I've done my first 6k! :)

After reading a few posts today endorsing the enjoyment of running in the rain i decided to venture out rather than wait til later! Just back from a run on the seafront, the rain wasn't really heavy but quite persistent, i started at the cliff top gardens along the top, down the slope and past the pier, venturing a big further today towards the town. rounded the post at the end and then back(wind/rain in face now!) along the seafront to the shanklin end of the prom, round the gate, wind behind me now and back to my kind of start point(i had to climb the 93 steps at the end to get back to car !(its called "little stairs") so decided not to include them in the running bit!) my calves were quite stiff on my first 4 k but eased off in the last 2k, i'm pleased to say this is my longest run to date (6.1k) in a time of 41.19. I still find it hard work a lot of the time and had my last run(7th Parkrun) on Saturday so had been a bit slack this week( did my working week over 3 days instead of 4, thats kind-of my excuse! ) so wasn't expecting to do ok and am pleased i have passed the next mental hurdle for me in believing i can get past the 5-5.5k mark! So off for shower and lunch now! Haven't posted for a while as haven't had anything deadly exciting to share lately!! My fastest 5k to date is 31.31, so getting to that 30 mins is another aim for me :)

Happy running everyone!


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  • Sounds like its going great! How nice to be able to run by the sea.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner! yes i'm really lucky thats its so nearby........... :)

  • Sounds like a great run, and well done on getting past that 6km barrier.

  • thanks Tomas,it has given me a boost! :)

  • Well done aliboo, glad all is going well for you. I have been increasing my distances and got to 8.5k yesterday, with a couple of short walk breaks. I find that better for me so I'm not a puffed out heap at the end of it. Hopefully my walk breaks will get shorter as time goes on. Seems like you are enjoying your Parkruns too x

  • wow!8.5 is impressive, well done to you! im aiming for 10k eventually ! i used to feel like i wouldn't be doing the c25k plan properly if i didn't follow it to the letter for those 9 weeks, but last week at parkrun and tuesday running club did walk occasionally with my friend and decided its ok to walk too, and not to worry if i dont run all the way! only stopped today to tie my hair up! we have western fancy dress next week at parkrun for their 3rd anniversary, with cakes! it should be good!! :)

  • greetings aliboo thats a great bit of running really pleased for you keep up the goodwork

  • hi moger! thanks! glad to hear you are able to run,run,run again your progess is really impressive!!!! :)

  • I ran 6km without stopping a week or two ago, but since found a b210k programme and now cover 7km in 47 minutes, with 2 x 1-minute walks. First time I did the programme the app worked well (was 3 x 15 minute runs with 1 min walk I between) but wed the app failed and I'd run 18 minutes by the time I realised the app had stopped. I completed the 47 minutes and includided the 2x 1-minute walks somewhere (my mental maths is crap whilst I am running and I gave my fingers a good work out with all the finger counting I did).

    It's an amazing feeling, increasing your distance. Well done. Look forward to hearing your progress to that 10k :)

  • Well done Aliboo70 and well done on all those park runs. Go you.

    Zoomzoom I'm attempting to do The Bridge to 10k too. Tried it last time but got no where near finishing. I'm starting at about half way again. I used my alarm clock at each break and listen to talking podcasts instead. Have to say I took a bit longer than the 1 minute breaks.

  • i will have to look that up! sounds like a good plan! sometimes a walk break is definitely a good thing! thanks for the tip! :)

  • Aliboo70 we could do this together with ZoomZoom?

  • sounds like a good plan! :)

  • Great lets do it.

  • Have downloaded the plan! not sure if i will manage 3 times a week as have tues night running club and parkrun on sat! but inbetween will give it a go!! :)

  • Wow you'll be super fit by the end of the programme. Ok here we go. :-)

  • had a listen to the download and a bit put off! the american voice just isn't the same, and very little speaking(i listened to 1st 20 mins) ... so have decided to apply the principles of the plan and put the run/walk timings into my Garmin with different music, hope this isn't cheating?! ... went out today and did 4x10mins with 1 min walks inbetween, 6.2k in 43 mins, so not too bad! i quite like the walk break! :) Didn't realise how sunny it was tho, got very glowing face!! Hope you're doing ok?! :)

  • I enjoyed the music, but have started listening to talking podcasts instead. I do find faster music helps me go faster, even though it's hardly fast, but then I find the talking podcasts also help distract me from thinking 'when will this end'. :-D Aliboo70 you are doing well.

  • what are the talking podcasts?! I'm getting a new MP3 with a radio on so might listen to that sometimes as LOVE my Wave105 radio station ! :) Thanks for your kind words, am a bit achy today!

  • Podcasts about factual information, or comedy etc. Keeps me distracted. I wonder if anyone else wants to join our aim to reach 10k? Though I think I'll have to have some walking rests in between, which sort of defeats the aim. Will have to see..

  • Sounds good! My new MP3 is pants, won't charge up so sending it back :( Maybe we will have to create a 10k challenge post! I think the walking breaks aren't a bad thing since trying them on Sunday! :)

  • Brilliant job, Aliboo. Sounds like you are making massive improvements, so please keep on posting and inspiring us :)

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