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I've only gone and done it :)


W9R3 - Done and dusted, massive thanks to all of you here who have been amazingly supportive, funny, kind and helpful.

I feel amazed, surprised, delighted and exhausted all in one! I am slow, I don't think I'll ever get much faster, but I'm running, really running for 30 minutes non stop and it feels fantastic.

I've learned a lot about myself on this running journey and you know what? I actually like what I've learned.

Onwards and upwards - I'm really looking forward to carrying on with running and if I never manage any more than this I'll be a happy lady.

Thank you all again and to any one at all just starting out and wondering 'can I do this' YES you can :D

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Brilliant! Well done. Soo happy for you. So... whats your next challenge? Im looking forward to being back there again soon

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to mustgetthin

Thank you mustgetthin

Next challenge is to work on improving my pace a bit :) I struggle for time most days but would also like to maybe do one slightly longer run a week too.

mustgetthinGraduate in reply to giddyaunts

Its always good to have an idea of what you want to do. I stuckwith 5k for a few months and went out with a group of runners doing 5 miles with the intention of turning back half way.... I did the 5 miles. Got hooked on half marathons. Just enjoy your running whatever you do. Xx


Ooh giddyaunts, well done, well done! Amazed, surprised, delighted... I bet there are a million emotions battling for first place right now. It's an amazing accomplishment.

So glad that you're looking forward to continuing. It really is empowering to graduate and know you can go on in your own time and at your own pace.

You know the drill now, up on that podium, to receive your shiny badge and all the heartfelt...


...and then head over, through those masses of balloons, down towards the band, grab a glass of bubbly and prepare to paaartaaaay😆😄😁


giddyauntsGraduate in reply to McFitty

Woohooo, party time, I like that! Thank you McFitty x


Congratulations - don't forget to ask for your graduation badge! Good luck with the next stage of your running journey - and I guarantee you will carry on improving for some time yet as those running legs get stronger! 🙂

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you Sandraj39 I shall head over now to ask for it, still can't quite believe I've made it this far! :)

Congratulations on your graduation giddyaunts !

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow

Thanks so much SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow :)


Way to go! Your paragraph on liking what you've learned is spot on.

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Thank you runswithdogs it really has taught me an awful lot about myself, more than I could ever have imagined to be honest and yes it really is something rather good :)


Well done runner, congratulations on your graduation! Enjoy your celebrations 🏅🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Me being called a 'runner' is so special to hear, thank you Millsie-J


Huge congratulations Graduate!!!!

Well done you on this amazing journey...which just goes on and on... :)

The running is about so much more than the run isn't it ?

Hope I am not too late for the party ! :) x

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Never too late to any party I have Oldfloss and more than welcome my dear, you have helped make this running thing a LOT of fun and I love your common sense approach :) x


congratulations !!! you deserve that badge wear it with pride :)

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to june67

Thank you june67 I shall certainly wear it with pride :)


Congrats!! That's fantastic :D

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to neuropsycsci

Thank you neuropsycsci :D


Brilliant well done :D Celebration time for certain x


I raise my glass to you giddyaunts ! Best foot forward after graduation...xx

Fantastic. Congratulations. Keep going to improve your strength and stamina. All the best. 👍🍾🏃🏃🏃🏃

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