Only gone and done it :D

WOW WOW WOW Result from Parkrun this morning - OMFG !!!! - Peterborough parkrun results for event #83. Your time was 00:29:39 !!!!!!!!

Looks like i have magic shoes also :D the weird thing is i think i could have gone quicker

A sub 30 5K F**K F**K and F**k

The perfect present for a year of being a non smoker...

To any of you C25K newbies and have self doubts , Dont you can acheive what ever you want :D :D I just have :D :D

Emotional here or what .


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87 Replies

  • Ah congratulations! Well done for all your achievements but especially on being so proud of yourself.

  • Thank you PM :) I never thought i could do it so soon really, only graduated last November :)

  • Absolutely brilliant Rob! So well done. Wow time. Your post is oozing delight! You've done incredibly well and you should be very proud. You'll definitely have to change your name though!

  • aaaw thank you IP :D I am really so pleased :D not sure what i can change it to but open to suggestions :D

  • Not_So_Slow_Rob?

  • Fantastic you.

  • Thanks Buffy :)

  • Ha ha well done - definitely worthy of all those expletives! I'm still going for distance and did just under 7k this morning before the snow came down!

  • Thanks useit :D i have calmed down now ,still cant quite take the time in though , well done on your 7K :D and on missing the snow :)

  • Fantastic! Well done!

  • Thanks Atalaya :)

  • Incredibly well done ! Wow !

  • thank you henpen :) am blown away

  • OMG!!! Bless you!!!! That's fantastic! Are you pleased by any chance?! I can only dream of a time like that. Very well done! Slow Rob got fast!!!! X

  • Aaw thanks Toon :D just a little pleased :D 3 months ago i could only dream of it too , so anything is possible Toon :D

  • I know. I will keep going. I am determined my times will come down eventually!!! Good on you though. Fantastic! X

  • Definitely need to change your name :)

  • suggestions S_J_B ? :D

  • Agree :-)

  • Fabulous achievement Rob!, Enjoy!

  • Thanks Ully :D will have some full fat crisps later :D sad but true

  • Wow. Amazing. I can't imagine running for that long, let alone that fast for that long.

    I can see why you are delighted. Well done

  • Thank you EustacuaVye :D when i started C25K all this seemed a life time away from me and on a different planet . All I can say is dont ever give up,dont doubt yourself beleive in what you are doing, beleive in the program because it really does work and with time you can acheive anything :D

  • YAY!!!!! What an awesome present to yourself for all your hard work in cutting out the ciggies! :-D

    I am SO chuffed for you! :-D

    For some reason the song that sprung to mind was 'ain't no stopping us (you!) now, We're on the move!' Xxx

  • haha McFadden and Whitehead if I memory serves me right :D a great song great sentiment, Thank you Beginning :D

  • Top bloke, Fast_Rob. Well done you!

  • Thanks MarkyD :D

  • Woohoo! That's fantastic, speedy man, well done! You won't stop grinning for ages if you're anything like me x :-D

  • thank you no-excuse :D it is slowly sinking in :D shed a tear or two at first but now just constantly smiling :D

  • Congratulations, that's fantastic! Pure inspiration to us newbies, thanks for the post!

  • thank you parky :D

  • I can't stop smiling after reading your post. Ta for cheering me up. I'm in a sulk cos can't run because of icy snowy pavements. Grr

    Well, what about you then ey! Not too shabby result that Rob!!! Wow! Great result that is and I'm so pleased. You deserve all the plaudits as you've put the work in. Paid off though, and with knobs on!

    Bask in the glory today, rest up tomorrow and then get back out there and keep on running. Go easy on the crisps. If that's your only treat, you're doing well.

  • Thank you Miss W :D you are very welcome :D sorry you cant get out becuase of the weather .Fingers crossed it will get better soon :D

    You really are too kind , 2 days rest as usual now then back to the longer run on tuesday :D crisp and maybe a shortbread biscuit after dinner as a treat :D

  • Yay!!!!!!!! ""simply the best"" (she sings loudly and out of tune)...what a great start to. 2015! You deserve your success after the hard work you have put in....

  • haha i think i can hear you from here pot :D thank you

  • Oh now stop it. I had just finished wiping the thing wot had got in my eye from your last post and will have to go and get more tissues now. Congratulations that's just brilliant :)

  • aaw slookie :D i had to do the same when i get the email with the time !!

  • Wow that's fantastic! That's made me even more determined to keep going, graduate, and get better at this running malarkey. Enjoy the buzz :)

  • thanks northernspirit :) there always new goals to set and achieve :D no matter where you start from , When i started like you a 1 min run seemed like a life time and 30 mins running ,never mind at any sort of pace, seemed to be for the experienced and long time runners .. who i thought were beamed from another planet becuase how can any human run that fast !!

    Bottom line we can and do :D :D and you can and will :D :D keep at it NS

  • A M A Z I N G!! Well done Rob, that is fantastic, many congratulations and all that :-) xx

    so you're a little bit pleased then.. don't blame you m'dear! :-) xx

  • Just a little bit pinkangel :D xx thank you ,i might have to buy more new shoes soon if that is what it does :D


    We need to see those new shoes still......

    Your post has given me extra motivation to go out and give it some stick in the morning!!

  • I have tried Andy I really have no idea why it wont post the pic, its the right size file etc

    these are the ones -

    Go and give it some tomorrow Andy :D

  • You did indeed tell me Kitty :D pretty amazing stuff or what ... I thought i might be a tad quicker but by that much !!

    Your day will come Kitty :D :D thank you xx

  • Whoa ! Hey Mister , you are the Best ! Look at you go, blink and we'll miss you :-)

    What a brilliant achievement, you are an inspiration Rob, fantastic stuff ! It just keeps getting better and better for you Rob and it is so well earned and well deserved .

    You have worked so hard and it is now paying dividends.

    Well done Rob, I am so, so pleased for you . Enjoy your rest day tomorrow :-) xxx

  • Thank you again poppy :D I am still a learner really and doing what i try to do what i believe in, work hard and do everything to the best of my abilities :D

    I am humbled by being an inspiration to others , truly I am so thank you poppy it means a great deal to me :D xx

  • Good on ya Rob , youre a star ! :-) xxx

  • Brilliant. Very many congratulations!!!

  • thanks ancientrunner :D

  • Rob that is brilliant ! Well done, you must be so proud x

  • Thanks Girly :D I am really so proud of myself :D

  • Fabulous double achievement!

    What is the next target?

  • thank you franny :) 10k next then it has to be a sub 60 10k , mean while stiill trying to lower that 5K time and def a 10k race, promised a friend at work on that one :D

  • Well done, Not_Slow_Rob. It's a great feeling too realise that you actually can run, isn't it.

  • Thanks Adam :)

  • Wow wow wow Rob wonderful! you'll have to change your name now :)

  • thank you suel :D

  • Great run fantastic post and comments inspiration to all .

  • Thank you Mp63 :)

  • Wow! Well done you did it and in style too! Many congratulations!!! :)

  • Thank you Vixchile :)

  • :D :D :D

    Just seen your post for sub 30 ParkRun. :D :D :D

    Well done Rob, that's excellent. You should be very pleased with yourself.

  • Thanks Zev :D :D i couldnt believe at first but yeah so pleased :D :D

  • YOU IS AWESOME!!! Wowser, I'm so very chuffed for you.... What a feeling :-) :-) :-) :-D

  • Thanks Caroline :D it is an amazing feeling it was a goal for this year never expected it so soon :)

  • Super dooper Rob! Fantastic :D

  • Thanks Tiki :D am still stunned to think i did it

  • Well done sir! I'm dreaming of doing a 30 minute 5k one day, closer to 40 mins at the moment I think (not that I've done a 5k yet) but one will perservere. Again, very well done!

  • thanks 5K , one day you will do 5k and a sub 30 , the one thing i have learnt from doing C25K is you can achieve things that you dont think are possible :D keep at it 5K you will :)

  • Well done Rob xx

  • Thanks Curly :D

  • wow didn't see this until now - congrats

  • thanks Kristina :D

  • getting under 30min is my goal for the year:-)

  • It was mine for this year but never expected to do it so soon :D keep at it Kristina you will do it :)

  • That's fantastic! I hope I get there one day. Well done! 👍

  • Thanks Winchester I am sure you just keep at it :-D

  • Awesome. Only seeing this now but enjoying your elation! Keep on running...

  • You are amazing and well done and as a fellow non smoker, I know how much of an achievement it is!!! Congratulations!! ;)

  • aaw thanks Miss_slinky :)

  • congrats and well done for BOTH achievements

  • Great one Rob, Come on lets do Cambourne together ;)

  • Thanks Mill, I would but afraid I am on the injury couch :( seeing a physio to get it sorted but looking at another 2-6 weeks before i can run again . I am signed up for the st ives 10k in July so hopefully will be back in time to build back up for that . cambourne will have to be next year now

  • Ok mate, If Im not committed to a Royal Naval Association day or the wife has something planned I may do St Ives as well (Cambs not Cornwall) :)

  • Definitely cambs ! Cool

  • fab. gives me hope since only w1d2!!

  • Thanks Caz , it is pretty amazing where this can lead and what we can do, good luck with all the runs ,you can do it!

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