much as possible on the flat for now, apart from the odd very gentle incline, so hats off to you for managing this with actual hills! Also, I had my daughter (on rollerblades) and son (on bike) with me last time, and I found I tended to go a bit faster and also they kept trying to talk to me (very inconsiderate!), and I can't really chat when I'm running yet. So, yes, for now I reckon we've just got to remember that it's not easy yet and we have to go slowly still, and that a hill is a bit of a mountain to climb. Well done, Buffy. Don't feel disheartened, you're doing brilliantly x

  • Thanks so much - it really is this forum thats keeping me going. When I say hill, I live in Norfolk, so I should perhaps re-phrase that - but it seemed like a mountain to me anyway. Roll on next week. And I know what you mean about the talking. Good old youngsters - I bet they loved 'whizzing' along with Mum.

  • Well done! Finishing on an uphill section is tough going but it will certainly help to improve your stamina ;) Not long until graduation :)

  • You're telling me - probably the most difficult run since week 1.

  • But you did it! You put me to shame. I still try and organise my routes so I don't have to finish on an uphill ;)

  • Yes, I have tried my best to do that but it just won't work, and also, you can't keep going downhill forever can you. Love your profile photo btw - nice and smiley.

  • Very true, but I would prefer the uphill at the beginning or middle if possible :) And thanks... that's spending time with my lovely grandkiddies that does that :D

  • Good grief - you look about 30!

  • Oh my! That's a compliment and a half! THANK YOU!! :D Don't look that young if you get up close though ;)

  • Gosh, Hilly, do you use Palmolive? (now I'm showing MY age lol) You look younger than30...

  • I actually use baby soap lol. But Palmolive was much nicer than Wright's coal tar soap if you remember that one! :D

  • I've been going downhill for years, that's official (from my wife!)

  • well done Buffy and uphill too :D way to go ... just 4 runs to go now :D better get that badge out and start polishing for you :D

  • Oh thanks, can't wait - can't believe it either.

  • Well done Buffy, that's great stuff and I'm loving your positive thinking for w9 :)

  • So exciting - how's the hobbling today?

  • Getting plenty of practice with the crutches now the novelty has worn off for the rest of the family Lol :D

  • Well done Buffy and thank your son for pushing you a bit harder! Good luck with the rest of the runs. I am truly grateful I live somewhere flat.

  • Thanks - good luck to you too - not long to go - isn't it amazing. 25 mins+ of running!

  • Well done, Buffy and don't underestimate the 'hills' near you! I've been down in Norfolk this week and have found it hard going, so much so I'm wondering whether to repeat week 8 to make sure that I'm ready for week 9. I'll see how run 3 goes tomorrow before deciding. Back home to Yorkshire at the weekend - I'm sure it's much flatter up there!

  • Wow, Yorkshire over Norfolk - not many people would believe you. I know Norfolk isn't as flat as people joke about but I was born in East Yorkshire, so know that's not flat either. But then Yorkshire is the largest county so great variety. Where were you in Norfolk - down for halfterm? Hope r3 goes well for you tomorrow. Its a real battle isn't it.

  • Yes, it's been quite tough this week. I'm looking forward to getting through week 9 and then just consolidating what I've done so far. I don't think I'm anywhere near 5k yet but I can work on that later. We've been in North Norfolk this week not far from Wroxham. We often come down during school holidays and always enjoy it.

    Good luck with the rest of the programme - we're so nearly there now!

  • Lovely place to run. I'm planning on doing the Broads cycle ride in the summer (70 miles) but may be moving house so might be just too far. All I wanted to do too was complete and consolidate but I now have this bee in my bonnet about finishing with a parkrun / walk - just as a momento - we'll see (ct5korbust's fault). (although I did register last night. Blast, I wasn't going to tell anyone that. Mind you, my printer has run out of ink so I had to order new cartridges as well and if they don't come in time, I won't be running). But, a lot can happen in a week, I haven't managed it yet. Good luck with your final week - haven't we done well - I don't care about boasting!)

  • Go for it, Buffy! Looking at the times for my local park run, I'm a bit nervous about using it as a graduation run - I think I'd easily be last! But I would like to do it before the end of March, so I'm going to keep working and hopefully I'll get there! By the way, I think a bit of boasting now and then doesn't do any harm - my husband's sick of hearing about my exploits on C25k! I think he's even more amazed that I've stuck to it. It's great!

  • Oh Goodness me, my husband and son too.

  • Blimey Buffy and Parky, 2 More Yorkies !!!

    Theres loads of us on here. We're all flung far and wide all over the place , but still Yorkies at heart ! :-)

    I think were going for World Domination next !

    Big up to the Yorkshire Massive ! Ha Ha :-D xxx

  • I always sensed there was something special about you Poppy!

  • I felt the same about you Buffy ! :-) xxx

  • Once a Yorkshire lass, always a Yorkshire lass!

  • Aye 'appen ! :-D

    Yay ! Big up to the Yorkshires ! :-D xxx

  • well done buffy. Sounds like a tough run, but you made it. One more and then the last week. No stopping you now.

    I'm another bod from Yorkshire and I went to UEA. Have you been to Captain America's in Norwich. Fabulous. I go there every time I'm in the area, which isn't often. They haven't changed the menu for 35 years, except the prices !!!!

  • Another Tyke. My goodness. Never heard of Captain Americas - just looked it up and must have walked past it a thousand times. Will remember the recommendation!

  • Oooh another one ! North, South, East or West ? :-) xxx

  • Which are you then Poppy? (dare I say it ...... South is a proper Riding)

  • Ha ha , I am from Leeds in the Wild West Riding of Yorkshire . :-D

    Don't live there now but my Mam and Sis are still over there so I pop over quite a bit , and you ? :-) xxx

  • I was born and lived for 28 years in the East Riding (just over the now bridge from old-git!). My dear mother re-married and moved, probably as far away as she could from me, down to Hampshire, so I, sadly, don't go back now anymore. Memories, memories.

  • Aw Buffy , xxxx

    Yes there is definitely something magical about Yorkshire isn't there ? And were not just biased , its true innit ? :-D xxx

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