Can I borrow someone's legs for a bit?

Mine seem to be broken :-(

Went out for my 28 minutes of week 8 day 2. During the warm up walk I thought hmmmm, something isn't quite right here...not pain, but a definite niggle.

I managed about 10 steps of running before I went back to a walk. It felt like someone was corkscrewing into the insides of my calves. Ow ow ouch!

Usually I run on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Calves were niggly on Tuesday still so I gave myself an extra rest day and went out on Wednesday instead, when I ran the Parkrun route with the uphill bit. They hummed after that, but felt okay yesterday morning when I went to work. I did a 10 hour shift in the recovery ward which doesn't involve any sitting down, and quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing pushing beds. With patients in. Walked home- no problem. But this morning when I tried to run.... Erm, no Ta, obvs not a good idea so I just did a brisk 20 minute walk instead. What can I do, when my rest-days have to involve work??

Anyway feel a bit despondent now. I have to go to work tomorrow too this week. I'm not even going to consider running until next week so it's a bit of a setback, but never mind. Speedy husband reminds me of how he had terrible shin-splints before the Brighton Marathon a few years back, and how he just ran with them rather than lose his place and was plagued with them for a year afterwards. A friend's turned out to be proper stress fractures when she ignored them, and she ended up literally on the couch for 8 weeks eating Maltesers and wearing surgical moon-boots. So I will listen to my legs and give them a rest.

What I did do, though, was Laura's Strength and Flex when I got home, so I have a bit of a buzz from that. Looks like Parkrun will have to wait for a couple of weeks until I know what's what.

And... I stood on the scales this morning, and I've dropped nearly 5 kilos. Quite fitting, as I've nearly finished the 5k programme, which I will, just a week or so later than planned, hopefully.

Now, are there any peas left in the freezer, and where's my Kindle?


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  • You will get aches and pains as you're new to running so it's just your body's normal response. You might take a Neurofen or Ibufren tablet immediately before sleep tonight and you could be right as rain in the morning. Just see how it goes. A few days off won't hurt. You'll come back refreshed

    Just don't overeat while you're doing less exercise or it will be harder when you do get back. You can sure feel it when you've gained weight

  • I know! Luckily, it being the end of the week the only "treats" in the house are Dreamies (Lily the cat's) and Rich Tea Biscuits (which I don't like)

    Ibuprofen on board!

  • Sorry to hear your legs are acting up. People quite often go through injuries and you're doing the best thing resting them. You could try compression socks on your calfs or some ibuprofen gel and see if that helps on your rest (work) days. You could have my legs but I ran 5 miles on my dodgy ankle and it's acting up too now

  • Isn't it a (literal) pain!! Never mind, I will do some housework instead (code for read a book and drink tea...)

    Working where I do, I am able to "borrow" very sexy surgical stockings!! Gotta be some perks...

  • Ahh bad luck. I'm sure that rest is the answer and you will soon be back on form. You know your body ( and will know it a lot better now you are running) and whether to push through an ache or rest up because something feels wrong and painful. Hope it soon mends.

  • Thank you Ullyrunner xx

  • I'll happily lend you my legs but I warn you now I am knock-kneed and have saddle bags :D

    Well done on the weight loss and, hopefully, the injury will only be a temporary setback for you. Once you get a niggle it can be difficult to stop focussing on it. Enjoy the rest if you can (well, as much rest as you can get given your job), let everything heal and then you'll be back on the road before you know it.

  • You could try giving your calf a blast of foam rollering. Painful but generally beneficial x

  • Oh yes, enough to make a grown woman weep that is! Gotta be doing some good...

  • I find Tiger Balm very soothing on my legs. Beware: some people find the smell to be a strong aphrodisiac so... it could be good or bad, depending on your mood :-P

  • Do they??? Blimey, I'm looking at a pot of that right now! Valentines Day and everything, well they say every cloud has a silver lining!

  • On no Allie. That's not good to hear. But you're being sensible and doing the right things and you've got lots of good advice here. Good for you on the weight loss.

  • Thank you! Was never an intention, just a very welcome by-product. Just means I need to stay away from the Jaffa Cakes whilst on the injury couch....

  • Hope you recover soon Allie. A very frustrating time to develop a problem, I hope it's nothing serious.

  • Very sorry to hear that Allie. But it's good to hear you're getting good advice from hubby and friends. Take it easy, and hope they feel better soon.

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