I've only gone and done it! W9R3 done :-)

And I feel fab! I don't know whether it was delaying the last run by a day or just changing back to my old trainers (rather than my fancy new support one's) but the run was almost effortless compared to the first 2 of week 9 when I thought my legs wouldn't carry me through it. No pins and needles, calves were fine and breathing was fine. I feel so elated. At the start of Feb I downloaded the App. Kept looking at it for a week then built up the courage to start. I have never been a runner not even in school so this is such an achievement.

Thank you to all the lovely Peeps on here who have proffered support and advice. As most of you know this isn't easy but without this program and forum I would never have succeeded. To any newbies starting out on this program it really does work. Have faith in yourself and the program it will get you through.

Still need help though..... How can I build up speed. I plan on doing week 9 again so I'm really comfortable with this running business but any help on what to do to increase speed as I'm a plodder, but a 30min plodder now :-D


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40 Replies

  • Whoop whoop!!! Well done you are a runner!!!!!!! It's a great feeling eh? You'll be grinning for days to come, get your badge quick :) I am a committed plodder, speed is not yet my thing so I can't advise, although my own plan is to increase the time I can run for (to one hour) at any pace rather than run quicker. My rationale is that slow n steady, more mileage is better if I want to get past 5k and on to 10ks. Others have more advice than me am sure :) enjoy the day!!!!!!

  • Thank you and reading your post makes sense distance over speed is probably a very sensible way to go. I felt today I could have run for longer was best run I've ever had felt great today. I have no idea how to get the badge will look into it. Thanks again, and enjoy your running :-)

  • Fantastic! Well done you! Inspiring post for me as I have just completed week 2!

  • Ahh thank you for that. At week 2 I really couldn't see me running for 10 mins let alone 30 but the program works. You will do it we al do if you stick to the program. Don't rush it and take your rest days they really do help. Good luck and will expect to see you posting your wk9 r3 story :-)

  • Congratulations!!! I wouldn't worry about speed for a bit, just keep getting out there for 30 mins & enjoy the runs & get used to it. Once you're comfortable with that try the speed podcast, I try & do it as one of my 3 runs per week & it did help me pick up a bit more speed, not that I'll ever be called speedy! X

  • Ha ha Thank you. I might look at c25k+ as well in a few weeks but would like to get a bit more distance and speed. I'm too eager now lol :-)

  • really well done :D nothing wrong with plodding at all! apparently the saying is your race your pace :D

    Just go out and enjoy your running , consolidate the 3 weekly runs and then decide what you want to do :D your pace should improve naturally .. try different things, mix it up and keep it interesting ,find out what works for you :D

  • Thanks Rob. This is first run that actually felt really good. I'm definitely going to do the week 9 again and see if I can do the 5k. Don't think I'm too far off but will start checking now. Thank you and I love you saying your race your pace. I'm gonna keep that with me :-D

  • As long as you keep enjoying running Julia ,that is all that matters :D

    From my experience you will amaze yourself at what you can go onto achieve :D

  • Thanks Rob, pretty amazed that I've actually made it this far but will definitely keep it up now. Thank you so much :-)

  • Many many congratulations :) After you've consolidated your running for a couple of weeks, why not have a look at the c25k+ podcasts. The Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed runs have lots of supporters on here. :)

  • Thanks AncientMum I will look at the c25k+ in a couple of weeks once I'm comfortable with the 30 mins. Though I had a great run today and feel I could have done more. Thank you and keep up with your running. This is such a great site and you're all FAB!!!!

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud of yourself! Keep on plodding and don't forget to ask for your badge.

  • Thank you so much Ullyrunner. It feels great I never thought I'd do it. How do I get the said badge by the way? I'm such a novice. I will keep plodding this is a new lease of life for me :-) thanks again

  • Yay! Well done! Go and get your badge!!!! i can't offer much help on speed as I'm still a plodder plodding along but improving slowly!!! Nowt wrong with plodding! We are still out there running!!! Xx

  • Thank you Toonlou. I think I may have been a bit ambitious with hoping to gain more speed but will keep plodding on. As SlowRob says its your race its your pace, great saying I think. Thank you again and hopefully the plodding will improve :-)

  • Fantastic Julia! Many congratulations to you. This is a great achievement and you should feel very proud of yourself. Get your badge here.


    and enjoy showing it off!

  • Ha ha thank you Irishprincess. As you can see I now have a badge woo hoo. It's real now. Thanks again and keep up the lovely posts and great advice :-)

  • Julia. Well done you runner. You have now joined the runner club with graduate after your name whoop whoop. The only way to increase speed really is a system called fartlek. (Look it up on the tinternet) if your interested in increase your speed. I personally go for plodding long distance rather than speed. At the end of the day I do it to destress and enjoy myself. Once again well done YOU RUNNER and welcome to our club :) J

  • Ha ha seriously fartlek? Thank you so much Jase and for the great advice you have imparted over the last 9 weeks. I have seen the error of my ways regarding speed and I'm going to look at building distance up first but thank you. I will look at fartlek just to satisfy my curiosity. I am a plodder and haven't managed my 5k yet but don't think I'm far off. Thanks again and keep imparting the advice :-)

  • Did you check it out? Seriously It's a Swedish training program. We used to use it in the forces. Glad you have seen the errors of your ways thou and good luck for the rest of your running :) J

  • Who knew that were so many fartlek's? I'm sorry, it's juvenile, but did make me chuckle. I had a look and it seems a do able concept but won't be taking it up just yet. Had plenty of sound advice about gaining distance so will be repeating week 9 for at least another week. Thank you and will do. Can't wait for Monday and another run :-)

  • Congratulations! Completing C25k is a great achievement and you've just done it!

    When I graduated, I took a couple of weeks to consolidate and then I was keen to up my distance rather than worry too much about speed (I started this whole adventure in December after being persuaded to run a charity 10k this July!) I've been increasing my distance slowly - no more than 10% every week - and that has worked well for me.

    I thought that my speed was pretty much stuck and that I would work on it after getting my distance up, but today I suddenly, and unexpectedly, broke the 30 minute barrier for 5k which I'm delighted with. (Well, official Parkrun time is 30.04 but my watch said 29.57 so I'm taking that!) I think building up my stamina is beginning to speed up my shorter distances without me really thinking too much about it.

    If you're keen on working on speed, there are wonderful people around here who can give better advice than I can but if you are a plodder (like me!) then I would say just run and see where it takes you - you might be surprised! Have fun and well done!

  • Thank you Parky-park. I think the moment of completing went to my head and I wasn't thinking straight. A few people have advised to get distance then the speed will come. So I'm going to take the sound advice of all you seasoned Grads and go with distance. I am after all a plodder and haven't actually managed the 5k yet. Well done on your 30 min 5k I would take that as a big thumbs up! :-)

  • Congrats and well done JM.

  • Thank you Dunder :-)

  • Congratulations Julia!

  • Thank you so much AngieS so pleased :-)

  • Well DONE !

  • Thank you Henpen :-)

  • Brilliant Julia - congratulations - you are now officially botha graduate and a star - yo may now wish for whatever you want and it will come true. Going faster will come - probably when you least expect it - such is the way of training. For now consolidate and enjoy. Then after a few weeks one possibility is to do a comfortable but not too easy 5k as the first run of the week then for 2nd run - 20 mins of interval training (try the 'speed' podcast in c25k) and for your third run of the week just run a bit further or longer by about 10% - just remember to keep enjoying it. :)

  • Thank you for that, I must admit I am so pleased with myself. I didn't know there was a speed podcast but will keep doing my 30 mins at mo till confident. I read your post, good luck with your half marathon tomorrow. Hope you have a great day and the pic of your daughter is lovely. A very pretty lady. Have an amazing day and thank you again.

  • Well done Julia, fantastic achievement !

    Yes I would do the 30 mins 3 times a week for a bit. I did this last year after I graduated beginning of June as I had entered the Race for Life for the end of June.

    After that, the worlds yer lobster Julia, lots of things for you to try.

    Enjoy wherever your running takes you from here :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, I done the c25k for exactly the same reason. Entered myself into the race for life at end of June. Fingers crossed I can run/jog the course by then. Thank you so much for all your advice it's been so helpful and you're a great source of inspiration. Good luck with your big run tomorrow :-) x

  • Congratulations Julia and well done on graduating. Hope you have many running adventures, however long and however fast - just keep running!

  • Thanks so much old_git. You have been one of my sources of support and advice in getting there. Thanks and keep up the great advice! :-)

  • Thanks Julia, my pleasure

  • Congratulations Julia - that's a well earned badge. Wear it with pride!

  • Thank you Yvette. Can't wait till tomorrow and my next run :-) I just hope I can keep the motivation up!

  • You & me sound like we're cloned, I know exactly how you feel well done on graduating it is a great feeling, I'm going to try the stepping stones to build up speed, we will have to keep following each other to see how we're progressing 😳

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