Hill run challenge 2nd session !

Hill run challenge 2nd session !

I posted a while back about wanting to EVENTUALLY be able to run to my pal Sally's house along the rd from my town to hers, its around 4 miles ish!(only a 2 mile ish stint so far !) its a very steep hill up, then some flat ish and a steep run down, a wiggly twisty turny rd but with a pavement all the way! and great views of the countryside and sea.

I'd been stuck indoors at work all day, so when i returned home i decided to do hill run mark2(mark 1was 2 weeks back but my Sunday pact hasn't happened for various reasons!) Boz had been on a full-on stag do yesterday (go carting, dinner, comedy club and nightclub!HA HA!) so was in sleepy mode, so i volunteered to take George with me, so he could stay happily on the sofa! this expedition is at the walk up hill, run back down stage anyway, so George would manage that! it took us 32 mins total with a few stops for the boy, to walk up the STEEP bit, and along the flat a bit further than last time , then a steady jog back down. We found a viewpoint layby(see photo!) and practiced running up and down it as there was more room than the pavement, and we did a mini video as George was having fun playing with his lead(he behaved nicely by the road though!) as usual with any i do , its a bit rubbish but good for a laugh(i have an old phone so have to take pot luck!) **never realised how much i say "come on then! to poor dog! oops!

3.6k covered so getting there! might try it on my own next week as more running may be done on the up bits! :)


happy running everyone!


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15 Replies

  • Nice one twinny. The dog looks like it's having fun lol. I've found you on Strava whoop whoop follow if you want :) J

  • Thanks jase, well be able to jolly each other along! I like getting kudos! Thanks!

  • I like giving kudos :) and yes we can jolly each other on :) J

  • :) :)

  • Looked on Strava. My that's a big hill, all very flat round me!

  • It is certainly a bit of a one for sure, there are worse ones too but not nearby! :x

  • Lovely video Ali. Think I've fallen in love with George, he's gorgeous. X

  • He can be a right bolshy toad too, but mostly a good ish boy !, I'm a bit rubbish at this video lark but its fun to have a try, ! :)

  • Aw I loved the little vid Ali, George looks so happy, he is a little sweetheart :-) xxx

  • He sends his love to you rocky and doug! Snoozing at mo! :)

  • Ha ha , so are mine, except Rocky always barks at the theme tune to Corrie , Hmm not sure why :-D xxx

  • george was very scared by a rogue piece of polystyrene in hedge earlier! strange boys! :X

  • Ha ha ! Yes they all have their funny little ways xxx

  • Sorry Ali, only just seen you post. A lovely vid and George is a lively boy! It sounds as though Boz may have needed more recovery time than you did! Keep on keeping on, you will get that run sorted soon x :-)

  • he remembered why he doesn't like nightclubs! Very snoozy all sunday! :X

    yep quite enjoying my hill challenge

    "Ain't no mountain(hill!) high enough! " :)

    hope you are still basking in your glory of HM! :)

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