Couch to 5K

So, I clearly need to see progress in order to progress (and doing the programme for a second time)

I graduated some time ago and have really struggled since to get out three times a week. I've done a race for life and a Parkrun (really enjoyed the latter) but I was finding just running 5k and just trying to go faster a bit of a baffling one.

It made me realise that I loved the programme as I could see and feel the positive difference each time I ran. Every run I thought I'd hit my limit but then next time I went out it became clear that I could do more. That is addictive and quite brilliant. It's what made me get into exercise for the first time in my life.

So, I trawled through the posts and blogs on this site, and, as ever the answer was available.

This means, rather shockingly, I've started the programme again but this time I'm aiming to do Run jog Run jog rather than run/jog walk, run/jog walk.

And you know what, I've found that addictive bit is back again. The first time I managed about half with picking up the pace and had to just jog the second half. The second time I practically managed the whole lot (although the running was pretty much at the same pace as the jogging at the very end). I went out yesterday although I felt pretty rubbish and did half a really good tun but them something shut of in my mind for second half and I did run walk again.

it's amazing how much you learn about yourself. I need to see results but I also have to be in the right mindset. Now all I need to do is work out how to get myself in the right mindset when it suits me and it'll be today 5k, tomorrow Queendom. Clearly.

I'm going to do one more go of week 1 on the alternative pace and then go for it again at Guildford parkrun on Saturday - it'll be my 40th birthday run so if anyone wants to join me that'd be just grand!

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Really good idea to speed up. I think it is important to work out what motivates you and how to keep it interesting. Happy birthday for Saturday and hope you enjoy your Parkrun.


What a good idea! I've been looking for ways to improve my speed.


I agree its addictive as you gradually improve from week to week.

I love this idea....I did week one and two doing this after i graduated, but chickened out when it got to longer you've got me thinking again,,,,,,,,,,,:)


I've been doing week 2 for some time as a way to pick up my speed. The other run I do is what I call my "Mad Dash" 3.5Km as fast as I can, this has really helped me to speed up and I'm knocking time off my 5K every few weeks. Its moe fun too if i'm hinest, mixing up my run days.

Oh the other way you could do your intervals is the old boy scouts way, using lampposts as point to point. Good luck and I hope it helps you achieve your goal.


thanks for ideas all. Oldgirl, Mad Dash sounds very scary but amusing, great that you're knocking time off so regularly, well done you!

I'm going to try to do week 1 properly and then go on to week 2. Not sure I'm brave enough to consider continuing but let's see. Bit by bit is fine by me.

Love the idea of the lampposts but I run by a canal!!! (You weren't to know but it made me giggle.) Maybe bridge to bridge! Waterscouts perhaps?


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