Cor that was chilly! 1st snowy run!

Cor that was chilly! 1st snowy run!

Well, after London Winter Run , i had booked a week off so have had the luxury of choosing when to run this week, rather than my usual after work stints, feels a bit strange really as i've been used to the Sat parkrun, Tues running club @6pm and a Thursday after work run in the main............... No running club for me this week as only returned from London later on Tuesday night after visiting my Art college pal of 34 yrs ago, cripes, was it THAT long??!! :)

After a chilly but nice beach walk with George dog this morning with my pal Sally, i decided that i would walk the 2.5k to visit my Mum (shes in nursing care) wearing my running gear with coat over the top, its a hilly old route so warmed up ok despite the chills outside. After 2.5 hrs and 4 episodes of "HI de HI" (mum's favourite at the mo, along with Mr Bean and Miranda!) cups of tea and biccies, i showed mum my winter run photos( she liked the Polar Bear!) and informed her i was going to run back along the Seafront, her response:" Don't do that you'll fall!" . Having assured her i would be fine i deposited my non running coat to pick up next time and bid farewell, with the HI de HI theme tune still ringing in my ears!! :X Got let out of the place , realising it was raining on the way out, OH WELL too late they've shut the door now so no going back for that coat! ! that won't stop me! Noticed rain was sticking to my top, then realised actually it was sleety snow. Had no hat and no neckwarmer :( and it was coming at me at an alarming angle striking me right in the face :( considered the route i had come would be alot quicker but decided to head to the seafront as planned (mad or brave i'm not sure which!) Remembered late on that my new top zips right up to the neck which would have been cosy, except the snow that had landed on it now slid down the inside of my neck, bad plan! First stretch to high street was a leg warm up, as i'm still getting gip from one calf, then hanging on to the railing down the steep hill(cue wet gloves too now! another bad plan but couldn't slip as didn't want to let mum down!!) It was strange to see snow on the beach, wanted to take a photo but lighting a bit rubbish and didn't want to stop or i might not start again!

ANNNNNNNNNNNND we're off! spotted another mad runner ahead and kept him in my sights in the now quick hectic snow, though the flakes were small, and by the start of the pier it had eased off a bit and not SO bad! Feeling pretty soggy by now though! My legs really were leaden by half way along, but i 100% had to make to the end of the prom. Saw two more runners, we are a hardy lot! Made it, stopped watch and walked up the STEEP Shanklin hill and for a further 5 mins, til reached the high street. Then started running again for the last ten mins to get home, during this time my leg eased up a bit around the 3k mark, it must of known i was feeling a bit despondent about it and the last stretch did feel easier. Still might get some advice from the running group leaders who also run our local LOVE RUNNING shop in Newport, they are a wealth of knowledge :) I suspect it a lack of cool down stretching to a certain degree though i have been using foam rollering too, its a sore spot i had many months ago which seems to have come back in the last month :( 4.1k running but with the 2 walks must be heading for the 10k so not so bad overall :)

Nice sausages mash and baked beans plus plenty of tea has me feeling better now, but still glad i went out though, must have a bit of that running bug you all speak about! :)

Hope you like my snow sign kind of written on my car windscreen(it slid a bit!) on my return (think my dog walking neighbour thought i was mad!) :X

Happy running everyone :)


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11 Replies

  • that should read 24 yrs ago, cue first type error! :X

  • I thought you were wearing remarkably well!!!

  • Thanks! More haste less speed, in typing at least! :)

  • Well done Ali! I have the shivers now after reading that! I felt your icy chill! Brrrr

    Ooooh sausage and mash. Drooooooool!

  • BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! indeed! :X Sending you one of those sausages , mine were veggie (so not to everyones taste but i like them!), the others were pork and apple! :)

  • That sounds as if you were in the Arctic! More of a " must get this done" run rather than a " just taking in the scenery" run! But hats off to you for getting it done.

  • Thanks IP, just about thawed out now ! :)

  • Nice write-up, Ali Wighter! :-) Love the snow pic! :D Well done for getting out in those conditions, as they sound far from pleasant, but I feel it helps all the more. If you can run in that, you can run in pretty much anything! And it is fun, running in the snow, if only for the bewildered looks you get from muggles! :D

    And look at you, adding ten years onto yourself like that! :D

    Well earned sausage and mash there! :-) x

  • Hey M_Y hows you? Yes did get a few looks, bloody cold experience but I did make it home in one piece :)

    feeling a bit old and decrepit this week! :x but if I say it myself, my mash was top notch :) just got to clear up the kitchen mayhem now though :(

  • Hi Ali, sorry I've only just got to catching up on here- well done getting out for a run in that weather and not slipping! Look after that calf too, I don't think this cold weather helps x :-)

  • Well done Ali this running lark certainly adds years on to you lol. Nice to see you braved the weather and carried on. The bug has got you girl :)

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