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Week5 Run 2.... done!

I don't know how I did it, but I did. That was definitely the hardest one yet, but I fear Friday may be a step to far. :-( How the heck am I suppose to run for 20 minutes in one go? Does anyone else think that is like a major leap?

I am thrilled that I completed todays run though, oh how easy it would have been to give up just before the end on the second run but I didn't I dug deep and kept going until Laura told me I had finished. I think I might need an mini oxygen tank for the next run judging by this one. LOL Today I love running, Friday I may not. LOL

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You will do great! Believe in yourself and what you can achieve! We have all been there with the doubts, just keep in the back of your mind that every previous run has prepared you for this one. It is challenging physically, but more so, mentally. Knock those mental gremlins down and ace your 20! :-) Also, remember to slow your pace if you need to. You can do this!! Gayle


definitely a case of digging deep for the next run - but as Gayle has put - you can do it!!

best of luck, but you'll be fine, I know it.

ali :-)


Thanks Ali :-) This group really does help!


Cheers Gayles, thank you for having a bit more faith in me than I do myself. I know the key is taking it slowly and I have to remind myself of that constantly. I know I have already come further that I ever thought I would. One more hurdle! :-)


We'll both be out there doing the same run at the same time (or near enough). So look forwards to reading how you managed to smash through the 20 min barrier. Speed is not important (that's what I'll be telling myself).

I'll thinking of you.

Don't let me down!!!


Oh how good to know someone else that is at the same point in the programe. I will do my very best not to let you down. LOL

I'll be thinking of you too. Hope the weather will be better. Although today wasn't too bad.

Good luck with your run. :-)


I remember seeing that as a major worry, but I think it was more in my mind than in what I was capable of :)

Good Luck :)


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