For some reason I was putting off week five. I did week four 2 extra times. The title of week 5 - RUN ONE, make me think I'd be running continueously for 6 or 7 minutes. Well I just ran it today and was seriously glad that I did and accomplished it no problem. Although it's cold here I ran it outside which I enjoy more than the treadmill. I tracked my run with my Fitbit and found that it took me about 41 minutes and total length of walk/run was 3.2 miles. I'm feeling pretty good about that for being a beginner and an old geez! Ha. It's true that using this system you really can see the improvements week after week.

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  • Fantastic - very well done. 3.2miles, that's really interesting as obviously 5k is 3.1. Really, really, well done. Pressure's on me now!

  • Have you started week 5?

  • No! Just finished wk 4 today, so I'll start on Tuesday. You're one step ahead of me. Really interesting to watch your progress. We should finish about together, fingers crossed.

  • Well done. It's amazing watching both the running improve and the recovery time shorten. You're halfway through the program now - be really pleased with your progress

  • Hey ! that's 5k and a perfectly acceptable time. Well done !

  • Well done, that's a good distance. Not sure I managed that at your stage. Congrats on your progress, you doing great!

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