Feeling a bit disillusioned today

I'm about to do W6R3 this evening but I'm feeling a bit fed up and wondering whether I've achieved anything at all...

I thought I had been doing well as I had never run past 1 minute before but I am really slow compared to others - when I do a longer run, I run about 3.5mph. I didn't really consider this too much of a problem as I thought that when I finished the programme, I could work on speed and, for the moment, I should just concentrate on getting through (although I repeat each week as I need to build strength and stamina).

I run on the treadmill in the gym and I am (very) aware that this is a different experience to running outside but it seems to be easier for my legs (I've a number of issues going on with them at the moment) and I'm more motivated as I have to pass the gym on the way home from work (no excuses!).

This weekend I did my first parkrun (a friend persuaded me to go) and although I knew I would walk for most of it, I found short runs quite hard (fitness-wise) and walking fast was hard because of the aforementioned leg problems (which are less problematic with running than walking!). I came in at 49:56. I was pleased to finish but it's left me realising that I've not really come very far. Buhhh.


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  • Oh come on, cheer up do! Just slow down and stop comparing yourself with others, and you'll be fine

    It's early days ! Rome wasn't built in a day. Fitness, stamina, blah blah takes time to build up so get on with it. Week six will be good for you. It's kick ass so come week 7 you'll be over the worst and feeling epic

    Oh yes you will ! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸƒβœ”οΈ

  • Haha, thanks misswobble and you're right: I'm not always the most patient person when it comes to things like this and whilst I am

    usually good at ignoring others, I think the very public nature of the parkrun threw me a bit - I'm a natural introvert!

    I am feeling a bit peeved that according to the scales yesterday, I'd lost the grand total of 1lb since starting which, although not the main point of doing this programme, has still put me in a bit of an eggy mood...

    My bum still aches after Saturday's exertion so I definitely did something!

  • Err.. ditch the scales... it is how you feel, how your clothes fit and not what the numbers say!

  • Well I'd been resisting it but my clothes weren't much looser although I definitely feel more toned and firm, I wondered if the scales would tell me something else (like they ever tell you what you want to see!). I will leave them well alone now!

  • I totally agree OF!! Scales are the demon it’s how we look and how the clothes feel!!

  • Compared to Usain Bolt I am not even a snail, compared to Mo Farah not even a snail, compared to a snail, I am faster, maybe not as fast relatively as an ant...

    Really the comparison game is a pointless endeavour, because you will always find someone else who is better. But your progress and speed is good for you, considering the things that you know and we don't. Only you know your start point so do your comparisons with you and that's a much better thing...

    For example even from the small amount of info we know on here:-

    6 weeks ago you were sitting on a couch - now you're not that's a positive...

    You are running for 20 minutes on one go - 6 weeks ago you weren't - another positive

    You've just done your first park run - 6 weeks ago you hadn't. - that's a third.

    Honestly the speed comes later at this stage you're building up stamina and every time you run you're adding a little more in the bank. I bet if you look at your distance stats, that over the 6 weeks they've been increasing too.

    So please don't be despondent most of us don't hit the 5K in 30 minutes and a lot of graduates will post many months post graduation that they've just achieved that magic goal.

    I think you've done brilliantly and come a blooming long way. Kick ass on this run and you're well on your way to the podium...

    BTW on here, we love snails, so no snail disrespect from me..

  • Thanks Jancanrun, you're absolutely right and I need to just stop worrying about everyone else. As I just mentioned in my previous reply, I'm not used to doing this in public - I usually plug in my earphones, take off my glasses and pretend I'm totally alone. Having the programme give me a structure has worked wonders so I can think about getting faster and nailing the challenges of running outdoors (legs permitting) later on.

    Good to know that snails are welcome - just having a wobble day. Not sure that's a good way to go in for a 25-min (snail-like) run so I will spend the afternoon working on my positive mental attitude!

  • We all wobble.... but at this stage really if you can get your head doing the runs, then your legs will follow....

    Oh and as you mentioned to Lee being with a friend and learning a new route can actually act as big distractions. So you will be fine onwards and snailly ( not a word I know) towards graduation

  • Thanks - really appreciate it!

  • I too run on a treadmill, I normally start run 1 of the week I am on at a 1 degree incline, this is supposed to mimic running outside, wind resistance, etc. Obviously, you then have inclines, etc, to contend with.

    Don't get too down about it, what you have accomplished so far is a lot, speed isn't everything, I won't be breaking any land speed records nor does that bother me, I've yet to do a Park Run but I will get round to doing one before XMas. I'd be happy to post the time you did to be honest, at least it gives you something you know you can realistically match/beat in the future.

  • That's true, LeeU - it can only get better! Added to that, I was with a friend and learning the route so I think I'm being a bit hard on myself now I think about it.

  • Ohhhh...this is like reading one of my posts from my earlier weeks...!!!! Please don’t be disillusioned...if you’ve got to week 6 you are doing FANTASTIC...honestly..please dont worry about speed, the programme is designed to get you to run for 30 minutes...not how far or how fast...and as for the park run, everyone is running their own run, at their own pace, in their own time...if you want proof that you’re not the only one who has felt like this, have a read back at some of my posts and you will see that you have come a long way, a very long way....and don’t let anyone tell you any different...including those Gremlins that are trying their very best xx

  • Thanks Mummycav109! I don't know what came over me today - I'd been really positive about it, even about my park run (park limp!), but it was funny to read your post about feeling like a fraud - that's exactly it! I think everyone here has properly put me back in my place!

  • Ha ha...Theres always a virtual kick up the butt needed somewhere on here...I've had a few...I'm sure you'll feel better on your next outing, we all have our ups and downs, that's natural, we're all 'finding our feet' (no pun intended) & doing something that doesn't come naturally to some of us...keep going, youre doing fine

  • Stop comparing yourself to others - it's pointless and self destructive. There were probably people you ran past who were quite envious of your motivation, not knowing that you were busy comparing yourself to other people :) The only comparison you can make is with yourself, and as previous comments point out, you have made great progress since you got off the couch. So slap yourself on the back, stop looking at your speed because it is no use at this stage, and concentrate on completing the time. And nothing else matters.

  • I did run past one old lady - I'll take that! Thanks mfamilias - I've had a strict word with myself.

  • Good girl. That's the spirit!

  • You've not really come far???? You've not really come far...?

    My goodness, you are being so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break, you have come so far, it's fantastic. 7 weeks or so ago you couldn't even run. You are now officially a runner, so you have made a mahoosive amount of progress and your sticking with it.

    Who cares how fast anyone else runs?

    I think you were really brave to attempt a Parkrun at this stage as I wasn't brave enough to have a go until I'd completed Week 9. And although it's not meant to be competitive it is hard not to look at your own finish time in relation to everyone else who has finished ahead of you. But that's not what all this is about.

    You will know only too well, I'm sure, the mantra of graduates such as Oldfloss "slow and steady". That's there for a reason. It's they way you are going to successfully run for a full 30 minutes by week 9. So carry on doing what you're doing. There will be plenty of runs after you graduate where you will start to feel your legs becoming even stronger and you can then think about speed if you want to.

    Please don't be disheartened and give yourself the praise you deserve having got this far.

    Go you, girl. πŸ€“πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Thank you Razouski! What would we do without this forum and the lovely people who pull you back up when you throw a little tantrum and sit on the ground sulking?! I'm pleased to say I've taken your advice and I've just done my week 6 25 min run. :D

  • I've been running 5 years and that's my respectable 5K time (my first 5K was considerably more).

    I don't know if there's any research evidence on this but my guess is that the benefits of running to body and soul do not improve with (overall) pace. Anyone know?

  • Thanks GoogleMe. I honestly don't know why I felt so grumpy about it - I truly didn't expect anything better and I was actually just glad that a) I finished and b) I did it under 1 hour! It was a bit of a shock to the system at that hour of the morning - perhaps I'm still suffering the effects of sleep deprivation?!

  • I did have another thought... sometimes, for some people, whereas exercise is usually a mood elevator, it can sometimes bring on a temporary slump, something to do with the immune system. Maybe it was just a wee touch of that from pushing extra hard in so many different ways?

    You'll be reet, as they say in these parts.

  • Ah maybe still recovering from Saturday's exertion! I'll blame that!

  • Wow, week 6? That's an amazing achievement. I would love to run for 20 mins. Don't be down on yourself. Keep going at your pace and be proud of how far you have come. Doing a park run must be so daunting. Congratulations for finishing it πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • Thank you TJMazz! I've just done 25 mins so I'm feeling pretty pleased now! What week are you on? You'll get to 20 mins in no time!

  • I'm only on week 2. Always found running difficult but I'm really up for the challenge now and looking forward to time out running. So pleased you did your 25 minutes. Good for you. You must be very happy. Enjoy your next run x

  • I was utterly amazed to finish week two! Am stunned I am already at this point - always said I'd never run! Good luck to you!

  • Thank you 😊

  • Your journey... your pace.. as misswobble says.. do not compare!

    As for not achieving anything?

    I am sorry, but are you not on Week 6, shortly to be Week 7!

    Stick your shoes on, stick a smile on and just run..you are doing just fine :)

  • I did as I was told and I've done my 25 mins! Slow and steady but I did it! Thanks Oldfloss!

  • Read this womensrunning.competitor.co...

    Speed is not important to gaining maximum health benefits from running.

    You are doing great.

    Be proud. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • That is exactly what I needed IannodaTruffe! I'm going to pin that to the wall and read it every day!

  • Exactly!!!!!

  • Me too! :)

  • I posted this a while ago.. so pleased with it :) It means I can carry on. slow and steady! Thanks you!

  • Good article...i am so not bothered that I am slow...but it hit the nail on the head...I tell everyone I am really slow!! Why? It is more than i was doing 3 Months ago 😊

  • It's easy to focus on what other people are doing and how fast or how far they are going but you shouldn't pay any attention to that. You are doing an amazing thing so don't beat yourself up. If it helps you could focus on all the millions of unfit people who don't even try anything like this, your doing more than them.

    Keep up the great work:)!!!

  • Thanks Reluctantrunner76 (love the name!). I promise my wobble is over and I'm back to being myself now!

  • Woah little lady don’t be so hard on yourself. I couldn’t run a dot 7weeks ago and now I am running in the woods with my grandchildren - the three year old said β€˜nana slow down wait for me’ well chuffed with myself and so you should be too. Be kind to yourself and well done for starting this programme - pity we all don’t where each of us lives as we could have β€˜pat on the back’ meet up 🀣

  • Wow good for you Debbie698! That's great! Honestly, I never realised that a forum could be so helpful and supportive, it's really pulled me back up and made me think again about what I've achieved.

  • Thank you everyone for your sensible words and tough love! I'm pleased to say I've just got out of the gym having completed W6R3 (in my own snailly fashion) but feeling pretty good about that. My joints are feeling a bit less enthusiastic but I think I've earned a night back on the couch!

    Good luck everyone and thanks again!

  • If you've got gym membership and some time, then it might be worth doing some strengthening exercises on your rest days, and core work helps too.

  • I usually do yoga in between for strength and flexibility but just thinking that when I've done the programme, I might run x2 per week and try some other stuff - quite fancy aqua fit again but it currently falls on my running days. I'd like to get into cycling but roads and traffic terrify me! Wonder if there is a c25k equivalent for cycling...?

  • Snails rock!!! 🐌

  • I confirm :)

  • Just out of curiosity - why would you like to work on speed?

  • Just because I wondered if I should be 'working harder'. I looked to see what speeds others were doing on the treadmill (just out of curiosity really) and found that most people were a LOT faster than me. Also at parkrun, I found it really hard to run at the slower speed and shot off like a bullet ... and then couldn't sustain it for more than 30 seconds!

  • You shouldn't worry about that, we are all different. Speed here doesn't matter, it's distance and stamina that come first. Your cardio system will improve, and when it comes to speed you should only try and improve against yourself, don't bother about others - there will always be faster people, remember ;)

  • That's good to hear someone say - sometimes you need to hear another person remind you what's important. It's too easy to worry about things that don't really matter I think. The whole point of me doing this was to get moving and improve my fitness, strength and stamina - and it's working.

  • Don't just don't beat yourself up about speed .... my first 5k after graduation in July was a 49 min too ... I was asked if I walked it by my ironman brother lol ... I downloaded the strength and flex podcast I do the stepping stones and I just generally enjoy being fitter than I ever was.... my last 5k last week I managed a dead 41 mins ... those running legs take a year I've read so us snails might just become hare's one day πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Ž

  • Ah that's useful to know, Vixen67. In fairness, I did walk most of it as it was a bit wet and I am terrified of slipping over and also because I couldn't seem to find a slow pace - as I mention above, I kept running off like a 10-year old (think Phoebe in Friends) and then just stopping after a few seconds. I need to get used to running outside before this gets better I suppose. I'm also being investigated for compartment syndrome which is worse when I walk (running isn't too bad) so I was really did it at a brisk limp!

  • Blimey so pretty amazing achievement considering all that !!! Well done you be proud very very proud πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • 😁😁😁😁

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